The Solar Storm: Horus the Avenger (11-16-14)


White Rabbit Revolution

Kyle speaks to Tim Murdock (aka Horus the Avenger) about the progress of White Genocide memes, current geopolitical events, and what the future may hold for White Rabbit Radio and the world at large.

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Chris Taylor

Why? Why even bother with these Bob fanboys? Shhhh, dont say jew. How can you go from a true pro White like Mr.Marr who rightuflly names the enemy to these white ‘dont say jew’ rabbits?
Whites are far more receptive no more than ever to name thr jew. Then comes these rabbits saying, wait!!! Saying jew doesnt work.
Who benefits by not naming the jew? jews?
Who benefits by blaming Whites aka as anti -Whites? jews…
Name the jew always never back down.
V n n has a great thread in these alleged pro white anti Whites.

Chris Taylor

Should read alleged prowhite, jew apologists. Blame Whitey not jews says da wabbit


After breaking through the enemy lines shock troopers keep moving forward. The regular army comes in and cleans up after the shock troopers have moved on. If you want to be the regular army and attack jews that’s fine. The shock troopers have to keep moving forward. The Jews have a moses and us white people have big time white anti-white traitors that are in bed with moses and they are waging a war on white children by deception. To win the day, these traitors must be smoked out by the shock troopers. This can’t be done by burning daylight on jews. Ask yourself, are you regular army or a shock trooper?

“White Privilege is the anti-White’s HATEFUL codeword for White self determination and White survival in White countries.”

Roger The White Rabbi..... t


Roger The White Rabbi, oops I mean Rabbit, here to tell all you naughty little goyim to stop calling out the jew ‘cos that don’t work you see? No, no, no! What you gotta do is call out those nasty anti-white whites that are destroying everything!!! They’re the enemy you see! Us jews, I mean those jews… goddammit I mean those globalists are causing all kinds of harm and we need to deal with them sure BUT the immediate & most important threat we face is those damned anti-white whites! Oy vey! I mean… Sieg… aaaagh I mean uuuhhh have a nice day goyim uhhh comrades…

Your friend,
Roger The White Rabbi….. t

He who knows the truth and does not speak it is a miserable coward.

Die juden sind unser ungluck!

Chris Taylor

Moses? Shock trooper? Regular army? What in the hell are you saying? It’s the jews stupid, nobody else. What you claim are anti, would have nothing to be anti about if it wasnt for jews. jews want us gone as in extinct. So dancing around the who and being cute does zero good. Name the enemy, attack the enemy. Not trying to be nice and purty like a wittle white wabbit. We need to be the strong powerful Aryan men that we are, that jews fear and face who is killing us, why they are killing us and call them by their names. jews jews jews…. The eternal enemy of the Aryan. I find it very convenient that these confusing meme pushers show up just… Read more »


There is so much wrong with the wabbit that’s it hard to know where to begin. Anyone with even half a brain can discern that there is something very wrong with the wabbit organization. For one thing, the massive Putin love is literally sickening. Wabbit-man says that Putin is using “Tsarist Imagery” – so that means he’s not a Communist. LOL Laughable! Who was it that MURDERED the Tsar and his entire family? Was it a COMMUNIST named Lenin? Did Communism engulf Russia thereafter? Was Putin a high level KGB operative? Did you have to be a card-carrying member of the Communist Party to hold the post that Putin held? Why, yes….you did. Does this mean that Putin is a Communist? Why, yes….it does. Communism… Read more »

Chris Taylor

Yes, I know about v n n. I cited as it directly talks about the wabbit. I cited it as a source for that one topic, not a blanket endorsement of the controlled Linder and his website. Maybe others are unaware of this, so your comment will help them to navigate through perpville, jewsa

It would be fair to assume from my quoting one of Julius Streicher’s favorite sayings earlier, in addition to the motto of his newspaper ‘Der Stürmer’, that I was calling Horus and BUGSers miserable cowards for not talking about jews. I was not. However, I stand by saying it because it adds delicious food for thought. If anyone does what BUGSers do without discouraging others from talking about jews, then I have no problem with them. They may even explain endlessly their reasoning for not doing so. However, once they begin actively discouraging people from, and even attacking them for, talking about the jewish role, then my above comments apply. The same goes for people who want to say it is ONLY jews and that… Read more »

Chris Taylor

@blut The people you say are traitors in our own race. Would NoT being doing what they seem to be doing if not for jews. Like I have stated a few times on this website. There would be no White pathology without the pathogen. What is the pathogen that creates the pathology? jews… Fix the jew problem then what you say is a White problem, will fix itself. By blaming Whites in any way you help jews. As most people hate Whitey so much these days (thanks to jews) they will gravitate to hate Whitey. Since jews work overtime on the victim hood narrative, most if not all will join in to blame Whites and not jews because of this false narrative created and pushed… Read more »

What is a Jew? Is a Jew :1. Someone that follows a version of the Jewish religion of Any genetic race? 2. Someone that “claims” they are Jewish of Any genetic race but follows no Jewish religion?3. Someone that follows / adheres to a version of a Jewish religion but has no Jewish or semetic genetics in them?4. Someone that has 25%+ Jewish / semite genetics? 5. Someone that has 75%+ Jewish / semite genetics.6.Someone that lives in the border of Is.? 7. The people that run the world?8. The people of a particular race that run the highest % of the world & control everything with their money?9.The race that is blamed by( the secret rich people of different races that run & control… Read more »

Chris from Sydney

@ Chris Taylor “The people you say are traitors in our own race. Would NoT being doing what they seem to be doing if not for jews” It’s immaterial and is on a level of a 5 year saying ‘The devil made me do it’. Treason is wrong, it is a base crime and nobody would betray anyone without incentive, being offered an incentive to betray your own people to a foreign race is no excuse and deserves to be exposed, at the very least. Question, in National Socialist Germany, if a German betrayed his people to the Soviet Union was he punished, or was he let off without punishment because “He wouldn’t have done if not for the Soviets” ? That apologetic attitude toward… Read more »

What is an Anti-White? 1.A person that opposes White race people? 2. People that oppose people that appear to be of the White race but might not be of the white race but it doesn’t matter to the people that are Anti-White regardless as long as the Anti-Anti-Whites appear White on the surface? 3. People that follow or adhere to a religion that condones race mixing or the mixing of different human phenotype’s and their genetics? 4. People that comprise the highest % of people that control the planet with their money as well as over 80% of the media on the planet? 5. People that want to finish the ongoing White race genocide that started a long time ago to make us White race… Read more »


@Disgusted; One could achieve high positions in the USSR government and not be a member of the communist party. I do not know about Putin he may have been member, maybe not. Please provide some evidence about his position and being a Communist Party Member. I myself would like to know. Through former citizens of the USSR, I have learned that there were very high military and civilian positions held by non Communist Party Members. There were many university students in the Soviet Union who worked very hard and were top of their class, who achieved high business and government positions; These same people tried desperately to get into the Communist Party and were denied. For reasons they do not know to this day. It… Read more »


@Chris Taylor;

Your deflecting. Neither I nor no one else said “do not hammer the joos”. You are coming across like an anti-white. The only difference is when some one does not say its “only the joos” you go into the fetal position and scream silly words.

In my opinion the joos are too stupid to do this on their own. These are the same morons that put themselves in a country right next to some camel jockeys. LOL.

Joos could leave this planet on Friday and a new war would be a waged on white children by Saturday Morning, Just with a different spear.

To end this thing for centuries we must bring down the spear throwers.

Nick Dean

I hope you mean, “Caucasus mountains”, Clairificationizing?

Nick Dean

In any case, White is biopolitical, not geographic.

ND I’m not convinced that Caucasians are White of the White race . That word was made by Anti-Whites & labeled on us Almost pure Whites of the White race recently , 30-40-50 years ago rich controllers started promoting the word in their medias to try to convince the public that Whites of the White race were somehow a hybrid of White race & Asian races. It was very successful , they use the word in gov. all the time now to try to make the designation official to authorize the legal coverup that the White race never existed . There might indeed have been small groups of Whites of the White race that migrated to the Caucasus mountains regions from regions North of the… Read more »

Chris Taylor

I am not deflecting anything. The fact you cant even bring yourself to write jew without being condescending proves my point. You write, we dont say dont name the jew, yet you cant even write who they are without mocking those that do, by not writing jew and spelling it “joo”. Then capitalize it, what is the point of capitalizing what you cant even name properly? Your reply proves my point. If those who read this cant see how wrong you are maybe Renegade isnt the place for you or them and probably shouldnt be looking into the jew question. I am still baffled as to why Kyle would even waste his time with bugs. Kyle does great work, bugs mucks up his message. At… Read more »

Chris Taylor

@ chris in Germany. I understand what you are saying. They should stand trial of somesort. Yes. But they are infected with jew poison as you and many others have been. Those not inflicted with their religious or other poison who were raised jew wise are few and far between. Wouldnt you give a fellow White a chance to explain himself? I mostly don’t disagree with you. I just feel the focus should be on jews and only jews. They are the enemy. We can sort out our own on our own, later. Blaming Whites is what jews want. Anytime that focus is shifted off of them, jews win. We want and need Whites to win. jews and everbody else bash us enough, we need… Read more »

Off topic , I really want to thank the person that posted the photo of the ,beatup girl on the right I think that is what the Anti’s want us to look like in the future . You guy’s aren’t gona let that happen are you?

Nick Dean

The Italians are south of the Alps and are White. The Turks are south of the Caucasus mountains and are not White.

Chris Taylor

Linder is crying “muh six million sheckles”. I meant Chris in Sydney not Germany. Im sure most can figure that out. Anyway.. Cant wait to see Hellstorm.


The subjugation of the white European peoples happened many generations ago. Most don’t realize it such is the nature of the control. Can’t really blame our people but we must expect them to take responsibility once they understand the deception. Bringing the system back under our control will require us to fight it on many fronts. Some will feel way more comfortable and be more useful fighting it from an angle that is acceptable within the media driven paradigm. It doesn’t mean they are agents or traitors and calling them such merely weakens our position and is off putting to many of our people who may of use to the cause. We here know that saying the Jews control this system is simply a statistical… Read more »


Anyone who is not fighting by encouraging others to make it severely punishable for a rabbi to “religiously” suck a baby’s penis needs to be confronted. Now is the time to really hammer on those who are avoiding (or are ignorant of) this matter.
SIDENOTE: It’s no better nor worse that the penis happens to be bleeding when the rabbi “relgiously” sucks it.
SIDENOTE 2: Horus avoids this topic like the plague.


@Chris Taylor;

Not only are you deflecting, you are worshiping them joos. Do them dumb ass joos have super man suites or something? LOL. I dont capitalize names of animals like skunks. Why would I capitalize the “j” in joo?

Stop wetting your pants; pull yourself off the ground and act like a white man. If you are a white man.

Nick Dean

Proper nouns should be capitalized, ioannes: “White”.

Nick Dean

ioannes, ‘White’ is a proper noun so should be capitalized.

Chris Taylor

@ionnes It is you sir who is deflecting. You are playing the typical jew game of projection. Nobody here can claim that jews don’t work as a collective. Thus making them the power we see. When Whites finally do identify as a collective at least enough to change the course. You will see what it looks like when the Lion awakens. Super human? No, not at all this is why they need to push constant victim hood. You seem to not understand the jews at all, let alone even being able to spell what they call themselves. Which tells me you are a jew by all the actions you have shown here. You capitalized a non word. Yet refuse to capitalize Whites? Bugs motives are… Read more »

ND I think anyone that has less than 75% Almost pure White race ancestry that evolved north of the latitude of the Alps approx. extending east to about 30 deg. lon. Approx. (These lines are Approx.) are NOT, Whites genetically , of the White race , They are Mixed race. But , It is likely that a SMALL number of White race families migrated down South / East from inside the Genetically White race areas north of the Alps & west of 30 deg. lon. into those areas that are Mediterranean races based areas. Only the people that know their past lineage pasted down through their line from their fathers / mothers as individuals would know if they are of the White race with over… Read more »


@Chris Taylor

But your the one that treats them (joos) like super humans. Stop wetting you pants. Please its degrading.

Also, I need to apologize to all the skunks out there. skunks have a reason for existence.


@Nick Dean;

I stand corrected. Yes “White” should be capitalized.

Nick Dean

Italians are White. There is no controversy about this. If you’re sincere about being pro-White stop trying to create one. Create a single username instead.