Solar Storm: How jews Trained Their Red Dragon (10-20-19)

Kyle talks about the history of jews in China, their outsized role in Mao’s revolution, China’s censorship in and out of its borders, and the goals of the international commie conspiracy.

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Anthony Roberts

Same old story. Chinese leaders betray their own people and allow the jewish supremacists to move in and take control. Only one nation in recent times, saw the danger and acted.

We too can come back stronger but a lot of White people need to wake up fast! That is why the information Renegade provides is so vital for our race and future.

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China was already weak in the early 20th century not due to “Western Imperialism” but due to the foreign rulers, the Qing Dynsty. And it had been seriously damaged by Opium. Germany and Russia were also weakened before being destroyed. Americans should reflect on how the ongoing destruction of this country is just a prelude for what is to come.


I knew the Chinese were weakend by opium, but didn’t realize that it was because of the Qing Dynasty allowing the trade… That makes so much cents, and sense if you are a destructive parasitic, psychopathic race of usurpers.
Thanks Sencha.

The Good Dictator

Just one correction Amber: “the Qing Dynasty allowing the trade”. It didn’t allow the trade, it had to face two wars from the “yiddish empire” (courtesy of the Sassoons, David Sassoon in particular) and had to finally capitulate and allow the forced drugging of the Chinese.

some guy

bolshevism 2.0 for all the west if ppl dont wake the fuck up


I can’t help but wondering how many of those stolen organs end up in Israel; “Forced organ harvesting has been committed for years, and Falun Gong practitioners have been one – and probably the main – source of organ supply,” the report concluded, pointing to the growing transplant industry already worth more than $1 billion. “The report underscored that there were “extraordinarily short waiting times for organs to be available for transplantation,” and numerous websites advertised hearts, lungs, and kidneys for sale – suggesting an on-demand industry. The Tribunal concluded that the commission of Crimes Against Humanity against Falun Gong and Uighurs had been committed. Witness testimonies provided to the tribunal, and interviewed by Fox News, paint the picture of an unfathomably callous trade often… Read more »

The Good Dictator

Great show, fascinating topic!