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Eric Blackburn
1 month ago

Since you are into pedo talk, you may be interested in James Mason being pressed by a fellow Christtard on being an underage sex creep. 33:16

Last edited 1 month ago by Eric Blackburn
1 month ago

Just wanted to let Sinead know that I really like the 2 songs of hers; white song and gassed no Jews. I listen to those 2 songs every day and I appreciate your work and beautiful voice! Lots of respect!

Reply to  Eric
1 month ago

Have you listened to her “white forces” song? If not, you should check it out.

1 month ago

That Dangerfield guy was on Woes stream ages ago, I know it’s a shock!

Weird Google is celebrating pizza at the moment in my country, despite it being Yule!

1 month ago

Poor Germans.
jews have always blamed Germans for their crimes, they’ve been projecting the crimes they’ve committed unto the Germans even before WW2 and before Hitler became the leader of Germany.

Take a look at these articles from 1917 and 1918 in which the jew press blames the Bolshevik Revolution on the Germans and make outlandish claims such as Lenin and Trotsky being German agents and that the Bolshevik government was actually a German government.
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1 month ago

Jews won’t do “menial” work. Whites will, but they have competition from Latinos. Still, if you get a trade that you can evolve into a small business, there’s a way to make a living if you’re white. Otherwise, forget it unless you’re good at math, science, or a supersalesman.

1 month ago

Stalin’s birth surname means “Son of a Jew” in the Ossetian language; his father was from Ossetia but had moved to the neighbor country which has a different language, and is where Stalin grew up. Like Dianne Feinstein and Madeleine Albright, [nee Korbel, I think] Stalin’s parents sent him to the best available, affordable school ,which happened to be Christian.
One of these is a Georgian surname and one is Ossetian:
Dzugashvili vs. Jughashvili

1 month ago

hi i love you guys !! i live off grid and do not have internet all the time so i like to download your shows when i do 🙂..
now however the website doesn’t have that option..
and the new odessy thing always tells me i’m off line..
is there another way for me to download the shows ??
thank you guys so much !!

1 month ago

Ash Sarkar is Homo Erectus

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