The Solar Storm: Impartial Truth on National Socialism (12-3-17)

Kyle speaks with the man behind The Impartial Truth, a media operation that exposes the real history of National Socialism and why the Allied victory has been so devastating for the whole world. They discuss a wide variety of topics about WW2, ideology, race, religion, and activism.

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Thanks for inviting me on the show. I had never done anything like this before, I hope I offered value to you all.


Yes, much value. Thank you both. Very moving show. Intelligence motivated by heart.

Anthony Roberts

Thank you Kyle & Gaz – wonderful interview! Like Renegade, you are doing a great service for our folk.

The jews lie, deceive, take or destroy lives, but they can never own our spirit. The truth is the truth. Keep fighting!

Heathen vegan

Hey Gaz

Great to see you finally on Renegade. Look forward to listening to this later, but Im sure you did a great job.


0/ Thankyou


Really great, important show.

When people express any interest in National Socialism, this should be among the first broadcasts we bring to their attention, in my opinion.


Probably not the first to admit it but there’s a couple of your videos that have got me severely choked up with an intense longing for a rebirth into 1920 Netherlands from where my ancestors hail .
You do the true work of the gods brother .


Splendid, what a good set. A con-centration of our Best, for sure. I hope you will be back.


How can you recommend hosting in Frankfurt am Main, also called (((Mainhattan))) for obvious reasons, without ending up in prison and your website being deleted?

I don’t get it, given your contents.


Great show! The more I see how National Socialism is a way to address and redress so many of humanities’ ills, the less of a wonder it is that it’s been so thoroughly villified. Thanks guys, it was a great work listen.

Alexander from Flanders

Good show and I like the Impartial Truth website. There are some really good videos on that site.

Keep spreading the truth!


Net neutrality will be dead in 10 days.


It’s not hard to guess who’ll be targeted once that happens. Apparently big brother was using identity theft and probably an army of bots to push for the repeal.

The National Socialist also addressed the issue of Jesuits. It doesn’t get mentioned much. These guys have a long standing affiliation with International Jewry, and I myself have found this to be true in the Field of the Study of Nature itself, especially Space and the Overemphasis on Math to thwart a more Visual concept to understand “Processes of Nature” and even Learning just generally. What does this mean ? It means that They are aware of how the Aryan Mind works and that it is able to render Processes of Nature in the Visual Cortex, and that it is particularly useful in those things, processes that can’t be seen with the Naked Eye ! Nearly all of the great Inventors, especially those hardly mentioned… Read more »


The Jesuits would have done most of the damage from the inside. They are way more fanatical and harder to spot. The masons would have given them a hand also.


@Gaz as you say your video platforms are at risk of being disabled/taken down please consider doing a distributed backup of your films via torrent, upload e.g. to


Again: Could you please let me know the title and artists of the German song with the chorus “Kameraden hört die Parole .. “?


Speaking about pro-Whites creating content it doesn’t all have to be overtly pro-White. Just creating decent art in any form is helpful. Whether it be music, paintings, sculpture or movies, as long as it expresses true European spirit it can uplift Europeans. The area of children’s entertainment is one that needs serious attention. The net is a free for all. Despite attempts to censor it the net still provides a platform for creative talent. Even outfits like Google and faceberg are vulnerable to competition. Especially so when they start censoring people. Faceberg in particular should simply be a private network between family and friends not the monster it has become. There’s no reason to censor a private network. There’s no need for ads. There’s no… Read more »