The Solar Storm: Jan Irvin – Investigating New Chronology (6-25-17)

Kyle speaks with Jan Irvin of Gnostic Media, with Jacob Duellman also joining the show midway through. The discussion starts with discussing how the creators of the counter culture fabricated history in order to control the population, then it moves to an examination of Anatoly Fomenko’s work on the New Chronology, which theorizes that the “dark ages” were entirely fabricated to add an extra thousand years to our history. They talk about British archaeology, the geographic placement of Rome and Israel, why fakery would be done, the Dionysian cults, the god Saturn, and much more.

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Careful with russianvids – he’s a kike whose laughable views/research on the 3rd Reich are the stuff of Spielberg’s imagination. I started reporting his jewish disinformation-peddling ass for copyright violations and strangely jewtube has left him alone. Wonder why?
Over a year ago I started calling him out on why/how Hitler was the embodiment of evil according to him, yet Stalin, Lenin, Yagoda and Bronstein – or any other judeo-communist – never receive a single mention with the tens of millions they starved/murdered?

Might as well listen to Hal Turner as he’s back online now. Sadly, this “movement” if chock full of dummies.

Jan can be a bit abrasive but his work is top notch. I always enjoy Gnostic Media podcasts. Especially the 60’s topic and the “history of FM radio”. Jan is not aftaid to address the jews but his partners Atwill, Hans Utter in particular seem to not be able to put kosher pieces together.

The timeline stuff is interesting though with all the info coming out recently about Whites being everywhere at the start of most civilizations, and histoty being reformulated to be antiWhite and the need to fake is always antiWhite but we are seeing they cannot hide this. Faking a timeline? We (whites) are older than we know.
It seems strange to fake a timeline then produce info that contradicts it.
Either way good show

I thought Hans Utter addressed it. I think these guys do a good job.

It’s always amazed Me how many “researchers” will tell Us that “All Roads Lead to Rome”! To a person they reference the document that shows King whatisname signing every thing away to avoid Church sanctions. These researchers say this is the be all and end all of History! Rome owns everything! When I ask them for a “source” they always have the same document .. signed in England by King WHS, stating that Rome heretowith owns everything. The only source is from the Vatican, so how can these documents even be considered as “real”! I don’t get it. Rome says that they own everything .. because Vatican historians say they do! Yet that is never questioned.

I agree Drew!

This world starts looking a lot like a movie plot…

Sorry I could only stomach the first half hour. I don’t know who this guy is but there are some serious flaws in his research. First blaming the modern CIA tactics on the Aztecs and using only Abrahamic christard writers as evidence. Even quoting “sacrifices to satan” from the christard accounts. Although I’m a unapologetic meat eater I didn’t like how he brushed over your attempts to get back to the topic of the show. Then he moved right in to claiming all the Pagan monuments are fake and basically shiting on our cultural history. At that point I was done.

Leifken, Jan is only citing primary source documentation. As far as blaming the Aztecs for modern CIA tactics, it’s the same as blaming the CIA for culturally appropriating recorded Aztec tactics of mind and population control.
Also not ALL pagan monuments are claimed to be faked.
The really important ones are mostly covered up, especially here by the Smithsonian.
Basically this information is not intended for everyone.

It’s called weaponized history. If you understand logic and the trivium method of processes truth, then you’d understand that the CIA used psuedo scientists to act like they discovered “His Story”… They create a fake reason suggestogens, szchizophenics, or psychedelics were taken a la spirituality and new age spirit contact… to manipulate. He checked their references and they lied. I guess history is a religion for you, heck, science has become a religion with theory this and theory that… Where is the evidence. Sorry you don’t like the evidence. It’s the biggest obstacle to personal growth, denying the truth because it makes you feel uncomfortable. Most truth, in my life, has that attribute. Hopefully, you’re not done seeking truth.

Dear ALL, Okay I read all the comments and this is one area I feel like a stab in the stomach when talking in depth about it because I wanted to be a Medievalist for much of my life and that is why I went to college. Its also why, among much more significant family and financial reasons, i never went to Graduate School and the Medieval program taught in Champagne Urbana. First, I think any honest lover or history, even those not focused on the Bogus label of the Dark Ages. NO DARK AGES historian calls that time period the Dark Ages! This is why I immediately got pissed off when he had this contention that we could possibly consider that time period NEVER… Read more »
Tarta, Tartans, Celts , Kilts, Highlanders, Rhys Race Family or Alans ?, i’ve heard so many names for what may be the same peoples. It’s a common thing that causes Historical Confusion. You mention the Greeks: Interestingly, there is a Greek name-place in Northern Israel known as Megiddo. The Heebs would probably tell you that this Greek name was translated to mean Armageddon (as in silly Hollywood movie of the same name) from their language when in fact it was originally Greek and the Heebs translated it to their (actually butchered Welsh: to come up with a fictional “Armageddon”, when in actuality it means Solid, Mountain or Rock etc. A South African lady in her mid 60’s passed me this first link about Aryans… Read more »
It is unfortunate that Jan Irvin characterized the medieval period as a time of ignorance and backwardness, as indeed most historians no longer understand it in that way, and it is really irrelevant to Fomenko’s arguments. Keep in mind that chronological revisionism has two aspects. First is disproving the official chronology, second is providing an alternative. The first is must easier to do than the second. I have a BA in history and I find Fomenko’s arguments very compelling for the first part, but less so for the second. Fomenko’s arguments depend upon several things including 1. astronomical records which do not make sense in official chronology, which is what started his research in this area in the first place, 2. statistical comparison between historical… Read more »
Hotherus said “it is even more devastating to Russia. He claims that the Romanov’s intentionally destroyed large numbers of documents, and then created numerous forgeries to cover up what they had done.” Who did Formenko work for? The Bolsheviks! ((chosen)) communist butchers yeah??? What did the communists do to the Romanov goy family??? They shot the whole family to death in a basement room in horrific blood bath. Do you think there would be any desire by the Bolshevik communist criminals to trash and vilify the King and his family whom they cruelly butchered? Of course they would, the Romanov dynasty was the prime target of the (( communists)) Unbelievable that people would say stuff like this on Renegade. Formenko worked for the ((communist)) regime… Read more »
Again, the general idea of chronological revisionism does not originate with Fomenko, nor with Russia nor the communists. That Fomenko lived and worked in the Soviet Union is irrelevant. Either his work is valid or it isn’t. In any case he was not speaking of Tsar Nicholas II but rather of the early Romanovs. That the Romanov dynasty perhaps was not legitimate does not mean that communism was. This has nothing to do with communism. If his ideas are correct then all regimes of the early modern period are to some degree complicit in forgery and falsification. Russia cannot be exempt from this. It is absurd to suggest that examining chronology in any way supports communism. Your ‘argument’ is just a lazy evasion. What is… Read more »
“It is absurd to suggest that examining chronology in any way supports communism. ” That’s not what I said! “That Fomenko lived and worked in the Soviet Union is irrelevant” I don’t think you realize how naive your reasoning is. You are suggesting that in the 1980’s Soviet Union a researcher from the Moscow state University would be allowed to say what he wanted to simply because the evidence pointed to it. Every area of academic life in the USSR was turned into explorations of control and oppression, psychiatry and Pavlov’s dogs is just one such example. If a researcher can produce a handy cosh/theory to whack separatists over the head why not hey? The idea that a researcher or scientist could present a theory… Read more »

Not everything is Black & White: General Gorbachev was leading the push to have Rudolph Hess released from Spandau Prison, it was British agents that killed him before this was achieved.

Your argument makes no sense. Mainstream historians in the Soviet Union disagreed with Fomenko’s theories. They were not fired for disagreeing with him, nor was the teaching of history changed to accord with Fomenko’s ideas. The historians and Fomenko were at odds, yet apparently the Politburo was supporting both of them. One could of course argue that Fomenko is controlled opposition, that while chronological revisionism has validity, Fomenko’s ideas specifically are incorrect. And indeed there are other revisionists who take a different approach. But that’s not what you’ve been saying. You suggested that simply because his research would perhaps undermine the Romanovs, he was therefore working for the communists. But his work would also undermine the Catholic Church and orthodox Christianity generally. According to some… Read more »
“You suggested that simply because his research would perhaps undermine the Romanov he was therefore working for the communists” That’s not really what I said is it? Romanov was a handy scape goat an enemy of the Soviet who they could blame for missing chronology according to their perverted logic. Christianity is indeed a chew creation, the fact that they would further want it to conform to the goals of international chewry is hardly new after all the communists killed thousands of clergy but the Church was intact conforming more the will of the rulers. The more I read what you write I realize you are not a man, maybe you are a very young man, i’m reading the work of a woman. Perhaps it… Read more »
Did the Romanov edit the books, is this what it was about ? Seems reasonable: “…the “Horde” bears no relation to any foreign conquering army, but rather is proven to be none other than the regular Russian army, an integral structure of the Russian Imperial state. The commanders or chiefs of the Khan or Czar effectively governed areas controlled by the Russian Royal families acted as princes who forcibly collected taxes for the king (Czar) in order to support the operations of the state. The ancient Russian state was a united Empire with professional soldiers. The so-called “Mongol raids” or Tartar invasions were just the repressive actions against the area of the empire of Russia who refused to either pay taxes or abide by the… Read more »
Peter I AKA Peter the Great absolutely destroyed a lot of Russian History and that is why the various sects of Old Believer known in Russian as Starovery and who I was a part of as a convert to Russian Priested Old Believer Orthodoxy which are a small sect who from my research is the closest thing to actual Christian tradition from the beginning of it’s legalization in the Roman Empire but I eventually came to see the light of our ancestors and embraced heathenism but my time in this sect was incredibly enlightening! The rewriting of and outright destruction of large amounts of history has happened a great deal BUT an eclectic historian can easily find ways of uncovering where and why discrepancies exist… Read more »

History, as we are taught, is completely jacked up. Ask anyone who the first president of the United States was and 99.999999% of the people will say George Washington. He most definitely was not. He didn’t taken office until April 30, 1789……almost 13 years after the country was founded on July 4, 1776. The first elected president was John Hanson under the Articles of Confederation.

John Hanson was firmly AGAINST having a “Central Government”. That is why you don’t hear about him. There were 7 Presidents BEFORE Washington. Washington was the first President under the “Central Government” as conjured up by the “Constitution”. Central Governments are a necessary prelude to “World Government”.

how little we know… it’s unbelievable! Thanks for sharing Renny and Pat

Can either of you share some sources that come to mind on where you’ve learned this from? In earnest interest, and thanks again.

The trick is to find primary sources. Contact me directly.

I like it that the ketogenic diet modality was mentioned, although it obviously is not for everyone. But it has almost magic [but not magic] potential health benefits. One can be vegetarian and ketogenic and there is at least one woman with a podcast about vegan KD modality. What I intended to comment on [but then the keto discussion started] is a recurring notion I have had about the jews building a new Temple of Solomon [or whatever] which when I hear or see mention of it always seems pregnant with unstated significance especially when it is mentioned that animal sacrifice was a significance aspect of the destroyed two prior temples in Jerusalem for which the Coming jewish masonic Temple on the Mount [which will… Read more »

I’m so glad I tuned in to this show. Really put me on a whole new course.
I already had the (thick) Fomenko book sitting on my hard drive, but hadn’t felt ready for it yet.
What was mentioned about the black cube / Saturn and their rulership over time is the kind of thing that really brings things in perspective for me. Will definitely be listening to this again in its entirety.

A link posted in the chat is what truly did it for me though, here it is again (“survivor series” of the newearth channel):

Excellent presentation and you’re a great interviewer! Thanks Jan and Jacob……thx for all your work. I’m going to explore your site now.

So is he saying that large chunks of our (European) historical timing is completely off center and some of it never happened ? Perhaps we should ask ourselves that if we accept what he is saying could it well be a stepping stone strategy to destroying our historical heritage as white people? I haven’t researched all he is saying and I don’t have time to but what I do know is that goy BS peddling artists are being employed by the chosen at an astounding rate. He is basing all he is saying on Formenko in Russia. I just want to say with due respect to the white Russian people who don’t have any control over their country since the 1918 revolution by the “holy… Read more »
Jan is a “deep researcher”, if You disagree with Him, do some research – if You can prove Him wrong, He will gladly change his research! Imagine that- a researcher who will change their story, if they are proven wrong. In my 30 Years of researching, I’ve only ever met 3 researchers who don’t mind being challenged: Jan Irvin, Deanna Spingola, and Jan Irvin. It really is all about the Trivium: Grammar, Logic, and Rhetoric! The only researcher I ever trust is Me, although I have been wrong too! If You disagree with Jan .. do Your research, prove him wrong and let Him know. It’s that simple! Don’t fling ad hominem attacks at him, just do Your own digging, and then contact him.

Should read: Jan Irvin, Deanna Spingola, Clint Richardson

Should definitely NOT read Deanna Spignola. That “person” did over 20 shows supporting the Sandy Hook LIE. If you want to support a definite government funded scum bag – go ahead.

The Okinaiwans are the longest living people an they only eat a tiny serving of meat once weak. The Icelanders are the second longest living people. People that eat less met or no meat live longer that’s a fact. There are videos of vegan body builders in their 70’s all the meat eaters bodies seem to be breaking down. I get my b 12 an other b vitamins simply from nutritional yeast that tastes like cheese. You can get your fats, etc. from cashews surely. The animals eat plants to get their proteins, etc. why can’t humans?

I have not heard this yet, but am looking forward to hearing Jan’s take on this issue. Always good to hear other voices on such issues. All I will say though before hearing this is that I do feel fairly strongly that our true history and great past has been hidden from us. It would not suprise me one bit if we are being given a greatly distorted version of whatever this may have been from both mainstream and alternative sources. MSM-“Alt” Paradigm.

That food-argument reminded me, why I stopped listening to Jan Irving; the tone is not nice.

My theory on diet: perhaps Jan experienced those things because his genetics. Maybe we’re not all supposed to eat the same way. This could be due to where our genetics say we come from (ex; Nordic’s would probably have more fats (I don’t actually know I’m just theorizing) whereas someone from the Caribbean would be more plant based).

The Holohoax should be a clear example of history being distorted for nefarious purposes. I don’t know if Fomenko is a reliable source (I’m getting into it) but I believe these distortions have been deliberately created in the past, for sure. Think of so-called ‘Anno Domini’ as an example of a chronological invention.

Maps of Tartary from the 17th Century mostly. UNITED Tartaro:

Wow! What a door opened that may connect untold dots. For most, this may be too academic and uncomfortable, but for those seeking truth and constantly running into contradictions in the “His Story” told to us and all cultures for programming and control, you will be digesting this talk and eliminating contradictions by the dozens. Thank you Jan for your courage and perseverance to seek truth rather than be right.

Don’t like to comment not having completed a show but I can’t stomach longer than 56 minutes. This guy is outrageous. I heard jesuit jesuit and not one single mention of jew! Not sure I missed it but this guy seems oblivious to the fact that Constantinople WAS the capital of the Roman/Byzantine empire for over 1,000 years! Wtf man are you serious. We need Jan Lamprecht on to straighten this disinfo (or nut job) out.

we seriously need to start numbering these Jans; I am beyond confused

Jan Lemprecht vs Jan Irvin now that would be interesting!!!

He did mention AJC, Frankfurt School etc as behind MK Ultra, listen @5’38.

The wheat thing was a (((schtick))) of David Duke’s too. I think there’s something in it, but more interesting would be knowing variability of symptoms between persons of different blood groups – I can’t recall the detail now but the stuff on lectins and food intolerances in Peter J. d’Adamo’s Eat Right For Your Type seemed plausible when I read it about 15 years ago. Wonder what Jan’s blood group / ethnicity is…?

As for the rest: ars longa, vita brevis.

PS: Invite the cat back for a wildcard, it seemed pretty vocal.

Pretty cool how I have the same photo for my email. I think it was on my Twitter at one point too. Sorry, first thing I noticed.

Does he know the Sphinx has water weathering on it which shows it was built in the ice age?

Now I know that anything that comes from wikki must be treated with extreme caution. But I found an interesting line on the core theory of Formenko which bearing in mind this stuff was being rehashed in 1980 a height of Soviet activity and he “was discovered by the “soviet scientific press” lol. (Yeah like politburo had nothing to do with it.) He started this ball rolling in the 1980’s with chums from the “Moscow state University” !!??come on guys I quote from Wikki “For the New Chronologists, peoples such as the Ukrainians, Belarusians, Mongols, and others who assert their national independence from Russia, are suffering from a historical delusion.” Oh gee I’m sure there is no communist USSR agenda of maintaining the soviet block… Read more »

Have you guys watched any Harry Hubbard? He says Questzatquatl is a fake. The Denver seminar on how fake ancient history is..

I have been listening to the NewEarth channel. I think you guys mentioned her by name as the swastika lady? I know her as the megalithic construction lady. She is an Alexander Fomenko fan and shows lots of curious images in her videos that have a similar ring to Brien Foerster with his inverted chronology where the oldest stuff is the best stuff. So glad you could have Jan Irvin on your show. Now we bring the force of reason to bear on this information.

I found the swastika vid that was discussed:

I remember now how kooky I felt Anatoly to be. Russian Moscow is Jerusalem. Sodom and Gomorrah is actually next to mount Vesuvius. Tons of bible references usually something that I would quickly skip. Here is an English video covering some of his work: Not that I think any skepticism should fall as criticism on reviewers.

I watched that Swastika vid and sure enough, it had the usual Kosher crap particularly aimed against the National Socialists. It’s safe to assume therefore, that “New Earth” is more Communist Propaganda.

This is my favorite show ever on Rengade. Thank You Kyle, Jan and Jacob

I’m to old to list any great strength, but this guy swears by veganism..

Yes, we’ve been lied to tremendously, including cosmology, but that doesn’t automatically equate that EVERYTHING is false. You got to have some discernment here. Why should one blindly trust just ONE man’s scientific theory, who also happens to be high level soviet scientist. You simply can’t move up in to those levels without cooperating FULLY with communist power structure. He was born in 1945, so most of his adult life in soviet empire. To establish the truth, you have to have AT least three independent sources of reliable information.

Modern cosmology isn’t even science: it’s jewish mythology. Nothing about it is based on the true scientific method (see the electric universe).

If you want the real scientific truth on ‘astronomy’, start with realizing the Flat Earth reality (research and work out for yourself what’s verifiable from that 100% indisputable factual reality. Even the electric universe folks are disinfo agents promoting the lies of outer space and planets. Sadly, very little is rooted in real science.

Which makes Flat Earth reality the most valuable beacon of truth in a sea of lies.

Jan Irvin always likes to point out that there are no contradictions in nature, they are either a lie or an error, but from discussions I have followed on facebook he believes that water can be curved and can conform to the exterior of a shape – he is a proponent of trusting your own senses, but in the case of the flat earth he trusts the maths which are just another form of language and therefore can lie, rather than natural science according to which natural laws such as the behaviour of water, are observable, testable and repeatable. It is obvious that we are lied to about the history of the past, the events of the present and conditioned to accept a dystopian future… Read more »
This is what I am trying to show, this theory of new chronology is birthed in 1980 Soviet Union, in a country where a few decades earlier literally millions of gentiles had been slaughtered whose only crime was to be intelligent white people. We know who ruled in the Soviet Union, the fake liberation of 1990’s resulted in millions of “oppressed Jews” to flee from a country (to the west) where anti-antisemitism was punishable by death and where as far as I can tell every billionaire Oligarch (correct me if I am wrong) is Jewish and where (I have the names) the top 400 in the leadership structure are from the same background. There is clear evidence that this so called research was used to… Read more »

How stupid are we?

Pretty stupid. Keep in mind that American white nationalists for many years accepted into their ranks an American Indian CIA contractor infiltrator who pretended to be one of them (Rodney Martin).

The dummies also accepted Hal Turner (the jew) who was OBVIOUSLY a controlled opposition asset. Same with Anglin – Same with Linder, Same with Duke … The list is quite long. Yet it’s so obvious that one has to wonder about how intelligent many of these followers are.

Jan Irvin is very suspicious for promoting high fat, high cholesterol diet. Who even knows if the went to the hospital, he might be part of controlled opposition. All i heard he was blaming Aztecs and Fabians for all the world ills, which are almost “Truther” community talking points. I from my research have reached opposite conclusions, more you lose useless ballast for your diet, more energetic you become. I have been on 10 day breatharian lent and all my senses were like renewed, they became more sharp and sensitive. Usually I’m a strict vegan, but I have always higher goals in my mind…

Also Irvin is promoting Fomenko, who was in fact professional Soviet dis-info agent, very serious academic scientist, who suddenly came out of ludicrous theories like Tartar invasion of Russia and China didn’t happened, ancient Rome and Greece are just re-writings of medieval history… etc when there is so much evidence that this is simply not true. His whole goal seem to diminish European cultural heritage.

Well said Bill, on both posts. Completely agree.

Well opined, maybe. Well said…. his opinion is just that. If he can’t read the book and look at the theory of overlaying time based upon certain factors he points out, then his opinions aren’t based upon a position or facts.

‘suspect’ he is, if you are “suspicious”.
He might well be, but check out his site to verify.
When did you stop listening, doubter?
If by ‘ballast’ you mean Fat, then you have the same conclusion.
“Breatharian” for 10 days was called Fasting. As in – fast = NO food.
Restricted Diet in “Truth” is not FASTING.
Absolutely, Fasting sharpens the mind.
No doubt, the Breatharian fad, a FAST, sans grains will improve ones health overall.
Fast – 3 days = cleansing.
Fast – 7 days = purifying.
The biggest obstacle is the fear of being without gut fillers for more than 29 minutes 14 seconds in any one 24 hour period. Spooky!


Here we go again with the “breatharian” bullcrap when it’s not even related to the topics of the show. And “lent” is a biblical term. Do you get paid to mention it every time you comment? Seems so! Please get back to us with an update after you’ve done 60 days on your “breatharian lent”. Don’t cheat now! Will be really glad to hear the results!

You call Jan an agent while promoting the utter nonsene of “breatharian” from the charlatan who has killed people with this, air feeds you bs? Haha sure broooo