The Solar Storm: Jason Thompkins – White Dawn (9-25-16)


Kyle speaks with Jason Thompkins, who is the current Grand Master of the Templi Unam and the artist behind Harvest Rain. Topics include: Miguel Serrano, Esoteric Hitlerism, kundalini energy, the power of the blood, jewish inversion tactics, the Black Sun, the White dawn, and much more. Jason’s email is

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Great show Kyle Really enjoyed all the subjects touched upon i could of listened to you guys chat all day. From the eagerness in both of your voices at times, it felt like both of you would like to have had a much longer convo too.

Although i have been enjoying harvest rain for awhile now, i never really delved into the Serrano side to the music. It was really interesting listening about some of these concepts and very synchronistic to things ive been thinking about more and more.

About two weeks ago i found a song by Harvest rain called needles of god. I decided to follow the Butterfly and found a whole host of inspiration , So thank you jason ^^

John A

Really enjoyed this show! I had never heard much of this subject before and am definitely gonna look into it further. I am seeing these “Joy of Satan” guys all over the place and although I don’t agree with their exaltation of Satan (who I don’t believe in anyway in the context of Judaic religion) the idea of Jews appropriating and inverting everything could help some of what they’re saying make sense. I think they would be easier to look at without using the name Satan- that causes some “cognitive dissonance” (that word is getting worn-out but it just works). Even for us who are utterly opposed to Abrahamic cults.

John A

I’ll admit I am enjoying these guy’s videos…

John A

The representative for white men, according to google — Kyle. Sounds good to me!

Re religion, I am an atheist, a pantheistic ancestor-worshiper while alive. I wish our truth tellers on earth, such as Victor Thorn (according to his brother) would not commit suicide because they think that there is a better life waiting for them on the other side, not just darkness. What a wondrous surprise I will have, if there is a delightful hereafter delight, but for now, living, loving, and laughing, will have to do.

John A

That’s doing it right, no doubt!

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

Interesting show. Love the esoteric elements.

Thank you.

John LambLash took his name from the stone of the same name, it is in the British Isles. Somewhere, I have a picture of it. The Black Sun is a subject I have pursued for some time. It is most fascinating and pertains to the lesser known Science, the very foundation of Nature. Is it any wonder why, Baruch Spinoza said: “Nature Abhors a Vacuum” ? Yes, he was a Jew ! I detest these elevated Trolls, like you would not believe ! This includes Einstein and so many others. Apparently the number Zero is of no value, is not even a reference point. No such thing as “Nothing” ! Why ? because you cannot see it ? Thanks Aristotle and your “Venn Diagrams” !… Read more »

Vril – They were a group that was loosely associated with Thule, a group of advanced thinkers with ancient knowledge and practices to do with Science and Metaphysics. It is the group who existed and was registered under a business name, Alldeutsche Gesellschaft für Metaphysik (official name of the Vril Gesellschaft as it was to appear on the surface), a company said to be making propellers. This was during the time Hitler had banned the Freemasons. The name Victor Schauberger, which I have previously presented info on elsewhere: “Comprehend and copy Nature” (a more complete story) also features with others in this subject. the aim of the Vril was to relieve economic disparity to reduce conflict on Earth, via the introduction of technology. Also part… Read more »

The Pan-German Society for Metaphysics (“Vril Society”), their history in brief 1907: Founding of the company Panbabylonischen Wien-Berlin. Unverifiable info from 1998 passed onto me: “This was founded originally inspired by the works of Friedrich Delitzsch by Catholic clergy and orientalists society changing under the influence of educated, but more to magic than to ancient Near Eastern history and theology of interested ladies soon to an esoteric community from which the theologians and scientists more and more withdrew. 1917: Café Schopenhauer in Vienna, ladies and gentlemen of the now completely set on esoteric Panbabylonischen society meet one hand, and Indo-European myths oriented people on the other hand, also took the eldest of the “heirs of the Knights Templar”, which squandered the Christian point of view,… Read more »

The Bull

For me this one of the most relevant interviews I have heard. Great show.


Congrats Kyle for being the top white man on google ;o)


Great talk…. I enjoyed both of you! Kyle you are definitely the No. 1 white guy! Sieg Geist!