Solar Storm: jews Support BLM – Burning, Looting, Murdering (6-7-20)

Kyle talks about how jews are using Black people as a proxy army in their bolshevik takeover of the Western world.

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K. Hetherington

I agree with you Kyle about the Globalist Jews and their local minions are trying to bring in Soviet-style Bolshevik system/gulags. Once they get rid of the Whites, the next will be blacks and browns. Whites stand in the way of the Jew’s agenda and that’s why they target us. Whites are now 8% of the world population and Jews are attacking Western Nations which are majority White. The Jew Globalists and their follower minions will enslave the other races quickly and violently. The other races have no idea what they are in for.

Robert Heimdal

A beautiful White woman. Expect to see this nigger shit from now on on a regular basis. Thanks jews.

‘White girl stabbed in the back by black drug dealer while sitting in a park’ (June 7th, 2020)

‘White man stabbed 18 times by black thug on a train’ (June 7th, 2020)

Richard Brown

The Jews do not want the Blacks to know they were the Slave Traders.Ask Louis Farakhan Minister of the Nation of Islam.He wrote 2 books .I have both.


Yes, but then again, this does not make me sympathize so much with blacks either when you look into their increadibly major role in the slave trade. The capacity of shipping millions of African slaves over the Atlantic wouldn’t even have been a possibility if it were not for the active participation of Africans in capturing other Africans and then later selling them as slaves for ANYONE who wanted to buy them, at a very cheap price on top of that mind you. Africans enslaving other Africans was the norm, specially in West Africa, long before any European contact. Anytime there was a demand for slaves in West Africa, African leaders would be eager to start enaging in warfare against other African tribes with the… Read more »


While Farakhan calls out the jews he is also anti-white so not a great example to use. He’s also a follower of islam, an abrahamic root faith, so maybe your comment would go down better on a Kevin Barrett site or something.


I don’t see as much of it as I used to so at least there’s been some progress in that regard – but yes, at this point, nobody should be propping Farakhan for his calling out of the Jews in the ways he’s so famous for doing – it simply lends nothing to our cause for the 2
extremely relevant reasons you mention, his virulent anti-white stance and his Islamic ‘faith’ – sharing the same enemy is nothing to latch onto.


I am really sick of hearing Jews talk about white people/children having the white privilege of SAFETY! when they leave their homes to play, jog, whatever…it is the EXACT OPPOSITE and even the dumber of the white people know this deep down on some even subconscious level.
How can anything in or about our society and civilization be taken seriously as long as the mainstream conversation is predicated upon bold-faced lies?


I hear a clip like this one Kyle played from CNN with Cuomo and whatever female liberal puppet dope he had on, justifying young black people busting up stores because of their needing to find a way to channel their “pain”, saying they speak and we don’t listen, essentially saying white people have driven them to behave in a way they’ve been behaving LONG before this GF psyop and will continue to behave long after…I think how do white people in America watch these programs? Is this what we are up against? I am so to anger and despise violence but have no trouble admitting I am easily triggered when I hear complete and utter bullshit lies. Without truth we have nothing and Kyle is… Read more »


What a great show Kyle. And wouldn’t be the same without the Jewish accent LOL…. Glad you mentioned the insanity in Toronto when BLM intimated that the black girl was thrown off the balcony, maybe even by the police. oyvey Also the black police chief in Toronto by the name of Saunders says he is stepping down in July. Even he has had enough of insane politics and general condemnation 24 hrs. a day of the police.

George Thompson

the goddamn jews always do this shit man. civil rights was no exception and there are always plenty sharpton-jackson coons waiting to take their shekels.


We are getting it with both barrels at this point, between our rabid white supremacism/privilege, and the always-in-style anti-semitism, wow.
Clearly we do not deserve to live, unless our lives our turned over to subservience to Jews and people of color, perhaps.


I hate niggers


So you totally buy into the jewish race bait then? Or are you just another little jew who didn’t pass the subversive exam because like so many of your ilk subtlety is a quality that was never in your blood? Go back to the Daily Stormer idiot. For the more sane people around here, look we get it about these subversive black commies leading the charge with the full backing of their corporate masters. They definitely are for all intent & purposes the true definition of the “porch nigger” selling out their own people & they will eventually be chewed up & spat out by the jew like all traitors they use but really despise. HOWEVER, they don’t speak for ALL black people & they… Read more »

I wonder how many ‘white’ Americans are related to the Irish slaves shipped to America with the ‘Nigerians’ (Africans) to work on the plantations. In a sense from that angle, you may hate your fellow slave, but you are in the same boat. A slave boat, run by the Jewish who have infiltrated every aspect of your culture. Even how you think!