The Solar Storm: Jimmy Marr (8-24-14)


Continuing The Fight

Kyle talks to Jimmy Marr about Jimmy’s history of activism, things we can learn from the White Man March, figuring out the jewish problem, and how we can most effectively continue to fight White Genocide.

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6 years ago

I think you need to make another banner to hang under the first with something like , Prevent WG .org. or STOP WHITE GENOCIDE .com or org. . Something like that, because most Almost Pure White & Hybrid white people that are considered to be of the White race , really , After reading the first banner , (And finally figure it out that it is really happening & accept the info. is true & have a Aha! moment), Need to have a website to go to that specifically states the specific locations to move to & separate from the causes of our White genocide & extinction as a race. Or states specific solutions & what is required from them to stop it from happening.… Read more »

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