The Solar Storm: Join the Juice Quest (3-12-17)

Kyle has Sinead on the show for the first hour to discuss the process of giving up meat, why a vegan diet is ideal, what the Starch Solution is, and how our health is compromised in every way by the food we eat. Then Kyle goes solo for the next few hours to discuss the history of juicing, curing cancer, Jack Lalanne and Jay Kordich, why humans were not designed to eat meat, Hyperboreans Frugivores, and much more before taking 4 calls in the bonus third hour.

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Wow this looks good. I eat oil free starched based meals myself. No animal proteins, oil or dairy. I’m 65 and when I was a boy to see an obese person was unusual. These days they are everwhere. When I get on the bus to town it’s more like an flipping ambulance. Obese people, some on crutches or in wheelchairs. I feel like asking them “what have you done to get like this?” Last week I went to my doctor to get a result of my injured knee. There were ten patients in the waiting room. Six of them were obese and the others looked overweight. They wonder why they are sick. I used to eat animal proteins but that along with antibiotics and vaccinations… Read more »

Its also because of the low nutrient density of the biosludge. You eat more because of its deficiency and you then eat more bulk crap like soy which is in it along with all the other toxins. If you eat proper food not only do you eat good stuff but you eat less because of the nutrients in it.

Thanks Juuuuuuice!

I recommend watching Dr. Terry Wahls ted talk.
I feel much better since I stopped eating gluten and grains, I don’t have colds, running nose, mucous, my digestion is a lot better, my psoriasis, arthritis and mental state is better and gets a lot worse when I eat gluten/sugar and don’t take fish oil and vit D,
I was vegetarian and I know factory farming is horrible.
You should check intermittent fasting, it’s the best thing for health and longevity, it turns on autophagy, it kills cancer cells, ketogenic diet has a similar effect too.
After researching and experimenting with diets I would not recommend veganism to our dying race.

Didn’t Terry cut out dairy and eggs? I was going to interview her. She cured her cerebral palsy right?

I gave up eating products with processed sugar and high fructose corn syrup. They are absolute poison. In eight months, I have lost 50 pounds. It has been quite easy, really. Once you get past the first few days, there are no more sugar cravings.

One of the callers mentioned Hal Huggins. It’s definitely worth taking the time to watch one of his presentations. If you have amalgams you are seriously messed up. Get your amalgams removed ASAP.

I’ll look into that Ren. I have a mouth full of mercury and the butchers even removed 4 healthy adult teeth to make room, when i was 10yr old. Also, they started putting fluoride in our water, the year i was born – ’64. Those bloody jews! – i didn’t stand a chance lol.

Just think, people laughed when Sterling Hayden’s character in “Doctor Strangelove” spoke of flouridation as a communist conspiracy.

Quicksilver labs makes the best testing for mercury and the some of the best supplements and detox kits. I have been researching this for a year on and off and am awaiting my own test results. The biggest factor in mercury detoxing is glutathione, which is probably the most important anti-oxidant.

A lot of high fructose corn syrup — which is in damn near everything in the grocery store — has mercury in it!!! Do not eat any product that has HFC in it. It is poison.

I used to do juicing but got fed up with cleaning the juicer. I now use a nutribullet. It’s probably not as good though. I must get juicing again.
An interesting video about a man that did nothing but juicing for sixty days. Fat,sick and nearly dead.

Ketosis explained (as evolutionary construct due to fluctuating environmental conditions, especially within the European environment):

An excellent source of ketone bodies is coconut oil or its MCT derivative (also a vegetarian alternative).

Food! This is a very important topic as every one seems to be pre-occupied with stuffing themselves senseless to assuage some emptiness they feel. Everyone is eating and eating and eating non food ‘stuff’ mindlessly. Well, maybe, not everyone. Some are on their e-phones = mindlessly! The sickness is ‘unconscious existence’……. So, this podcast is very important, and about time, too. The topic is vast and not everything can be crammed in at once. The fastest way to self awareness is to become conscious of the food that we eat and to understand that it produces good and bad results. Everyone is unique and each body is different, so there is no aspirin for all. Self-awareness is vital for a vital life, and all need… Read more »

Very important talk, you guys. Just wanted to alert you to an excellent video called: The Flat Earth : Hidden Secrets found, NASA the end of mankind leaked documents ” A MUST WATCH ”

Here is the lecture on parasites in children with autism and how to cleanse them.

“Forks over Knives: Exciting new documentary which makes the profound claim that most, if not all degenerative disease can be controlled or even reversed, by rejecting animal-based and processed foods. Dr. T. Colin Campbell, Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn and Drs. John McDougall, Neal Barnard, Junshi Chen”.

I’m so messed up with food. I have flip-flopped for 30yrs between veggie high dairy to veggie high carb. Just had a panic watching Weston-Price, and have swapped back from my usual brekkie of: porridge, banana and soya milk for: blueberries, sunflower seeds and half tub of double cream. Is this wrong – will i be doing harm? I’m also doing the Sinead “no chems” on my body thing. I haven’t used shampoo for 3mths, only veg soap on pits&bits! Currently walking around with a greasy, matted bird’s nest on my head, teenage spots ( which i’ve always had! ) coupled with being the same size i was at 18 ( skinny 160lbs @ 6’1 ) and wearing a brace on my slightly crooked teeth… Read more »

Try googling DR John McDougall for plant based advise.

Hey Anthony, let me try and answer your questions the best that I can. With France, we should look at the difference in portion compared to say, Americans. French eat much smaller portions than in the U.S and the French waistline isn’t as pretty as it’s painted out to be. Over the past few years, obesity has become also a rising epidemic. Though France is still far off from it’s American counterpart when it comes to weight. In 2014 a study showed that 16% of France’s population was obese, 46% of the population ate fast food, yet 86% of them thought of their diet as “pretty good”. ( This epidemic is most caused by poor nutrition,stress,lack of sleep and economic state. Also, we need to… Read more »
Thanks for all that information Sinead. You and Kyle make perfect sense with things like the osteo and how we used to get b12 etc. You’re probably right about France too, with (((modern))) lifestyles destroying even their oldest habits & traditions. I’m just perpectually confused with “expert” gurus on YT saying the opposite things. The shampoo thing is just my experimentation with water. We never had deodorants growning up in our family, so i’ve never really used many chemicals. That is probably a generational thing. My hair is still at the “dabbing dry a dirty frying pan swilled with water” stage lol. I’m going to see if it balances out. If not, your suggestion of natural shampoo will be the way to go. PS Great… Read more »

I’ve had a lot of success using baking soda for shampoo and apple cider vinegar rinse. Use 1 T. soda to 1 c. water, wash hair. Use 1 T. ACV to 1 c. water for a pH balancing rinse.

I agree Sinead. Dont forget in France many people drink wine with their meals so the preponderance of heart attacks is lower in France. Also in white nations like Russia vodka is consumed a lot, and horivka in Ukraine. Alcoholism is huge in Russia, and i believe there is a jewish agenda to destroy white males through alcoholism. White blonde aryans are most prone to this . I am fair with greenish eyes and enjoy whiskey and bourbon sometimes. Germans and czechs love beer thus many in those nations have pot bellies. Interesting would be good to study alcohol and its effect on white people !

Also, there are chemical free shampoos you can use. I still wash my hair! lol But it’s good to do it every few days so your natural oils can do their thing.

Sinead there are great natural dry shampoo recipes. I only wet shampoo once a week but dry shampoo 3-4 times as needed.

I suspect our ancestors sprouted all their grains nuts seeds & legumes. Also veg & fruit that wasn’t eaten fresh was probiotically cultured & stored raw. Potatoes however are best cooked for sure.

Another difference with France is they walk more and drive less than Americans. Friends went to Paris about 10 years ago and noticed no one was fat. They also noticed most French people people walking and riding bikes. I don’t know how much that’s changed though with the recent immigrant invasion.

I commented on here earlier but it seems to have disapeared.
How weird.
Good talk though. I eat plant based myself and have improved my health.

Good show, but no mention of John Rose?! Not only is he a raw-vegan juicing expert but he’s Jew-wise.

Excellent show! You mentioned teeth and that you could do a whole show on the subject. I would be very interested to know what you think. By the way, I have been doing oil pulling for almost three years – 2 years, 8 months, 16 days – thanks “days since” app :), and I can confirm I think it is very, very beneficial. 1) I have a few mercury fillings. As soon as I can afford it, I plan on removing them. But I don’t know if I should just leave them open and work on rebuilding/regenerating my teeth naturally, or if I have to fill them with the possibly less toxic modern fillings. What would you suggest? 2) I have a tooth with a… Read more »

Oh, by the way, and I also don’t use tooth paste anymore, and haven’t used any for the past three years. I brush my teeth with activated charcoal 🙂

Look into vitamin K2, if you haven’t already. It is so vital for healthy bones and teeth.

Thank you Renny, no I haven’t looked into that, so I definitely will do 🙂

great show kyle. I read a book about healing your teeth and they recommended Green Pasture’s X-factor gold (concentrated butter oil) and Blue Ice (fermented cod liver oil). I started taking them and my teeth got much better. I would love to hear your thoughts on teeth in general and if there is a way to do this the vegetarian way? Keep up the good work!

Coffee is toxic as well as being of tropical origin. It is not for our people. Tea if anything is more suitable to our constitution and our geography. I urge others to look into macrobiotics and the study of yin yang. It has been said that Hilter was macrobiotic. The macrobiotic way of life is in alignment with Taoism and National Socialism. I was very fortunate to be raised macrobiotic. In Greek, macro means big or great and biotic means concerning life, so the word refers to the “big view of life.” This meaning suggests that we should relax our small, rigid views of the world so that the underlying unity of nature can be sensed. The word macrobiotic was originally used in literature by… Read more »

Macro actually means “long” it has been warped through translation.