The Solar Storm: Joshua Bonehill (2-1-15)


Kyle’s guest is Joshua Bonehill, a nationalist, socialist, and fascist from Great Britain. In his journey of awakening and activism, he has been a member of the Conservative Party and UKIP, founded Stand Strong UK in response to the Lee Rigby murder, created Daily Bale News as an alternative news outlet dedicated to exposing the Left-wing, recently joined National Action, and is organizing the Liberate Stamford Hill demonstration for March 22nd. Joshua has been arrested on multiple occasions and is facing a 10 year sentence if he loses his case in Crown Court.

NOTE: Drew has recently produced this video about Joshua Bonehill, which is worth your consideration.

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9 years ago

Hi Kyle. GREAT show. Only 22 years old, very inspiring. I too think 2015 is a very important year. Re: Hellstorm. I saw your reply to me, you said you’d got someone lined up, but I thought Id let you know, Ive had a reply from Patrick AKA Snordster. (Remember, he’s a pro and has a pro studio, he may be able to assist in many ways ) It came into my ‘social’ box in Gmail, I seldom look in there, it arrived Jan 7: “Hey there BB… I am always interested in redressing the wrongs of the past and would definitely look to assisting the Renegade Broadcasting effort. My email addy is Cheers Patrick” So there you go. I’ll reply and tell him… Read more »

9 years ago

PS : Looks like the enquiry into VIPaedos /Torah-paedos may be torpedoed: JEW deputy children’s commissioner Sue Berelowitz in the running to chair Thereasa May’s belated inquiry Campaigners fear those involved in an alleged paedophile ring cover-up might take their secrets to their graves before they can ever give evidence. Those fears were stoked by the death last month of former Home Secretary JEW (alleged paedo) Lord/Sir/Baron Leon Brittan from cancer. (or did he “FLEE” to a certain middle-eastern bolt-hole?) See also JEW Lord/Sir/Baron Greville Janner, anal raper of boys, suddenly developed “dementia” and cant stand trial) Friend of JEW sssnake Uri Gellar. See also JEW Lord/Sir Baron Keith Joseph, whose WIKI page has been scrubbed of “Alleged Sexual Misconduct” since I started copypasting it… Read more »

9 years ago

I have a suggestion for show theme; one of the best kept secrets of WW2 history – Operation Thunderstorm (Groza) or Stalins carefully planned agression of Central and Western Europe. To those who say there are no evidence for that – you can search memoirs of german generals, who participated in Operation Barbarossa, Hitler’s private speeches for reason invading USSR or maybe historic books of ex soviet military intelligence officer, who escaped to the West in Cold War days and soviet government senteced him to death for treason. I am talking of cource about Viktor Rezun better know by his pen name Viktor Suvorov and his excellent books “Icebreaker”, “Day M”, “Suicide”or “Last Republic” where he meticulously exposed soviet world domination plans, using logic, facts… Read more »

Chris Taylor
9 years ago
9 years ago

Relevant? A pro voice-over artist offering to help out on a doc Kyle is making?
Details of VIPaedos as discussed in the fucking interview?

No, completely irrelevant.
Please send me your e-mail so I can run any comments by you in future before I post them, so you can check them for relevance.
Yours, humbled, crushed, admonished.
Destroyed by a simple word.

9 years ago

oops, looks like I jumped the gun:
I didnt see your link and thought your comment was aimed at me.
Sorry Chris .
My apologies.

9 years ago

Bonehill sounds confident because it is an act, it is not from the heart, just as the transcript provided by Chris Taylor. He is playing a youthful, stupid, attention seeking game. This march is being broadcast by the media so much because it will be: 1) Good for the Jews – This will allow them an opportunity to unlease more victimhood propaganda and is a very convenient excuse for the government to bring in new powers which will allow them the discretion to ban rights of assembly and protest. 2) Allow antifa to claim a victory – Unless something serious happens the amount of people going to this event will be minimal. It will be 10’s of people vs 1000’s of antifa and tag alongs… Read more »

9 years ago

Google: British Nationalism Reborn 2015: JOSHUA BONEHILL National British Resistance

9 years ago

Very proud of this young man. At last someone in the old Albion is calling things by their proper name. I wish him the best in the world. If he gets out of that mess please, have him back on the show again.

Thanks Kyle.

9 years ago

Here’s a video I made: “Who is Joshua Bonehill” –

9 years ago

I agree with Matts comment this is pointless it plays into the Jews hand. Now if 1,000 turned up then great As u must be aware bonehill can’t attend Stamford hill now So even it goes ahead lucky to get 100 attending I don’t trust bonehill one bit I can’t believe people can’t see through his crap. When I started we had John Tyndall youngsters these days haven’t they’ve got no one oh sorry they got bonehill God help us. Drew has done a good video bout bonehill well done apparently renegade are anti white says Bonehill

9 years ago

The so-called Lee Rigby beheading was, like London’s 7/7, an inside job. Anyone interested could look up Chris although this site gets hacked and you might get a rude message. In this case go through his fb account : Christopher D Spivey . Anyone who accepts the official line is, in my opinion, suspect!

9 years ago

Not only was the Rigby “beheading” faked – these recent anti-jew “shootings” are as well. This is all theater for the dumbest of the dumb who still watch TV and believe it – even though these things have been soundly debunked. Also, this “movement” is very heavily infiltrated. Reminds me a lot of Hal Turner. Well, the jews cloned the fuck out of Hal Turner and they are crawling around like maggots all throughout the alternative media. The jews are very concerned that people are waking up now. They need to redirect that rage and use it to their advantage. And that is what they are doing. They also need to disarm civilians and eliminate free speech – those things are paramount to the imposition… Read more »

9 years ago

Oops! maybe I spoke a bit too fast 🙂 So this young guy seems to be a bit phony:

Great video indeed.

John Smith
8 years ago

I have never read such crap in my life. You all need psychiatric help. The reason for your failures is because you are all delusional idiots.

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