The Solar Storm: Krampus and the Child Killing Cults (12-18-16)

Kyle does a special episode away from Renegade studios about Miley Cyrus’s BB talk music video and how it relates to PizzaGate, kidnapping Krampus and his counterparts, such as Pan and Dionysus, and how fertility and nature gods do not need to be dark and demented. Many interesting connections are revealed. Also discussed is how we need to stop these vampires from ruining our world.  A call from Patrick is taken.

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Ingrid B
7 years ago

Not sure if you know this. Someone on Whoolis chat left a link a couple of weeks ago to a blog, which turned out to belong to Shaun down under. I read the comments after one post, and not one was about the post in question, they were, rather, a discussion about Kyle and Sinead, not very flattering. I have listened to a few renegade briadcasts on Mamis, and Whooli`s, read some comments on renegade, and have not once seen, or heard, anythging negative about Shaun.. Apparently Shaun abd Shield Maiden are an item. She is going down under to be with Shaun. Left her a few words of advice in a comment, needless to say it was not published..

Reply to  Ingrid B
7 years ago

Still fanning the fucking flames, are you? Shaun was right, what a fucking troublemaker you are!! I think Kyle and Sinead should fucking ban YOU instead of them banning everybody left and right that doesnt agree with them!
Ingrid B you are nothing but a fucking Jew piece of shit, everything Shaun said about you on his latest show is absolutely true, your comment is proof!

fuck this, im done with renegade

Reply to  Paula
7 years ago

Wow! Over-react much?! I didn’t think Ingrid’s comment was THAT inflammatory. In fact it’s very mild compared to some of the comments on Surplus’ blog! Oh well bye bye. Oh hang on… I think you said that before and came back… 😮

Reply to  Paula
7 years ago

This show is about our children being tortured and killed and you write about your ridiculous infights?

Reply to  Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen
7 years ago

Unfortunately Charlotte, you’ll always get these “not very bright” listeners tagging along for the ride. Fortunately though the majority aren’t like that. Even though this Paula person follows Charles around like a little puppy she’s pretty obviously just as much a mindless dupe, if not more, than those Charles speaks about! Must be horrible to live in such a deluded state. She has often made similar comments to the above & then goes running off to Surplus’ blog to tell tales about what others are saying. Very immature… very sad…

7 years ago

Thank you for a very good show Kyle… and Patrick

7 years ago

Associating Pennsylvania with Transylvania is probably not a good lead. There’s nothing vampiric about Transilvania. That was just the setting chosen by Stoker to mix the historical Vlad Tepeș (the impaler) with the story of Countess of Bathory. She allegedly drained the blood of maidens and bathed in it, so that she would retain her youth. However, there is nothing of the kind associated with the region from stories and legends.

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