Solar Storm: Kyle and Sinead Shooting the Shill (4-14-19)

Kyle and Sinead discuss a whole range of topics relating to current events, dealing with the stomach flu, body building vs athletics, the fang gang pushing “sexy” vampirism to children, and much more. Just listen to find out.

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Great show you guys. Definitely made my shift last night much more bearable.


Sorry to hear that you were all not well . In my opinion and based upon what I have learned, there is no such thing as “stomach flu”. Most likely you were all having a reaction to contaminated food. Washing raw vegetables in colloidal silver helps eliminate the possibility.

The weird thing is, that other people around us are getting the same thing but we didn’t eat the same food.


What was the weather like when the “stomach flu” started? I recurringly experience strange synchronic bouts of gastric flu myself and in my surrounding since a few years. More often than not this condition is accopanied by mild symtoms of common cold and happenes when it is raining, also when I was not outside.
IBS also seems to be a new Volkskrankheit (widespread disease), besides panic attacs, burnout and depression. I can’t help feeling that these conditions might be induced. It feels strangely unnatural.

It was actually quite nice out. I’m sure there were still chemtrails though.


The physical symptoms to me feel like probably being induced by chemtrails, coming down with the rain. The mental issues to me appear to be induced by radiation. I know that this totally sounds tin foil hat like, but my intuition is above linear materialistic thinking.
Someone lately ridiculed chemtrails by asking why would they bother to make such an effort when they can simply poison our water and food and I haven’t found a conclusive answer yet.

To block out the sun and starve us of sunlight.


Yes, this might be the case, but then what about the gastric flu and flu symptoms that I intuitively connect with chemtrails? I remember this does not always happen when it’s raining, but always with dark weather, just as if something is in the air at that time. I definitely have the feeling of being poisoned and of course you are at least a “conspiracy theorist” to those who are disconnected from their intuition, if you speak about this perception.


Right along with gun control, there is an equally huge push to control water.
This agenda is not advertised at all compared to the gun control, and is much more covert, stealthy, and is long term warfare.
Control the water, control the food, poison a population overnight or render them infertile in a week.
The possibilites are endless.
Most urban areas have water that is completely controlled, which is very scary.
We already know about the chlorine and flouride…

If you are on city water, did you notice that it was your neighbors who were also sick?


Yes, the possibilities seem endless, but how can you spare the still necessary slaves from becoming sick and infertile, too? I think this is not an easy task to achieve and thus we are confronted with a multitude of complex control systems within the system. Hard times ahead for the elderly and (turned) unproductive slaves, who already have not enough money to buy healthy food and teeth to chew it, let alone necessary food supplements or treatment by natural health professionals.