The Solar Storm: Lore Ley – Summoning the German Spirit (7-2-17)

Kyle speaks to a courageous German woman named Lore Ley about what it’s like to grow up in occupied Germany with all of the indoctrination, the reality of the mass invasion, the persecution of dissidents and the crackdown on hate speech, the spiritual aspects of the struggle, the importance of music, the attack on women and the role of the seeress, the critical role of circumcision in creating heartless predators, and much more.

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How very good to hear from a fellow German Lore! Thank you for taking such a risk for us all. A very good interview, as always Kyle. Your story from India is disturbing, Lore. As there are many Jews hidden among the Indian people this guy sure can be one of them. I would love to know how many western tourists he has exposed to his nonsense. Do you know the web site wide awake gentile? It’s healthy to take the rape stories with a critical mind. You are right, that web sites like Gate Stone or PI use those stories as a tool to spread learned helplessness, fear, shame and anger. This does not mean that all those stories are fake though. We have… Read more »


I agree the Poles were very chauvinistic toward the Ukrainians. Part of ancient Rus Ukraine is under polish occupation. Pilsudski was a great friend of Ukraine and Germany
Sadlly Poland is more chauvinistic and arrogant. This is a jewish gene to have horrible arrogance and egotism !!

Lore Ley

Thank you for your kind words, Elfgard. I am so glad to hear that other German women can relate to the way I see things. You are right to point out that not all rape stories are fake. We have seen quite a few court cases involving rapes by Somalis etc. I once did proper research on the subject, and realised that it was extremely difficult to get hold of reliable information, though. As for the 30 years war, I have a theory, but have not looked into it properly. I studied Calvinism and Luther’s ideas about economy, which might be the real reason for this war. Jews hate Luther with a vengeance, and I suspect it is not only because of his writings against… Read more »


Thank you so much, Lore Ley, for speaking out, for your research about circumcision and I agree with Elfgard: “Thank you for taking such a risk.”

Tristan Kent

It’s enlightening to hear about the low-simmering tension and psychic poisons trying to smother Germany…. The ‘civilized’ Arabs with nice jackets and iphones whom ‘replace’ Whites… Mental molestation.

I recall a Jew, while I worked at a fast-food restaurant years ago, snickering about how “y’know in Germany the holocaust isn’t even in the textbooks…” I asked about it later, totally clueless, and he said, “….Huh?” The same Jew also said “the government controls the weather, huehue” and later denied it.
Stupid huehue laugh included. I though he was joking. A rich brat who the ladies used to call an ‘asshole’ and now is mutually loved by suicidal marxist pansexuals of every race.

Anthony Roberts

Great interview and thank you Lore & Kyle. You are a very brave woman Lore. I hope you can garner enough support to keep fighting, and eventually wake up a majority of your volk! Aryan spirituality and life force will prevail!


Thank you so much Lore. There’s something special about hearing a real German voice (even if it was in English).
Es war sehr wichtig für jemanden wie mich. So weiß ich jetzt das es möglich wäre, Frauen (und Männer) die ich kenne, so sprechen zu hören. Es klingt so normal, und tut einfach gut. Danke!


Ging mir genauso, obwohl ich nicht mit allem übereinstimme, was sie sagt. Aber das war wie aus einem Albtraum aufzuwachen. Gruss aus dem Schwarzwald.

Carolina Addams

I saw a documentary about some tribe in africa that practice circumcision and they said that they do it to make their males “cruel”.


Now that I listened a second time, there are a couple of things I would like to add from my perspective. I live in Baden-Wuerttemberg (BW), the most populated of the German countires, that even before the invasion had a large muslim population. It is also one of the most well-off countries and hence took in an unproportionate amount of “migrants” (I call them settlers). Officially we are at 29% foreigners in BW as a whole, which seems to little, judgeing from what I encounter every day. I live in a small village in one of the iconic German landscapes, the Black Forest, which is my ancestral as well as my personal home. So my surroundings are different to Lore’s, who I understand lives in… Read more »


Very good points. It is very important for everyone to realize that this invasion of Europeans’ nations is a stealthy part of a more than thousand year agenda of international jewry, using their lackeys, to genocide Europeans, and especially the Germans and the Swedes, as is outlined in great detail in the Coudenhove-Kalergi, Hooten, Morgenthau and B’nai Brith plans.

Churchill said that the war was not to defeat Germany, but to annihilate the German People.

A very brave, elegant, intelligent and eloquent German woman, Ursula Haverbeck, speaks below. She is a hero to all folks who value truth and ‘Othilo’.


Thank you for your kind words. I however do not endorse the Mahler/Stolz/Haverbeck-Trio. They are shills. Do look into their backgrounds, if you want to.

Ryan in London

Do you believe they are put forward in the media to scare Germans away from speaking out? I hadn’t heard this before. Any recommended sources to support this?


It would be interesting to see if Haverbeck actually went to prison. Whether there are photos, maybe someone who visited her.


As I understand it Ursula Haferbeck appealed both verdicts. I did not hear anything about another trial jet. Perhaps others know more.


Still on your revenge crusade, trying to smear Mahler, Stolz and Haverbeck, “Roland”, because they rejected to adopt your “Gaskammertemperatur”-theory, and still using your old moniker “Helene”?


It is too bad that the European love of nature and order is being hijacked by the commie “green” parties, where one has to subscribe to carbon taxes and pansexual otherkin fairy people. A spiritual problem at the core with the Abrahamic death cults convinced pagan fertility cults are evil. Can’t get any more anti-life than having a problem with fertility. I did have an issue with the Poles being “arrogant” comment. No. Jews are arrogant. You can fault Poles for following the money though. After admittance into the European Union, since their economy sucks and borders were opened. Wealthy (((Germans))) and other international elements did buy up most of the industry in Poland as part of the deal. National Socialism would be ideal for… Read more »

Alfred Schaefer

Thanks Teresa for pointing out the arrogant Jews. That is how the parasite alters the perceived characteristics of the host populations. The Jews disguised as Poles incite against the Germans. This behaviour influences real Poles to mimic this behaviour, leading to the impression that the Poles are are all like that. All of us Europeans need to identify and isolate the parasite and regain control over our own destiny.


And thank you Alfred for your tireless and courageous work.


Too true Alfred. I second Titus’s comment.
I no longer ”pray/prey” for anyone or anything, but my thoughts are with you – for all of those who innerstand the problem, and those yet to call out the jew parasite, to remain diligent and faithful to the truth, and to maintain moral standing.


Very good show. Thank you both. In regards to Islamic refugees appearing friendly and normal (adopting iPhones, earbuds, bicycles and smiles,) please be aware of the Islamic doctrine of taqquiya (not sure of spelling.) I have it on good authority that this is just one way they seek to blend in all the while observing and studying the infidel for the time when the mask comes off and they sieze power “for allah.” As far as the German Polish relations go, I think many Poles are still being indoctrinated to see Germany as a defeated aggressor. This is based on conversations I have had with a Polish national woman I once worked with. Their national narrative still sees Germany as an ancient enemy who deserves… Read more »


So I guess the Poles “deserved” what they got from the Russians at Smolensk 1 and Smolensk 2…. Oh well….

Lore Ley

Thank you for pointing this out. Yes, I think national narrative is the key. I believe Poland is used by the Judaeo-Anglo-American Empire to prevent Germany and Russia from getting together. That is their worst fear. Poles hate Russians, too. If Russia and Germany were to take over the Eurasian heartland, this would be the end of the Empire. The German people have no grudges against the Russian people and vice versa, despite all the past trauma on both sides, and there is a lot of sympathy for Putin among the German people. This speech by Friedman was hugely eye-opening for many of us (1:42 onwards):
Looks like Poland is part of the belt to separate Germany and Russia.


Trumps appearance in Poland was well crafted to strengthen the resentments. Part of Merkel’s role is to incite hate against Germany and German self-hatred. She is the one who is seen as the driving force for austerity which starves Greece and of course she flooded Europe with refugees. Although she is only a puppet she really seems to enjoy her role. For me the Friedman speech was an eye opener too, Lore and while Germans who like Putin are unaware of his real role in the game it’s still good to see that there is no hate against Russia. In a way this is a bit irrational but in a good, perhaps a deeper way. “We need to find a to get more Poles to… Read more »


Complete nonsense about jews having any moral high ground even in their own heads. They aren’t remotely concerned with morality. If they forbid animal blood it has solely to do with their ideas of health, nothing whatsoever to do with ethics or morality. But sure they like to use ethics and morality as masks, and why not since so many goys believe them and take them for a pious religious people in the Christian ideas of the term? Once again, this is what you are dealing with when dealing with the jewish people (but of course for “high morality” they wouldn’t want to eat a drop of animal blood): “Nomenclature” (Stockholm, 1982, p. 321): “In Kharkov, people were scalped. In Voronezh, the torture victims were… Read more »

Nick Dean

Hey KH, Hellstorm should get a good few hits from the link at Zerohedge:

ZH often posts articles with obvious racial implications. Linking here the Blacks coming over the safe walls of suburbia with the murder of the Third Reich might be a first, tho.

Very open comments policy as well, where Jews are often called out.


Thomas Goodrich has a new book coming out about Japan and WWII. I used to be a big fan of Goodrich, but since he hopped on the Trump train with gusto, I’ve pretty much written him off. How someone as jew-wise as he is could support the piece of filth Donald Drumpf (a fucking jew) is staggering.

Here, below, is a link to the last video from Horst Mahler. The page is in German, but the lower video-window plays the English-version.

BTW, the lawyer defending Ernst Zundel, Sylvia Stolz, was also sent to prison by the German court for defending Zundel. The court said that the truth was no defence.


Interesting book to read…Hitler’s Table Talk 1941 – 1944

I would like to known how the average cop in Germany feels about dealing with these invaders, and how they feel or think about oppressing their own people.


The Police in Germany are selected based upon criteria chosen by the Occupying Countries. They are thoroughly indoctrinated and servile to the jewish power structure. Otherwise they would not be doing that job. Certainly everyone needs to support themselves. But, trading your honor for a paycheck? Really?


Terrific, honest summaries from Lore. Thank you for acknowledging that women also bear their share of the responsibility for the betterment of our people. This is rarely touched upon, so thank you so much for raising awareness of this.

As a Southern Man living for many decades in the (((BRD))), illegal construct by the occupying (((All Lies))), I would like to inform everyone of a group, here in Germany, which is working to overthrow the occupiers and re-activate the still-legal, but dis-empowered, German government.

I link below a translation of an introductory and explanatory article from the website of this group, ‘Einiges Deutschland’, United Germany:


Will Lore Ley be back soon? I very much appreciated and enjoyed this “show” (quot. marks bec. neg. con. in German 😉 )!


Thank you for this interview. I do not support the bits about Horst Mahler, but a lot of what she said gave me a great deal of relief. Danke Lore.


Interesting show for its slightly different perspective of one aspect of Germany’s predicament. I assume the guest’s name is a composite similar-sounding with to protect her identity. I recall German work colleagues 15+ years ago complaining the local Turks were “too ready with the knife”, that coupled with the many videos I’ve seen makes me sceptical there’s been any move since to rainbows and puppy dogs – though distortion of statistics to foment a Xian/Muslim social cataclysm wouldn’t be beyond the Usual Suspects. Agree with commenter that the Indian Brahmin (ascended master and street shitter presumably) sounds highly suspect, here’s one obvious info source (item #6 and no, the page isn’t complete and omits one booklet). Guest didn’t seem to know of Leni… Read more »


Great guest enjoyed the show…

Another thing along with male genital mutilation that one should look into is the “pollution” of a woman’s DNA by random sex. There was a good reason a virgin was revered and why satanist target them.

It literally is genetic destruction by “natural” indoctrination.

The Jews love Hindu gobbledegook because there is no right or wrong no single truth belief or right answer. You can make it all up and be a ‘shaman’. Many Jews for ages have played in that part of the world pushing Kabbalist mush


But Satan refers to Truth, so why are you using the hijacked jewish version of the word as a kind of mighty adversary? Jews are enemies of truth and life, hence Satan being their ultimate adversary makes perfect sense. But what are you doing?


You sow confusion and why words/meaning are being destroyed/hijacked.

Call me a traditionalist and the meaning is in that vein.

It’s like the Tower of Babel how can we resist when words mean nothing or the opposite?

It’s why most adults are impervious to deprogramming… I say bad you think good