The Solar Storm: Making It Rain & Feasting on Fear (9-10-17)

Kyle talks about the extensive history of cloud seeding, Kurt Vonnegut’s brother being a pioneer in the field and inspiring the story Cat’s Cradle, and how more advanced techniques based on Tesla technology appear to be in play today. Then he discusses how “It” and fomenting fear ties into the weather warfare agenda of the jew world order. John Smith also calls in. Note: Kyle’s power went out at the very same second the show ended, which is why it was posted a day late.

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Best wishes, hope you guys are ok !


hoping your all okay & the cats… here’s a Link to the monsoon caused in Vietnam operation

Anthony Roberts

Good to hear you are fighting fit Kyle, and there isn’t too much damage. I also foresee these ongoing jew-made episodes from now on. Hollywood on tour. Every couple of weeks, an environmental disaster followed by a “terrorist” hoax/ff event soon after. What don’t the b’s have control of at this point?

PS As well as a generator (for this week’s earthquake), buy a small camp stove that take the individual butane canisters. That hot cup of coffee in the cold and dark could make all the difference.


welcome back friend

Ghost Man 0\' War

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One way to see if there was deliberate weather manipulation would be to check market movements on insurance companies before anything was known about the Hurricane.

Ghost Man 0\' War

My blonde curly haired 21 year old son was killed 5 years ago by this system. His big brother, now close to thirty went to football combine and out of 2300 choice athletes of the nation he was 17th fastest in the 100 and 7 in the 20. Free safety all state. 8 interceptions, 6 A football, playing the likes of Jenks, Union, usually out of 1600 h.s. they’re ranked in the top 5 consistently. Anyway, after 8 interceptions in first 4 games with 3 runbacks for six after the pick, the defensive scouting crew did a good job because ALL season NOT one more pass was thrown to his side of he field. He was poised to be top rated defensive player in the… Read more »

The series “Firefly” was meant to go for 7 seasons, but it was axed due to “poor ratings” (actually it was too politically incorrect). The movie “Serenity” followed the series but didn’t quite have the impact unless you saw the series Firefly before it. Firefly was inspired by a previous Low Budget series called “Blake’s 7” that aired in the late 70’s to early 80’s in the UK, Australia and New Zealand and was written by Terry Nation, the creator of the original “Dr Who” series. He employed trusted writers to write individual episodes to keep the series and the theme going, but like Firefly, it too was systematically Axed by those BBC CEO’s higher up influencing the writers (and who could write: “Roj Blake”… Read more »

Just an end-note to what I wrote above:

“They only once more depicted this Star of David in series 3 episode 3 and it was never to be seen again. < There are no coincidences."

3 + 3 .. , guess what that episode was called ? "Volcano" ! A group of people who believed that mankind could go no further with Technology and all thoughts of conflict are due to the "animal within us". Unfortunately for those "Peace Puppets", they too became extinct because of their own allegiance to an insane idea of how to bring about "Peace" (sounds like the UN, doesn't it ?). Yes, we must persevere ..


‘ere you go all

Seaon 3 episode 3 “Volcano” grab your popcorn and enjoy.


LeL I remember Blakes 7. Just you wait they will do a remake and make it even worse.

Just retrying an image upload:


Excellent show, it does seem odd these storms. There is something I feel in my waters that there is something off about all of this, especially since the decrepit stinking kike rothschild popped up on the scene, thinking he is some kind of god.