The Solar Storm: Matthew North – Puppet Masters of the Right (12-10-17)

Kyle speaks to Matthew North about his youtube channel, his awakening to jewish power and the war on whites, right-wing controlled opposition and the jewish mafia, Donald Trump and the “Russian” connection, the obvious shilling of the alt right and more.

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Anthony Roberts

Trump, the tranny-loving jew puppet, is now calling out jewish media outlets for fake reporting lol. This jew-ality runs through every aspect of our lives – inc the christard v mussies show. It’s just good cop – bad cop. Trouble is, having been around arabs most of my life, they are not our friends. Their “jewish given” mind virus is even more virulent and dangerous; and easily controlled by the chosen.

PS Great to hear a young person like Matthew cutting through all the gov’t & nationalist bs! These are the people we need on board. Thank you both.


Now “the Goy knows” that David Duke is full of poop…


I rarely catch Duke’s show any more because it’s the same old bitching about how we could never get away with the hypocrisy that Jews get away with. Pretty much the same thing conservative media (controlled opposition) says about liberal media. But to be fair I wanted to hear him in full context so I went through his archives. Man has he drunk the Kool Aid! Or as Kyle would say high on the Hopium. It’s so obvious that Trump supports making Jerusalem the capital of Israel for religious reasons; whether he actually believes or is just sympathetic to the cause. Not only are his children married to them but his VP is a Christian Zionist and his lawyer (Jay Sekulow) is a Messianic Jew… Read more »


That was a funny clip. Will have to listen to some more of it for laughs.

The controlled opposition must be making bets with each other to see how ridiculous they can get without getting called out.

Vindaloo Mandeep

On Millennial Woes latest podcast with Eli Mosley; Mosley clearly states he wishes to see ‘Communism for White people’.

Woes is taken aback briefly by Eli’s honest glib tongue, then he laughs hysterically, as if secretly delighting in this concept.

The Alt Right and Operation Homefront are clear communist organizations, with ties to Russia, such as Spencer’s ugly wife and their love of Putin’s ‘Rasputin’.

Communism is a horrific ideology, which is antithetical to Natural Law.

While the anti-Zionist Yewes, “true torah jews,” (for which there is no such thing) denounce the *apparent* actions of a rouge “state” (Israel; which never previously existed and nor did “Jerusalem” till after the “Dark Ages”, there is no “Holy Land”), they approve of: ,, “the Reason why it was created”, just as much as Iran and Syria do, since they are, part of the same club (“Sykes–Picot Agreement”) > The United Nations, shows its impotence (and why it too was created) by merely documenting the violations (to give Popularity and Publish written and spoken lip service) with the ongoing Clown Act (Zohar) and beg for your Donations (preying on your kindness) to its various branches (eg: UNHCR etc) both Mentally and Economically. The basic… Read more »


The ICBMs that threaten to blow us all up if we don’t hug-a-jew and thank them for saving us by ursury, stripping away our wealth and heritage, and genocide? Oh the improbable and definite likelihood that israel does not have any weapons or power of the sort and use animal psychology to scare everyone, because TV BE REAL N’SHEET!. BTW, rhetorical question: how can you have a nuclear suitcase bomb, if it takes an accelerating mass to collide with some uranium at light speed to stick to it thus making it (somehow) atomically unstable and then go *pop*? P.S. how would you accelerate something to lightspeed over the distance of a suitcase? P.S.S. How would you accelerate anything to lightspeed? Also, given that nuke power… Read more »


The openly proposed mechanisms for nukes may be bunk but a capacitor has more destructive force in it than any other thing known to man. It’s the actual application of electrical force that dictates how it functions.

I could see suitcase size devices that utilize electrical resonance and coupling with the ionosphere to force a massive electrical discharge from the upper atmosphere. “Synthetic” lightening discharges. The whole super collider thing is nonsense for those who haven’t studied electrical phenomena. It’s a way to steal money and they’re using that operation for something else. The cern thing is probably very bad for Europe.


@Hermit Yes I think nukes are a cover up for some other tech probably Tesla\Schauberger category that they have. Like the California fires that only burned houses and cars, and left everything else untouched… how the hell does that work? Heat does not work like that.

Reuters: “Putin walsisi will sign an agreement today (11th Dec 2017) to start working at the station flava Egypt and provide it with nuclear fuel rods”.


Alleged Antifa operations manual found –

Notice how that DinJew Niuffin manual, from page one, tries to pull off their signature Flip the Script & Project, 180 degree reality inversion gambit…. every DinJew-orchestrated plague foisted on humanity through history, projected onto Whitey… /rolleyes


[sarcasm] It’s not possible for the jew to be mean because they never run around with flaming swords, killing people, screaming and in front of your face. Unless they are doing that specific thing, they are really making us healthier, wealthier and enhancing our ability to be creative. [/sarcasm]

John from Canada

David Duke is a shill. Notice how he always reminds his audience that white people elected Donald Trump to represent their interests. He’s not really trying to convince real WN that Trump is good for us. We can all see that Trump is kosher. Duke’s audience is the mainstream. The people who read about Duke endorsing Trump in the mainstream press and then come to the conclusion that Trump is an awful white supremacist. This is how Jews conceal their power from the left. By branding their goy puppet as a rich asshole, a bible thumping hypocrite or some other negative stereotype that the left has been taught to hate. Trump triggers the left with racist and sexist comments. And the left responds with predictable… Read more »


Great show, good guest. Also:



Notice no ornamental prefixes or suffixes.

Vindaloo Mandeep

I just spotted the term “white communist” in another Daily Stormer article (cops having sex with hookers in Michigan). Eli Mosley has used it and now the Stormer is using it.

This is how they start introducing ideas and popularizing a term within the movement.

White Communism… you will now start to see it slowly creep in.

Now, why do Richard Spencer, Eli Mosley and Anglin wish to popularize White Communism within the Identitarian movement?

mystic mac

Anglin often talks about the need for a universal basic income which sounds pretty much like communism. I’ve seen top jews such as Sorros and Zuckerberg advocate for such a thing. To pay for everyone to get 30k a year for doing nothing, your taxes will probably be like 90%. You’ll almost completely rely on the government to give you money. Combine that with wide open borders.


Idenititarian movement? You mean pro-White movement surely? You have become a victim to “term popularization” even as you warn us about it.

The anti-White subversive brigade will always try to present an image of White nationalism that is unpalatable to the vast majority of Whites. Even ones who are heavily leaning in the WN direction. It’s a powerful strategy that’s hard to combat without constant vigilance and calling out the shills.

mystic mac

Its weird that people are pretending that Faith Goldy is white and that she can be a representative of white nationalism. She looks like a mulatto and is almost as dark as Prince Harry’s half black fiance.


Well you are retarded! She is white. Ukrainian and greek ancestry looks a little italian. The greek gives her the mediterranean look. Ukrainians are mostly fairhaired and have light eyes!!
All white people do not have blonde or redhair dumkopf!

mystic mac

Not all Italians and Greeks are white assgard. That mediterranean look you are referring to in her is arab dna.

Bita Hunt

Great show with a great guest. The Alt. Right is nothing more than inverted Leftism and definitely manufactured. Its purpose is to create an environment with racial tension therefore pulling off their goal of a race war against Whites where Whites will be bullied into miscegenation. It’s all about blood and it always has been.

mystic mac

I would be curious Renegade’s thoughts on ‘cultured thug’. He’s a big fan of Hitler and natsoc, but advocates that multi ethnic fascism is the only option for America at this point and that it can work. He has a video ‘CT Rants: Q & A : Preserving Race in a Multi-Racial Society’.


He’s more into Italian Fascism than anything. Have you seen his bad rant videos where he gets drunk? In his post-Charlottesville rant video, he refers to Renegade as the “Pagan Daily Stormer”. So, yeah…

mystic mac

The pagan daily stormer? I’ve never once seen Renegade use the term ‘basketball Americans’ when referring to black people.

I just wonder if he’s right, if an Italian Fascism scenario is a more feasable goal for America than national socialism. Obviously natsoc is better, but tens of millions of people will have to have their lives ruined and also be killed to make that happen.


Hundreds of millions of Whites are having their lives ruined by diversity as it stands now.