The Solar Storm: Matthew North – Strategic Sensationalism in Kosher Politics (1-7-18)

Kyle talks to Matthew North about current events, presenting a bigger picture perspective on: Fire and Fury, Steven Bannon as a liability who needed distance, SCL Group’s psy ops, election interference and controlled uprisings, Ukraine, Iran, and more. Rollie, Patrick, and Greg call in at the end.

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That cartoon captures the disgusting absurdity of it all. WWE: money, drugs, child rapists, homo’s, power and belly fat!

Fodder-filth on “their” left & right to fill all jew tv and soc media – for the slightly decerning, intellectual Kardash viewer.

Meanwhile Home burns: drugs, gangs, b on W violence, societal breakdown, invasion and jews quietly putting their chess pieces in place for war, sm crash, and a cashless rebirth for one world governance.

PS Thanks Kyle & Matthew. You present the simple truth and outcome of all this jew theatre. Much needed for our folk.

You lot make me laugh. yulia tymoshenko being an innocent young woman? She’s as Kosher Nostra as it gets; Jewish herself (not speculative)and as corrupt as everyone in power in the Ukraine.
And as for her hairstyle, it’s a very traditional way of wearing the hair in this area (there’s even an name for it which escapes me) and dates back hundreds of years before any star war movies… it gets all a bit too speculative on here, let’s be consicely if we want to be taken serious as one of your former guest put in great words

That’s why I said ” innocent as far as the public was concerned”. Yes both sides are Jewish controlled.

Swiss Tony: Renegade deals in facts. We also think and allow ourselves to speculate on the many “Leias” of jew deception.

If you read Reichorn’s speech of 53 Prague, he says we will be a light to the world (as per the lunatic Old Testicalment) and “illuminate” mankind. hahaha This was just after he spoke of killing off all the whites. Wow, how “enlightening” AND Illuminating. And there he stood in his goat ringlets around his ears and black shit hat and Kaftain. Wow. Bobby Fischer said it best. “..there were no gas chambers.” ahahhaha Great show, yet again.

Hagee the wad says, “…we will be the anti semites of the worlds worst nightmare…blah blah blah…let’s here it for the Jewish peoooople. haahhaha What a filthy pig that bastard is. ahahahahah Yahweh’s groom of the stool would be an upgrade. He said, “How can the Jews be blame for not accepting him when he didn’t come to earth to be the messiah, blah blah blah….” I thought….”WTF is going on? Is this a frothing nightmare I’m having?” Nope, it was on tv one Sunday morning when I woke up on the couch on the same tv channel I fell asleep watching the night before after coming in from a party and fell asleep watching Godzilla vs. Mech-Mothra or some such. Gidera vs Super King… Read more »