The Solar Storm: Eric Hunt & Seana Fenner – May Day (5-1-16)


In the first hour Kyle speaks to Eric Hunt about his new documentary Questioning the Holocaust and the state of the revisionist struggle. In the second hour Kyle speaks to Seana Fenner of Odinia about her thoughts on the worker’s Reich and what May Day really means to our folk.

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THE MEDIA WITNESS Understanding how the media weapon is used is absolutely vital. This is particularly true of the “Holocaust”. The media weapon can and does lie. The media weapon created and supports lies on an industrial scale. The holy-hoax isn’t the only “Public Myth” being pushed. The various mass-shootings that are used to justify civilian disarmament and the tearing down of cultural icons such as the Confederate Flag have left unmistakable fingerprints of deception. These methods are being used as a weapon against us all. The media puts an experience into words and pictures for those who were not there. The media employs technology as a surrogate for an absent audience. The key term is “Absent Audience”. You weren’t there. You don’t “really” know.… Read more »
A particularly despicable and instructive example of the nature of how Media Witnessing is used as a weapon can be found contained in the content of interviews conducted for the Video Archive for Holocaust Testimonies at Yale University. The project was first undertaken in1979 in New Haven, Connecticut by Dori Laub, a child-survivor and psychiatrist, and Laurel Vlock, a television journalist and documentarian, who premised that the medium of video could be used successfully to document the personal memories of Holocaust witnesses. This was chiefly due to the pressing concern that ‘time is running out and that every survivor has a unique story to tell’ and that ‘the living portraiture of television would add a compassionate, sensitive and EMOTIONAL dimension to the “historical” record’. Recording… Read more »
Watched Questioning today for the first time. This is the best documentary on the subject in some time. I applaud your efforts Eric. I am not sure you did this on purpose BUT it was very effective to repeat certain damning incontrovertible points. Thanks for that. I can feel comfortable sending this ironclad proof to anybody. This works. In a shitty bullshit world that does nothing for truthtellers with talent…My praise is all I have to provide for you. Great Job. Can’t wait for Part 2. Also, checked out Treblinka Hoax and that was near perfect in presentation. Again, Great Job. Side note. This is not directed at Eric, but to others. Greg Johnson the known homosexual recently thought it a good idea to start… Read more »
Link, What are you saying? Do you mean that if “strange things” happen that form patterns – that we should be suspicious? In wartime, if all of a sudden a munition plant “blows up” for “no reason”….and then a vital bridge “falls down” for “no reason”…. and then a key communications center “blows up” for “no reason”….. should we be suspicious? I mean – just because these things might “just happen” to further the enemy agenda….that doesn’t mean we should consider the possibility that they might have been planned events – does it? What if certain voices in the Alt Media all say that everything reported in the (M)ass Media is “True”? That we should “believe it”? Even when many of the reported events “just… Read more »

“Or should we just accept everything and rely on what the (M)Ass Media shows and tells us to think? I’m confused. Please help.”

If you are a homosexual snarky piece of shit from Counter-Currents, then yes. It seems as if that is the ‘serious’ and ‘smart’ thing to do.

OK – so “serious” and “smart” = “Accept what you can’t or haven’t verified”. But only if it comes out of the TV (the TruthBox). And homosexuality isn’t a Sexual Attraction Disorder. Thx.

Johnson wants the restoration of Hitler to stop because we have all been so successful in doing that. He wants us to be nicer and ‘just be racist’. ‘He’ is a real hoot.

This was in some ways Eric’s best work to date. He uses a light touch that carries a heavy hit. I actually had a discussion with someone (an older man) a couple months ago whose belief in the Hoax was anchored by these false photos. I wish I had called in because I want to ask Eric if he intentionally held back on explaining why the Allies bombed supply lines going in and out of the camps. The jews were making munitions for the Germans yet no one wants to acknowledge that cutting supply lines, which resulted in starved prisoners, was necessary for the Allies to win the war. Was Eric’s treatment of jewish agency more gentle by design, so that more ‘normies’ would find… Read more »

This was an excellent show! Great job everybody 🙂

Every day that the gods do ,we are flooded with “shoastuff” films ,docus and so on on 24h/24/ 7/7days from French TV and radios : Mr Rotshild has bought all the French medias.French revisionists and Internautes are sent in jail and have their life ruined ..

If the situation was reversed, where you had jews attempting to subvert a White country that they had not yet gained control over – the jews would be arranging strange “car accidents”, “robberies gone bad”, “suicides”, etc. targeted at White journalists who printed the truth. Just based on the facts, it appears that the defeated “hosts” don’t even know what’s going on as they have mounted absolutely no resistance whatsoever to date. Except for a few Controlled Opposition failures. You’ll know when you have a real opposition by the things that happen and the results they obtain.

“Schindler’s List” comes up in the ‘documentary’ section on Netflix

Great show! Always love hearing Seana Fenner talk about our folk and Nordic paganism. Hope she guests again soon!

Another informative and enjoyable show, Kyle. I especially enjoyed the first half with Eric Hunt. Book for today: The Original Mr. Jacobs – A Startling Exposé [1888] by T.T. Timayenis (328 pages) The Original Mr. Jacobs: a Startling Exposé‚ is a book based largely on the two volumes of the epochal work of Douard Drumont, called *La France juive* (The Jewish France), Paris, 1885. The author has paraphrased and supplemented the parts of Drumont’s much longer work that were specially applicable in the United States. “This book deals with facts, and the critic will be forced to acknowledge that the truth, and nothing but the truth, is revealed in every page. This expose is not half as severe as the subject treated of demands. Still,… Read more »

Do you have any evidence Andrew Anglin is funded by the adl, Kyle?

Do you have any evidence Andrew Anglin isn’t funded by the FBI, aaroncalgary? His actions are perfectly in-line with current FBI agendas. He consistently bolsters and argues in favor of the jewish media reporting truthfully. He’s also a mixed-race midget fuck who hates what he can never ever be. Ever.

What are the current FBI agendas? It would be nice to know BEFORE something happens because I am unsure. Help a fellow out here.

Any time a staged atrocity occurs and is reported in the media – Andrew Anglin broadcasts talking points confined to the “official story line”. That is what paid, coached radio hosts do. They don’t question even the most obvious staged events. They don’t get paid to do that. They get paid to promote “talking points” handed to them by the entity writing the checks. It would be a good idea if you familiarized yourself with Hal Turner and his 15 year career as an internet “Andrew Anglin”. I could go ahead and publish hard evidence on Anglin. But that turd would just deny it. That was exactly what Hal Turner did when emails between him and his FBI handler were hacked and made public. All… Read more »

Why would his denying the supposed evidence be a reason not to publish it?

Go back and look at what Hal Turner said when he was outed with hard evidence. Waste of time. BTW, who are you? How about going back to Anglin’s FBI funded site – where you belong….

Renegade Broadcasting fits the profile just as well as Anglin does.

If you think so, that’s something you should take up with Kyle directly. The FACT is that the FBI has been “controlling the opposition” here since day one. That’s simply a FACT. And it’s quite easy to see who the operatives are.

Have you seen Anglin’s old picture that Wyattman in the chat posted?

It is an impossibility that he is a mulatto. He had a long straight head off hippy red hair. He is a potato nigger at best. Not a negro.

Go find a pic of Anglins mother. LOL LOL LOL

He seems like a legend. Making a film of all the things they claim would be amazing, it’d get more and more insane.