The Solar Storm: Mike & Andreas – Creating the Nordic Nation (6-4-17)

Kyle speaks to Mike and Andreas from Radio Nordfront about the origins of the Nordic Resistance Movement, the dire situation in Sweden today, the large marches taking place, media efforts, jewish control, the party platform, ethnic nationalism along with White nationalism, and much more.

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“Our opponents laughed at us in the past, but they laugh no longer.” (Joseph Goebbels, 1932 speech). Great show guys.

All this bitching and whining in the comments makes me wonder, What do you American heroes do except act as professional commentators crying about to mellow this and controlled opposition that? You are defeatist loosers, Create a true oppositional movement that exists outside in the real world, Or shut up.

member of the movement

Well said brother! Hail Victory!

Leif. Renegade has created a true oppositional movement that exists outside the real world by calling out the compromised, traitors, cucks, cryptos, degenerates, agents, retards & combinations of the above mentioned.
One more thing perhaps you should clean your own damn house as small as it is compared to ours over 300 million people here with only a couple of people calling out the enemy & agents in what little free time they have. Must be nice to take weekend bush crafting trips into the mountains & then come here to tell Kyle & Sinead to shut up for exposing your dirty laundry.

Leif, please take your own advice and don’t let “American Heroes” such as Andre Anglin and Mike Enoch (otherwise Feds and open Jews) to be bad examples for your European movements.
I commented on NRM’s website about this before and many agreed.
Look at your own folk for solutions.
Renegade has simply been pointing out the otherwise obvious that many have refused to look into until recently. Renegade doesn’t hold back.
No sacred cows here.

What is the proof of Anglin being a fed? Why does the Jews sue him if he is their guy?

What is the proof of Enoch being a Jew?

If you don’t have any proof of your claims, then you are lying. That in itself is immoral. And it also points towards the conclusion that you don’t want to target Anglin and Enoch’s ideas with arguments of your own. To attack the messenger instead of the message is a Jewsish strategy, and I don’t call you a Jew here – I just say that you behave as bad as the Jews, unless you have proofs of what you claim.

ANGLIN has picked up where Hal Turner left off. ANGLIN is doing exactly what Hal Turner used to do. ANGLIN is personally associated with KNON FBI INFORMANTS. Do you happen to remember Hal Turner? For YEARS, Turner was a PAID INFORMANT and PROVOCATEUR in the employ of the FBI. His assignment was to bait people with incendiary rhetoric – and flip info on anyone who may have gotten too likely to take action as a result. The FBI credits Turner and his INTERNET PRESENCE for identifying a vast number of “extremists” – many of whom were arrested for various things.

Could you specifiy what “known FBI informants” Anglin personally is associated with or is it just another “truth” to be accepted without any proof what so ever?

Why are you not doing your own research before you call people liars? Anglin is a disaster for any white movement that does not distance itself. Look at his political agenda. Then, if that is not enough do your own work and look into the background. You are not forced to believe if you do your homework. I don’t believe but take suggestions serious and research as good as I can bevor I form my opinion. Renegade was so often right that it’s worth to look into the things they say

Anglin’s FBI INFORMANT ASSOCIATES: Sure I’d be more than happy provide you with some IRREFUTABLE PROOF. Observe this video entitled “John Crackhead Informant Martinson, Jr. and Hutaree Militia” The video CLEARLY shows MIKE DELANEY’S CLOSE ASSOCIATE working with the FBI as an INFORMANT pretending to be “training” with the Hutaree Militia. Martinson was present along with FBI AGENT STEPHEN HAUG. As we all know, MIKE DELANEY is joined at the hip with ANGLIN. How many KNOWN FBI INFORMANTS do YOU hand out with? How many KNOWN FBI INFORMANTS do YOU have as PERSONAL FRIENDS? ANGLIN is being handled by the FBI and is acting as CONTROLLED OPPOSITION. ANGLIN, DELANEY, MARTINSON, SCOTT ROBERTS… and others. ANGLIN’S “JOB” is to reinforce the “veracity” of every single… Read more »

But calling women (as Anglin and friends do), even white women, ‘animals’ is just so aryan.


“Why does the Jews sue him if he is their guy?”

Andrew Anglin is ‘controlled opposition’. Jew A will sue Jew B to achieve the pre-determined outcome.

Read the SPLC;

“Andrew Anglin knew he had an online army primed to attack with the click of a mouse,” said SPLC President Richard Cohen. “We intend to hold him accountable for the suffering he has caused Ms. Gersh and to send a strong message to those who use their online platforms as weapons of intimidation.”

The lawsuit is similar to litigation the SPLC has used to win crushing court judgments against 10 major white supremacist organizations and 50 individuals who led them or participated in violent acts. The legal strategy, however, has been adapted for the digital age.

The SPLC lawsuit is a win/win for the KIKES. They will likely win significant damages from the mixed-race midget Anglin … AND … the whole debacle serves to bolster the little FED INFORMANT”S “street cred” among idiots. One isolated KIKE LAWSUIT does not erase the fact that Anglin is a follow up stooge replacement for Hal Turner.

I’m sorry, but that answer at the end was just pathetic. “I hope he will fulfill some of his promises still.” After he JUST said that Trump completely lied to everyone. If these are the “awakened ones” who are supposed to lead a resistance that will actually give the death blow to the jew world order, than we are royally fucked. How can people be this fucking stupid this late in the game?

You are being unfair here. A bad person doing good things for white people doesn’t make those actions or changes bad. I do not trust Trump for a second but i can appreciate actions he takes that messes with the zionist agenda even though that probably isn’t his intentions.

Hey, guess what? Life isn’t “fair”? And,yeah! He’s really “messing with the zionist agenda” by going to israel, putting on a yamacha, and praying at the wailing wall! He’s really “messing with the zionist agenda” by doing NOTHING to stop the influx of invaders, the historical monuments of our past from being taken down, and the continued POISONING of our people. You cannot call yourself NS or Pro White, when you champion the most JEWISH president in history. There is NO excuse for this level of retardation, when we are this late in the game.

they are real opposition

i have follow them they taught he was good before the election like the said in the podcast he talked about globalists and so on, just like you stupid fucking americans who cheerish trump. dailystormer and all of your opposition was and still is. you are the real fake op

Sinead, again you’re jumping to unnecessary and certainly false conclusions (and I’m not talking about Trump here). The Nordic Resistance Movement is for sure one of the best (if not the best) and most potential organization for victory out there.

Bengt, you can’t expect that people just believe that something is good and real because you think it is. Every group, individual and idea has to be vetted again and again. There is so much nonsense going on and we as a race are running out of time. I really think that more information is needed to have a clearer picture of North Front. Fact is that organisations are prone to infiltration and there are organisations that where only build to fool us. Being German I heard much about the opposition groups who worked in the GDR. So many groups and leaders where compromised. Good people where suffering and many destroyed. Today it’s even harder to judge as most activities and individuals are only known… Read more »

I think you’ll need to read the rest of my comments here to understand my point of view. Of course no one should be taken for granted. Vetting is always needed. But the points being argued here is in my opinion quite baseless and farfetched. Especially since those who understands Swedish, (and has followed the organization for years), knows that these more or less unfounded accusations completely contradicts everything that has been ever said or done by the organization. This could have been a great start for Renegades to get to know the Nordic Resistance Movement audience and vice versa, but instead of investigating and asking the right questions, you jump to very poorly made conclusions and starts a full-scale attack.

Anyone who supports Trump is a no for me. There’s just too many red flags to take him or his supporters even half seriously.

WHO is supporting Trump?! Off topic? How about commenting the show instead of talking about Trump?

Trump is a Jew puppet. Anyone who supports him is a shill or too stupid to be taken seriously.

You did not answer my question(s).

Your question was redundant. Read the thread. Listen to the show. Stop asking stupid questions.

Elections aren’t real. Both parties are controlled by the Jew. And Trump was the one they wanted for President.

Trump’s “white racism” is a just a trick to conceal the Jewish racism that will drive his administration. So the left can blame Trump’s Jew wars and tax cuts for Jew billionaires on white people.

All republicans are cut from the same cloth. They pretend to be bible thumpers or arrogant rich assholes because that is what the left hates.

As long as Trump is hated for saying things that sound “racist” and gets support from shills like Andrew Anglin, David Duke and other phonies the Jew is safe from criticism.

In case you didn’t notice, he didn’t actually mean that very serious…

They are NOT leading the resistance, they have a radio show.

Maybe you should ask yourself the last question in your comment.

So should we not take seriously all the other things he said? He certainly didn’t have a joking tone. But then again, these guys lacked any fluctuation to their vocal tone.

What other things? He said he “hopes he will fulfill some of his promises, SO THAT HE CAN SATISFY HIS OWN NARCISSISM”. He actually did have a joking tone saying this, despite the fact that it would be superflous, considering the words used.

American is not their first language, at least TRY to remember that…

The thing is Kvinnehirden that even the smallest hope in Trump is wrong as he is the System that kills us and controls us through mind games. Europeans have to know, that Trump will even worsen the situation for us when he starts the war against Iran. He does everything Israel wants and Europeans will suffer too. Trump was brought into the theater to fool whites and make us all look evil in the eyes of other races. I think it’s important to give a clear message. People who promote Trump are knowingly or unknowingly doing the work of our enemies. Therefore the debate is so heated. I do not have a fixed opinion about North Front. The Stormer and TRS however are our enemies… Read more »

I wish them the best. Because the anti whites can be so insane in the Nordic countries.

The Nordfront movement are dead in Denmark, thanks to the leader who didn’t do anything.

Well with such astute men like the one at the end who thinks (((Trump))) is going to actually help White people, no wonder there’s no actual resistance. I’m sorry, but no one can be that stupid. Especially not someone who is NS. I smell a (((rat))). They’ve been totally infiltrated and neutralized.

Sinead, not everyone is in the same level of awareness as us (thanks to leadership of Renegade for the most part).
Have some patience and show them the way.
Being Turmptarded doesn’t necessarily mean having malicious deeds.
Lead the way. Don’t push them away.

Well said!

Trumptarded, who?

Neither Mike nor Andreas are Trumptarded, one of them never even was. Aren’t they the ones being talked about here? Maybe I’ve misunderstood.

Did you even listen to the show? Where did he say anything suggesting he thinks Trump is going to help white people? Nowhere.

The very last thing he said nefore the show ended was thathe hopes Trump keeps some of his promises.

Yes, that he “hoped” so on behalf of Trump himself (“to satisfy his own narcissism”, as he said it), not because he actually have any hope left that Trump cares the least about white people. Everybody by now knows he doesn’t.

So he still thinks that Trump is in power? That Trump would actually have the power to do something to prevent embarrassing himself? He’s a puppet. This is Sinead’s point!

You fail to realize English isn’t their native tongue. Maybe they speak slowly to make sure to articulate their thoughts in a foreign language? Get a grip. These guys are out there trying to save their people and you fools think they’re shill because they talk slowly? They are a true NS movement, they are in the street they are growing bigger and bigger daily. They also set a clear example of how to organize in the street. Instead of calling shill, how about , do it better? Calling everyone a Jew once in awhile you will strike, but along the way you tarnish the overall goal of securing White victory. These guys have a clear path and yes while agree their podcast is a… Read more »

Just wanted to write I absolutely love the Nordic Resistance and their model of building real community and brotherhood and sisterhood is based on our ancient tribal communities coming together collectively to a Hall or Temple and/or outdoor gatherings. I would love to have such here!
My question that I wish I had been able to call in and ask is Do they have any members in Karelia and do they have any activity there in either the Finnish dominated Karelia or Russian dominated Karelia? Also what is their position on those who are partially Sami genetically?

The Nordic Resistance Movement accepts Samis as a part of the North despite them being of a different racial origin. They are such a small number and already mixed with the native Swedes that they in themself is no threath to our people.

The Samis were the original inhabitants of Norway, but were driven into the northern areas of Norway. They now enjoy self government, having their own parliament. I imagine it is the same in Sweden..

Wrong Ingrid.
Samis were later Asiatic migrants to Northern Scandinavia.

Why not just have them back on? It seems from the comments that your litmus test is whether they support Renegade or not? Come on now. If past associations or present ones are the litmus, why is Spero dick picks a host? Do we need to go through the associations and promotions that Renegade has had? Gage, Sledge, Celtic Rebel, John Friends CI?etc. Your history isnt perfect. Expecting perfection of others is a bit ridiculous. You call Scott Roberts a shill ffs? Really? Nordfront are good guys, some of our American humor may get lost in translation for them. They also may not be as hardened as many Americans in this movement because, well, all this(multicult and jews) is pretty new for them. Anglin is… Read more »

So creepy how the feds harass new recruits of the Nordic Resistance. Reminds me of Brendan O’Connell’s constant exposure of israeli spying theft & treason with our technology how they have back doors into everything.

100% Nordic sounds good boys 👍. Make Sweden Great Once Again. The West already has pleeenty of shades of HuWhite diversity. The shitlibs don’t seem to count that though hu. I like how they talk of freedom of assembly which I assume includes total freedom of speech to which would include extremes such as people being able to say F the president or some idiots promoting communism freely. I also never heard anything about guns. The ability for the citizens to own guns seems pretty neccassary​ since the government, especially a newly forming national socialist government seems like a chance and it does give government more power. Never assume something won’t get tyrannical, take a look at the “free-est” land of the free country in… Read more »

Skepticism is healthy! “You are ‘loosers.'” “Shutup.” “U r jus bitching.” “OMG stop criticizing my friend!” “Nordfront is thiiiiiiiiis great :D”
The Jews need to put on their most uncanny show. I’m trying to clarify in case any Aryan-blooded reader believes these comments to be 100% genuine.

Skepticism is healthy for sure. What is YOUR agenda?

(((Good question))) Good question though. Having an agenda is a NEED of ours. I need to be more….. vegan. And many…..MANY other things(DO OR DIE)

Skinheads were probably set up by jews to make NS look like idiots. It was obvious that normal people would never join them. William Pierce did not want anything to do with them.

Nordic Resistance Movement is in love with Alt-Right shills. They are obvious controlled opposition.

Like just a week ago they posted an news article titled: “Mike Enoch gives debating tips”. Enoch said!

Not to mention they both sounded like two monotone robots with no spirit or conviction in their souls. What boring guests.

Good point. Passion is difficult to fake.

I like how they are cool calm collected men with a clear goal, not to mention they are ESL.
Speaking of ESL perhaps you prefer Spanish novellas for the realistic passion you crave.

Perhaps you should listen to their speeches made in Swedish if you want to see conviction…

Its just sad to see all this drama in America. “YOU are an agent! no YOU are fake!” Abit to far…on people taking stands against jewish influence. Disagree and lead the way, dont go to full attack without clear evidence. Im not an Alt-Right, and i know The Nordic Resistance Movement arent Alt-Right, but that doesnt mean you cant talk to Alt-Right and agree in different things, as we can talk and agree with others aswell. I dont believe in war over small differences. And also, radio is radio, you talk to different people with different views, also enemies. Doesnt mean you “love” them all. If an alt-lite, negroe or a jew tells something that is actually ok, than thumbs up for THAT. It doesnt… Read more »
Alexander from Flanders

This is exactly how I feel about all this retarted infighting.

I use everything that is available to me to advance OUR CAUSE. I don’t care who produces it, as long as it works.

Renegade, TRS, Spencer, Stormfront, Anglin or freaking Bozo the clown. If it works I use it.

Please tell me how groups such as TRS and DS, that call for the RAPE, TORTURE, and MURDER of White women are advancing our cause?

Anglin, Delaney, and Martinson are all known FBI informants. The FBI controls many of the “extremist” websites and implements various tactics such as “infighting” to fracture the movement. Calling for the rape, torture, and murder of White Women is also intended to fracture the movement. These tactics are very clear.

Alexander from Flanders

I don’t agree with that anti-woman stuff at all. It’s the fact that they are anti jewish and promote a pro-White attitude. Maybe they just have wierd personalities and think that being over the top all time is the way to do things.

Hell, maybe i’m wrong here, Sinead. I just have a hard time believing that all those groups are controlled, or paid agents.

Sometimes I am very angry at you and Renegade for the wierd stuff, and then I listen to you guys explaining some of your positions and I’m like: maybe they are right after all.

It’s very confusing trying to understand the pro-White moverment in the US…so many bizarre things…sigh…

So if they say they want to rape and murder White women, but say some anti jews stuff, they’re cool in your book? Get in the volcano, you parasite.

There is no infighting. It is INFILTRATION. ANDREW ANGLIN and how the FBI OPERATES Andrew Anglin has picked up where the Fed Informer Hal Turner left off. In Hal Turners case, his handlers were Special Agent Steven Haug of the FBI and also Detective Leonard Nerbetski of the New Jersey State Police who also served on the Newark Joint Terrorism Task Force. To assist in the investigation of the Hutaree Militia in Michigan, undercover FBI agent Steven Haug was planted into the Hutaree Militia in February, 2009, after Mr. Murray introduced him to David Stone and Joshua Stone. He also infiltrated training sessions and meetings in southeast Michigan of militia members. John Alan Martinson – Mike Delaney’s friend…was also planted into the Hutaree Militia. There… Read more »
Alexander from Flanders

I don’t know, dude. You make a good case, and I’m not saying it’s impossible, I just I have a hard time believing it.

Then GO AWAY because people here are actually trying to clean house, and parasites like you want to make excuses all day.

The Nordic Resistance Movement did NOT post that news article. did. The Nordic Resistance Movement is an organization. is a news website they own. A certain difference. The website has many news writers, many of them are young and/or new to the movement. You apparently expect them all to know everything about the fake opposition in another continent. I’m assuming you, as an American (?) can name all the equivalent Youtube-shills, agents etc. in Europe?

Alexander from Flanders

Great show. This is the Renegade I love.

And I will also say; Fuck infighting and Sweden is NOT lost.

Those ‘Middle Easterners’, jews, ‘gypsies’, and Africans started it more than 1300 years ago and they have no right to complain. Umayyad Caliphate 661–750 AD. Jews invented racism 3000 years ago in their Torah.

Watched a video yesterday, someone interviewing Ole Dømmegaard, who had to flee Sweden when his friend was assassinated. He tries to explain false flags, and predict future attacks. He stumbled on a website for a firm in London, which claims to combat terror attacks. They named three cities as being probable targets, one was Manchester, which happened. The other two were New York, and Edinburgh. He plans to investigate this firm.. Another interesting issue was with regard to his new website. The person who is building his website pointed out that he is receiving a great number of hits from three areas, a building next to an airport in the US, a building in London, and one in Sweden, all are areas where he is… Read more »

Ingrid, guess you mean “crisiscast” one of the firms propably used in staging these “terror attacks” you can find some videos about them at youtube too. Most hoaxes are easy to see through meanwhile, wonder why so many sheep still buy that BS. Groetjes !

@Frank, yes, I believe it was called crisiscast.. Dømmegård believes the “crisis actors” are transported from one terror attack to another..

I like NMR, but these 2 guys are quite boring listening to, needs more passion. The guy being interviewed I believe is a quite new member of the organization.

The official story of NS is like, how jews would behave.

I also found it weird how robotic they sounded. like what Jordan said.
Are they controlled opposition? I don’t know and don’t hope so, but it’s also weird how Jews is not mention in the party program and they always says “Zionist” instead of Jews which is obvious the correct word.

they are real opposition

man shut your faces all of you. come with facts before you right SHIT

member of the movement

Yep. Typical American whining……

You’re wrong! That’s just their personality traits. The organization is overall incredibly Jew-wise and ‘hardcore to the bone’ on all important questions. They certainly have some of the highest possible credentials an organization like this can possibly have (over 20 years of relentless struggle). And they uses the J-word wherever deemed necessary (without falling pray for the restricting hate-speech law in Sweden).

(((David))), probably a nice jewish boy, not sure about Jordan, probably just a negative shill..

I liked most of what the guests were saying, and hope they succeed in their ambitions..

I hope I am.

And how do they plan on getting rid of the “restricting hate speech law” in Sweden by not calling out the jews who implemented it? Do they think signalling against “Islam” and “Feminism” is going to expel the jewish parasites from their lands?

Sarah, you surely don’t know what you are taking about. Again, I don’t think any organization calls out these criminal Jews better than NMR does to an unknowing public (considering all their propaganda activities).

They started as skinheads! I have allways considered skinheads as those who believe the official story about NS.