The Solar Storm: Mike King – Terror of the 20th Century & Today (5-21-17)

Kyle speaks to Mike King of Tomato Bubble about the history of the twentieth century, especially the two world wars, the rise of Germany, the creation and criminality of Israel, and the charade of the cold war. Then they talk about the recent election cycle and geopolitical turmoil, and how Putin’s Russia fits into it all. Then Kyle takes calls and talks about controlled opposition, White Sharia, Stockholm Syndrome, and more.

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WTF Happened to Nick Spero? 50% of the network is gone.

Jan from belgium

I missed that too


What happened to Nick Spero?


All the best wishes to Nick and thank you for all the great shows. I learned a lot. Take all the time you need but please come back as soon as possible.

thanks 4 taking my call. theres so much r people can achieve when we break the chains of jewish usury. it will b done!


Although off topic I want to thank you and Sineade for the Twitter war against the rape and torture promoters. Just as you said in one of your tweets, the Soviets were able to use meme magic to get Russians to raped, torture and murder German women and children. Thy also raped Eastern European women and children. It’s sad to say but Americans were also raping German, French and Italian women. Lesser in numbers but it happened a lot. It happened once it can happen again. There are always dregs in every nation who can be weaponized and the white sharia “meme” is magnet for and an incubator of evil. This fight against “white sharia” is central . Nothing but defeat and can come upon… Read more »


I knew Mike King had a different opinion on Putin, even has a whole book on Putin vs. the New World Order. Glad it didn’t turn into a Jim Condit situation. A criticism I have is at the very end of his book planet Rothschild it is as “black pilled” as it gets saying we basically lost and should just enjoy time with our families, I don’t know I think that last page should be rewritten to give us a little bit of inspiration lol. Other than that the book is very good and the large amount of photographs really makes the information stick. I read it once and can remember most everything from it I think because of the visuals. Very good interview Mike… Read more »


Funny thing about the kike is their psychological attacks. It has just dawned on me with the fakeness of pretty much… EVERYTHING, that the kike is constantly using brute force mental resignation enforcement such as telling us everything is futile, don;t resist, just give up, everyting is doomed, war is imminent, your destruction is inevitable etc. It does work for the most part, because people seem to just resonate with the prevailing popular current. I swear they have absolutely nothing. They set up this narrative in order to tear it down, just like the WTC buildings were made to be destroyed. It is the everything is a show.


Yes that does seem to be a tactic jews use, although I highly doubt Mike King is a jew and think he is a good ally. It is possible he was just discouraged when finishing the book. But this movement is like the bacteria in a jar experiment. You put a bacteria in a jar that’s not visible to the naked eye, but it grows exponentially. For a while you can’t see anything then out of nowhere a tiny spec appears then soon half the jar is full then you need two jars, four, eight, etc. We are at the stage where we can see a small tiny spec in the jar, and it can be discouraging at times. Its like in Mein Kampf when… Read more »


I wasn’t referring to anyone or Mike King, it was something that occurred to me. When you take the hearsay pantomime network that is the news, then you don’t really need anything much, if people are programmed by the narrative.


The holohoax is the basis of the UN, NATO, ILC, Vienna Convention. The money is a bonus but the true reason why the holohoax will not be revoked even if payments would be cancelled is because of the Continued Occupation of Germany.



1. To leave a social event without saying good bye.
2. To say you’ll be right back or step outside and not come back to the party.
3. To hang out and after not too long of a duration, the person is no where to be found.

Brian’s hanging out with his co-workers at the bar and says he’s going to step outside to grab a smoke. After sometime, his co-workers realize he never came back.

Co-workers reaction – That fool freakin’ ghosted us again.


Was hoping for some dirt on the Nickerbaucher situation.


Wrong network – Drama Corner is on We’re The Fucking Rejects (WTFR).


Great show, excellent guest. Lots of good expose. Their main weapon has been psychology.


Congress created the federal reserve by an Act of Congress and Congress has the power to repeal an Act of Congress.


Just as the cia was created with the stroke of the presidents pen…. There are no limits on power unfortunately these days and no foundation to build on.

The right only moves in opposition to things circumcised from foundation principles that move men through hardships

John SmithRGB

always good to check in w/ Mr King


What happened to Nick. He was a very stable foundation for the network


we got ghosted


Can you plz provide some content about it?


Oh no, please don’t tell me Nick is off the slots…

John from NC

I could be way off the mark on this, so correct me if i’m wrong, but I think Nick disagreed with Kyle about having The Vegainator on as a guest. That’s just a guess….


Nick always had really quality guests on his show…


Please, enough with the gossip & guessing games ladies! If you’re just here for soap opera drama then you’re in the wrong place. WTFR (We’re The Fucking Rejects) is the place to get your fill of that – it was specifically set up to fulfill the needs of soap opera addicts & drama queens like yourselves lol 😀


We have a right to wonder, or to speculate. Listeners have connections with hosts. To want to understand is very natural.


Wow! Did you not see the “lol” and the smily face at the end? You took that WAY too seriously (as usual)!


I also heard him say something regarding Dorsey, something like, “I think the whole thing just got out of hand.” I tried to read between the lines and thought maybe he was upset with that whole occurrence. Guessing, of course.

John from NC

Mike King’s books are really good, and any fan of Renegade Tribune would find his articles on his web site equally insightful


Oh talking about assassination attempt: check out the 1993 movie Bad Lieutenant. Look at the VERY end when Keitel gets shot, and the back ground. Look at the background when the car is just standing there, and also the numbers. I watched this by cohencidence, and I might have picked up on something.


Great discussion! I look forward to reading the Bad War.
Here’s Horst Mahler on the crossroads of Hitler vs Rothschild, but it’s in German with no subtitles. I know German, but not enough to subtitle it. Well, maybe a native speaker could do that sometime.

Ron Vibbentrop

Really enjoyed the show – thank you gents.
More on the SS Empire Windrush, the ex-Strength Through Joy cruise ship that was taken over by Jews & who used it to import some of the first blacks into Britain after the war.


Also The Curse of the Monte Rosa
November 3, 2015 Mike Walsh


And People, England’s Most Lucrative Export March 2, 2016 Mike Walsh […] British emigrants, economically exiled or indentured, included 130,000 British children many of whom were orphans. Even babes in arms were taken from orphanages and care wards. Despite protest, often without the knowledge of estranged parents, they were forced to leave their homeland. […] Whilst Westminster drained orphanages of unwanted British children, the same was colonizing Britain with West Indians and diverse non-Europeans from a defunct empire pawned to pay for Churchill’s war against the Workers Reich. The ship that pioneered non-white immigration to Britain was the MV Empire Windrush. The 13,000 ton luxury liner was the former German cruise liner Monte Rosa. During the Workers Reich this cruise ship provided German workers with… Read more »