The Solar Storm: Natural Socialism (11-5-17)

Kyle talks about a few recent events then gets into the main topic of how top National Socialists viewed the natural world and how plants and animals should be treated to ensure a better future. He brings up blood and soil ideology, aristocracy in nature, animal welfare legislation, the vegetarian regeneration envisioned by top party members, and Savitri Devi’s views concerning cruelty toward animals.

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Anthony Roberts

Abattoirs to hospitals – all just “jewish vivisection centres.” Only succumb in a life-threatening emergency. We not only have to save our people, we need to end all this cruelty to the animals too. Thank you Kyle for covering these important topics.

PS Hail to all you wonderful mothers! You endure all accidental (or playful ) : slaps, kicks, pinches, “bites,” scratches and the odd screaming fit lol, so stoically. All is forgiven instantly, when the love you give is reflected back in your child’s beautiful innocent eyes. The MOST important job: raising our future male/female warriors.

Heathen vegan

Great comment and I agree on both parts.

Sorry about that! lol I was giving our son his bed time supplements in our pitch black hallway, and as I went to put the chew able in his mouth he accidentally bit down really hard on my finger!


Anyone who worships the fuck-tard known as Yahweh — be they filthy jews or moron Christ-tards — are beyond sick and most definitely do belong in concentration camps. Who in their right mind would worship a dick chopper who gets his cosmic nuts off on killing innocent animals? And those perverted Christians get near-orgasmic thrills symbolically drinking the blood and eating the flesh of the son of god, Yahweh Jr. (Not to mention the Catholics who believe their wine and tiny wafer are transmuted into the actual blood and flesh of Jewsus of Nazareth.) These perverted Christ-tards are beyond insane. Lock them up!


..Who in their right mind would worship a dick chopper who gets his cosmic nuts off on killing innocent animals? I like that & will use that 🙂 heils


Kyle, you should listen to this. This is a very detailed, serious discussion obviously beyond the scope of interest for most casual followers, but for a site admin it’s a must.

Heathen vegan

Great show, Only managed to catch the first half live, but will listen to the rest later. The half I did hear though was well presented.

It ‘s an aspect of National Socialism that few understand, so its really important that you covered it.

Thanks for your continued efforts.


So now I know why I reacted so unusual emotional in the comments section under Thank you Kyle. Learned a lot again. Love for the Volk and love for nature /animals is no antagonism, no zero sum game. Both have one root and that’s our blood.


Thank you so much, Kyle, for this wonderful presentation! The world will be free again, when this truth can be broadcasted in German language.

Foster XL

Finally just listened to the show today. Fantastic Kyle, really enjoyed this one!

Btw, unrelated but have you heard about this? Shows what their priorities are eh?

Leaked documents concerning the Copyright Directive show that France, Spain and Portugal have joined forces in the Council of the European Union to attack the cornerstones of internet freedom in Europe.

The documents show that the three countries propose elevating fighting copyright violations to a special status – above combating terrorism, child abuse and serious online crime. This would put our fundamental rights on the line, and create legal chaos for service providers in Europe.

Rest of the article is here –


There was a mass shooting in a small Alabama White Protestant church in late-September, 2017 done by a Sudanese immigrant in his mid-20’s who accidentally shot himself [not fatally] when tackled by a church member.
This seems to have not gotten the national news coverage one would expect.


Good show. Interesting to note, NS stands for National Socialism and Natural Selection. Both have a nature connection.


I wonder if anyone has done in-depth research into what the National Socialist template for their economy was and what specific steps and actions were decided to transform the economy into the NS Template for which apparently Hitler himself was greatly responsible , conceptually. That would be a great benefit to identify the Template which resulted in such enormous economic success, high employment, non-debt based money and freedom/separation from the enslaving-jewry’s international monetary & Central ban system . In The Red Symphony, it said that the Banking controllers of the West did not want to draw attention to the actions of the National Socialists in the matter of banks and economy and the success of the NS Template, and so Western media did not cover… Read more »


I should have waited and combined my comments in one comment. It is not far fetched to view Hitler as an Avatar; having transitioned into that at some point in his life. Perhaps there are many individuals capable of transitioning into AVATARS of the Aryans although not knowing it nor even recognizing it as such when it occurs. Kyle Hunt may well be an Avatar in transition. Hitler Avatar faced denouement perhaps because when the Avatar model was forged in the spiritual sphere of ancient times, the Aryans had not ever significantly encountered a psychopath-race; and when it did that race was able to utilize an array of Aryan nations and societies against the Aryan Avatar. Such was and is, and now perhaps even stronger,… Read more »

Chris H
Karen in E Tenn

I hate discussions on diet as I don’t think there is any one diet that is right for everyone. We all tolerate different things. Have our likes and dislikes. You could probably sit down and eat a big bowl of pasta and feel great. If I did that I would have an upset stomach. I don’t want to talk anyone into or out of eating anything.

Foster XL

What I “hate” is the fact that most people even use the word “food” to describe the junk they shove down their throats on a daily basis. If something is harming you it is certainly not “feeding” you. All this so-called “food” sold today on supermarket shelves is a mass-produced product sold for profit like any other product so of course anything that cuts production costs & maximizes profit is fair game for the “producers”.