The Solar Storm: Nick Spero – Controlled Chaos, Oligarchic Order (6-11-17)

Kyle starts off the show talking about some issues related to the fallout from last week’s show, then brings on Nick to discuss the anti-Sharia protests, obvious controlled opposition, the role of Russia, current events in the Middle East, totalitarian terror, UK on lockdown, censorship trends, how to stay on track and not get distracted, and much more.

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Great show guys! It was nice to hear Nick back on.

Whenever I see the Chicago emblem it always reminds me of the Israeli flag. IDF alum Rahm Emmanuel being the mayor. Billionaire Jew Pritzker soon to become governor of Illinois. It’s getting to be on par with Kalifornia and Jew York in the Midwest. ### chiraq

They’re getting bolder, and it’s not a good sign. They even have a wall street jew as the president of Peru out in the open.

Holy moly..I just looked up Pedro Pablo Kuczynski. Very bad hombre. Poor Peruvians.

Can we set up an anti-Hasbara troll network and all gang up on a target en masse. Renegade people are the smartest of anyone out in alternative media and it wouldn’t be hard to decimate oppositional comments. For example Monday afternoon is for attacking Rebel Media. Tuesday mornings is for Alex Jones. Wednesday evenings is ABC YouTube comment section happy hour. For a lot of normies this kind of information would be mind blowing. Disconcerting. Lots of impact. Truth bombs.

I think our time would be better spent producing quality content. And stop debating with people we know to be shills. Produce something serious that intelligent people will be attracted to.

You briefly mention Harold Covington and the Northwest front in a negative way, please elaborate on that?

How do you know The “Nordfront Moderator” is actually who he says he is?

I am Danish, not a member of NRM, but concerned about promotion of Alt Right material on their websites. I think the best way to set the record straight, would be to invite some of their actual leading members on the show, and discuss their official positions on the matter. Simon Lindberg NRM’s overall leader, Pär Öberg leader of the parliamentary branch, Frederik Vejdeland the editor of and leading member, would be my suggestions.

Keep in mind the guys you had on last week is just regular members, and hosts of a secondary international podcast.

I agree. It’s good to discuss our differences and let the truth come out. Also we need to establish our doctrines. I have zero tolerance for Trump supporters. Either they are controlled opposition or too stupid to be of any use.

Yeah, its beyond me how anyone could think a billionaire, with Jewish grandchildren would change anything for the better. After what he has done in office, it’s just tragicomic that people still hopes for the best. I think there is also a third aspect of it, denial. At least for the average non-prominent person in the “movement”. People are so desperate for some great white leader to come save the day, they keep letting themselves be tricked time and again. They do not want to face how dire the situation actually is, so they turn to someone within the establishment. One doctrine should definitely be: No change is possible from within the system. “Opposition” such as Marine Le Pen with her Jewish boyfriend are not… Read more »
I will add an observation the prostitutes in Waikiki die there hair platinum as a sign of ownership by the powers that be. Trump and friends clown look is no doubt a sign that they whore for zion. Snowflake puts all whites on whoredom footing as I think blacks call white whores something akin. Fake was used by Jews in mass on anything truthful before it was pushed by trumptards. Turning psycho killer women into a thing was before they turned white killer children into a thing worthy of death now it’s all whites to the death camps as normal. The progression is to make it ok to mutilate degenerate and murder “just like on TV and in the games” Death squads murder and rape… Read more »

Thank you. Off topic but another doctrine I’d put forward is no tolerance for Islamophobia. Any attack or criticism of other groups must be made in the context of the Jewish problem. There is no point in condemning Arabs for having been radicalized by Zionist meddling in their countries. There is no point in condemning Negros for having their communities destroyed by Jewish counter-culture.

Well, I agree it should always be pointed out that the Jews “gave” us the Muslims. I would not go as far as to say zero tolerance for an anti-Islam sentiment, since the Muslims certainly did plenty of damage, in a historical context, on their own to the white race. That being said, I also see it as a waste of time and a distraction, which too often (((echos))). Race is of course essential here, non-whites in our countries would still be a threat no matter their religion.

To NRM’s credit they had an Internet campaign targeted against a Jewish owned Counter-Jihad website in Sweden a couple of years ago. The mantra :”Judarna gav oss muslimerna”, The Jews gave us the Muslims.

The Muslims are already here. And we have no way of sending them back. All we can do is try and get along with them and accomplish our mutual objectives which is to destroy international Jewish power.

The Jews are also here. If we are going to accept that nothing can be done, because non-whites are already here, our countries forever multiracial, then there is no point to any of this. I am going to disagree with you on that one with all my being.

*That nothing can be done in regards to repatriation that is.

Nothing can be done until we destroy Jewish power. To accomplish that we have to learn to work with other people.

Working with muslims??!! You must be insane! Muslims HATE us White Europeans every bit as much as the jews and niggers! Nuff said!…

They’re a mixed bag just like white people. Some are anti white. Some are anti Jew.

The anti-Jews need to come together. Being pro white isn’t going to be enough.

None of the guys who were on last week supported Trump. I don’t think there are any Trump supporters within the NRM, at least not any serious members at age over 18.

You seem like a rude person, and someone who thinks the world revolves around America and that everyone shoud know exactly what is happening and how politics work over there.

The USA has been a disaster for European culture. All the degenerecy we have here, we got from you. No European National Socialist have ever supported Trump wholeheartedly. Not one. Just the sight of him makes you grimace in disgust.

The world does revolve around America. As you well admit this has been a disaster for European cultures.

Covington – a vexed topic for a long, long time and one which I personally do not feel inclined to research but will cite the following from my existing logs, since I am sure there must be someone reading this page who has up to date knowledge and a balanced assessment of the allegations and rebuttals:!topic/alt.society.resistance/YFat9wyhVOM

and conversely (perhaps):

I have done a lot of research on the subject, because I have red his Northwest Novels, and have interest in his ideas, not him personally. Nobody else who realizes that change from within the system, and through peaceful means, is impossible at this point, seems to have a tangible plan. It’s usually just: “We are going to have a race war when SHTF”. Or have the military do the dirty work. Hell, I have even heard people say they are basically waiting for the “space nazis” to come save the day. I am not here to defend Covington or his past actions. In fact I find his involvement with (((Frank Collin))) and the Skokie Affair highly suspicious. How does that Google doc prove he’s… Read more »

The NorthWestFront and similar ideas to form a white ethnostate within ZOG’s borders are all dead ends. Bottom line is we must destroy the Jew’s political power.

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Thanks for the screenshot.

Looked it up:

He wrote it was a joke in the comments, but that has of course been used as an excuse by others (Anglin) before.

Found nothing to suggest he was a Crowley fan on his blog, as written in one of my previous posts, in fact the opposite seemed the case.

Dammit, I don’t know what to believe or were to turn these days. The worst thing about controlled opposition, is that it leads to doubt of people who otherwise seems genuine. A joke made in poor taste, or a part of a disturbing tendency…

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Glad to hear the dynamic duo back together hashing out the dystopia.

trumps very first call of duty was the cia….. Think it was the day after the election. That alone should give anyone with sense pause

No community can be healthy or sane when the sewage isnt properly managed and starts piling up, and we’re drowning in it. (anyone but me ever said ‘jews’ into a reverse speech recorder? All-I-Stare would approve.)
On a related note, white pieces of shit are a sign of liver disease/failure, and the liver is responsible for filtering toxic waste from the body. Brown pieces of shit are normal, white pieces of shit, not so much. I dont know… it seems pretty relevant.

Just found this article in my flipboard recommendations… some pretty interesting information.

David Duke + Laos = CIA.

Some great new P*Gate interviews:

Liz Crokin on with John B. Wells, jump to 46:00 for the beginning,

The HoneyBee on with vlogger From Delusion To Truth,

Liz & HoneyBee scheduled to be on together on tomorrow (Wed) night’s Hagmann Report show. 🙂

thank you for the recommendations!

Feeling sad at the thought of the net closing down. How, then, will we know what is happening with one another, unless we have a PO box we can write to, but, ten to one, the postal service will be next to go..

Blockchain networks will be popping up soon. Impossible to shut down.

More on Covington, a Metzger show from 2007 replaying part of a 1994 show in which some phone messages of Covington for Metzger are played:

Starts around the 25 minute mark.
I coudn’t make out all of Covington’s remarks, more interesting is an audio later on from Rockwell about the ‘leaders of the Right’ and their self-destructive behaviour, which I think is mainly why Metzger aired the topic. btw current day, “Pastor” Martin Lindstedt seems to favour Covington. But he is CI and is, quite probably, mad.

If possible, would love to know what that first tune was.

The Nordic Reisistance Movement have not been involved in any anti-Islam demonstrations lately. I do not think they ever have. It is not their focus. In the interview with Anglin, at one point when he said something that was slightly anti-female, they right away expressed their disagreement with him. And back then, they did not know about his filthy agenda. The only thing they “saw” in TDS was their large audience. I have been told that the one who posted that talk given by Mike Enoch was a support member, not a “real” member. I am very sceptical about the so called “Nordfront Moderator”, and I think Kyle should be too. Even if he is who he says he is, he is definetly not a… Read more »

Go run hasbara for Nordcucks somewhere else. We know what they’re all about.

Why are you calling them “Nordcucks”? What are they “all about”? How do you know this?

“Nordcucks”??! You must be a filthy muslim sympathizer, to write about the Nordic Race in such a disgusting, despicable way!… EXTERMINATE ALL SEMITES!!! Jews and Arabs! they’re exactly the SAME sub-human, anti-White mongrel FILTH!! The whole pack of them!

You sound like a Jew

Gents, thanks for the show. Having lived in Russia for 7 years now, you need to smarten up a bit in that perspective. Many former republics are Muslim countries, Kazan area is and was always full of Muslims, so how can you claim that it has to do with Putin being in power? As well as that Dugin (spelling), nobody here knows him?! I wouldn’t even know about him if you wouldnt keep mentioning him ;o) About that book you mentioned, The Sovjet Union plans to destroy Nato and Nato citizens looking East for help. What?! Having spent 38 years living in Western Europe, I can assure you the West doesn’t need help in it’s self destruction thanks to Jewish Culture influence…. And of course… Read more »

C<n you even speak Russian?

Interesting show. Maybe because average American is to suggestible to deception is that their diet is completely sideways with their spiritual energy levels? First thing anyone should do to get their minds right is to clean their organism from biologically accumulated toxins. Radical 5 day lent is first step towards that direction. Then you can research even more of amazing powers of abstinence from food and what breatharianism can do for your mind!

Deception is a science. Deception is what Stage Magicians do for a living. Rather than simply adjusting your diet – You may wish to learn about how Deceptions are constructed and WHY they work. That will lead you to COUNTERDECEPTION which is also a science. People are susceptible to Deceptions in Political Warfare and Psychological Warfare scenarios.This regime is using PsyWar methods mainly projected through controlled mass media channels to influence and control perceptions. This is high level Public Opinion manipulation as done by US Army Military Information System Operations out of Ft. Bragg. Supposedly illegal for them to do here against us. But not illegal for Israelis to do it here against us. This is how they perform their version of “Statecraft”.

“Breatharianism” is just another ridiculous New Age fad with NO real scientific evidence to back it up. Please stop pushing this potentially dangerous bullcrap here every chance you get, especially when it’s not even related to the show you’re commenting on!

What Pat says here is actually very valid stuff – “breatharianism” is not.

Thank you Robyn. I was getting somewhat annoyed by Bill33 bringing that into every comments section too. Periodic fasting can be very beneficial in small doses & has science to back it up but this “breatharianism” crap that this guy seems to want to push at every opportunity here has NO scientific backing & goes against all the rules of good nutrition & even basic survival. And no, nature’s rules aren’t meant to be broken like most, if not all, of man’s! Our brains are amazing things but one of the biggest problems with highly developed thinking abilities is that we can link “believable” stuff with facts and go down an almost never-ending path of “justification” for just about anything we make up in our… Read more »