The Solar Storm: Nick Spero’s Lasting Legacy (3-11-18)

Kyle speaks about the death of Nick Spero, his contribution to the cause of truth, and the need for others to pick up where he left off. Nick was a friend to many and he will be dearly missed. Please check out his Renegade archives and Youtube channel

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Heathen vegan
5 years ago

Death is the unavoidable price of life, no man can avoid it. In the end it is only through the deeds of a man that its value is determined. May your boat be made of sturdy construction, so as to be able to carry your wealth home.

Sieg Heil

Reply to  Heathen vegan
5 years ago

Sieg Heil brother, yesterday, today, tomorrow and forever.

Reply to  Heathen vegan
5 years ago

That is beautiful .

Ghost Man O; War
5 years ago

Hat’s off to Kyle for this heartfelt message to Nick. I stand and applaud the both of you. Nick, friend, you handle that realm now, and Kyle’s got this one covered. Say hello to my dear son will ya? I love you Dereck. It never stops hurting when our most beloved fall. Keep marching soldiers. We have real angels in the aether drumming to keep us in time and to never relent or break ranks. WE CANNOT. We cannot ever let our fallen see us give up. Thanks once again Nick. Valhalla he is now yours. Good night to all of your fine men and women within earshot. To my enemies, If you hear me crying, I really don’t give a damn.

Reply to  Ghost Man O; War
5 years ago

You are not crying alone kinsman. There is a time to cry and that is today, but we will awake tomorrow , angry ready to fight another day. And we will see victory in this life or the next . Catch you on the next turn Nick . Like Kyle said …. Rest in power and come back to fight for and enjoy the peace that will be ours after victory. Seig Heil!

5 years ago

My condolences, Kyle and Renegade.

5 years ago

I salute you Nick Spero.

Wardo Rants
5 years ago

RIP Nick .. Sad to hear of your passing my friend .. Thanks for the encouragement. You will be missed

Darès Dutch
5 years ago

I have learned an awful lot from Nick’s shows here and on themtube, and am forever grateful . Thank you & Farewell brother 🌱

5 years ago

This is very sad, and suspicious; he was fearless is exposing those ‘people’, and a clear target.
Kyle, do you know if there is anyway we can send donations to his partner…I believe he has 3 children to feed?

5 years ago

Nick Spero (February 16, 1975-March 10, 2018)
He Was 43 years old

5 years ago

Nick’s voice, I can still hear it, so it lives on. Not only what he said, but the timbre, resonant and gentle, but strong. I remember picking up a voter registration while running errands, because I was going to do something crazy — switch parties before the election. I had my mp3 going while driving around, listening to Nick. He was going into Trump’s background, his ties to Roy Cohn and the role Cohn played in the McCarthy hearings. By the time I got home, I knew once again, I wouldn’t bother with voting at all. Thank you Nick, as we face losing our right to free speech, your brave voice lives on.

5 years ago

Hats off to Nick for the final time. I never missed a single one of his very informative shows on Renegade. You will be missed brother. RIP & Sieg Heil!

5 years ago

RIP Nick.

5 years ago

Very sad to hear of the untimely passing of Nick Spero. I haven’t spoken to him in a few years but I always admired his great research and deep analysis of what we’re up against. His recent videos with Brendan O’Connell with regard to Talpiot were outstanding. Sincere condolences to his family and loved ones at this very difficult time. R.I.P. Nick.

5 years ago

Here’s a little 2 lighten the mood.
Peace out. Hats off 2 Mr. Sphero. RIP

5 years ago

Bless you Nick… prayers and condolences to your family

5 years ago


I miss you already.

Thank you for inspiring me.

Alexander from Flanders
5 years ago

My condolences to his family.

Alex the Serb
5 years ago

Wow,very sad news!Rest in peace my friend!!

Alex van Heugten
Reply to  Alex the Serb
5 years ago

Exactly. Great man who passed away way too young.

5 years ago

Sad to learn of this lost of Nick Spero, Circus Maximus. He did a lot to try bring people with diverse backgrounds who are aware of and suffering from the jewish problem together, probably bending backwards a bit uncomfortable for some of us to venture reach out, such as to his friend Jonathan Azaziah. Could his attempts to form such alliances with the non-White world be such a troublesome threat to the JWO resulted in this probable assassination?

Robert Heimdal
5 years ago

The importance of the work Nick did, both at Renegade and lately with Circus Maximus -particularly with Brendon O’Connell- will ripple through time. I hope the future will judge historically-wise how transcendental, for these times we are living in, the information that people like Nick disclosed was for the survival of our people and the very existence of this Earth. That importance is still to be measured through the lens of time. We are shocked and saddened by these news but the man’s deeds still remain – and will remain.

Rest in peace Nick.

Chris Taylor
5 years ago

Sorry to hear about Nick passing. Repsect.
I may not have agreed with everything he or this network put out, but his intentions were pure.
respect to Nick for all his work back to Mamis shit days until the end.

5 years ago

Do not cry for the dead, they are home. Cry for the living, because they are the ones who are truly away.

Sic vita est. Vale.

5 years ago

Gratitude to Nick. He left a legacy of courage. Love surround his family. And Kyle, I’m only half-way through the show and am very moved, both by your tribute to Nick and by your passionate encouragement for each to do more. What struck me deeply were these words of yours: “We need to keep our hatred channeled at the proper target.” All the major religions, even spiritual camps have for so long dictated to us to not hate, that hatred was very wrong and not at all spiritual. With that programming, many could not understand that we are equipped with the ability to hate because it is natural and important. Hate sounds the alarm that something is not right, actually horribly wrong, and needs steadfast… Read more »

Reply to  Liz
5 years ago

Very sorry. That was a false story about the Boston ambush. I did not recognize it as satire. Apologies

4 years ago

I didn’t really know Nick or listened to any of his broadcasts. But like so many who tried to uncover and spread the truth, he went down. Since we all eventually die anyway, you might as well die fighting. RIP.

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