Solar Storm: No Rights for Whites (8-18-19)

Kyle talks about all of the insane anti-White rhetoric coming from political prostitutes and the mockingbird media and where it is all heading.

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Anthony Roberts

The jewish supremacists’ main weapon is the threat of losing your slave job, and the possibility of you and your family being homeless. That is why it is so important to support those who are a bit more independent thinking, and are willing to risk theirs and their family’s lives to save our race. At the very least, purchase some hand-made, natural, healthy products from , and help the only site not contolled by our enemy, and speaking out on White genocide. PS Thanks Kyle. Without yours and Sinead’s drive, integrity, and bravery, this would be a complete sheet show ( and i mean sheet as in CIA run KKK 3×11=33 duping, a nazi/viking larping drama, all led and financed by jews ). If… Read more »


I second that, Mr. Anthony. Very well said, sir.


Great show, Kyle. The Jews have created a climate of deception for too long and unfortunately, our people have become slaves of fear. We (I mean the general population not fully awake to the game being played) fear to speak out due to threats of violence, loss of income, shame of being called a “racist, nazi, bigot, homophobe, etc…”. The Jews know they have us by the the throat but I am optimistic, as I’m sure you are, that the tide is turning. Folks are getting wise to their schemes but they need to get over this senseless phobia of being labeled “antiSemitic”. This is one of their many ways of holding sway over the narrative. Now, obviously I’m not saying anything new here but… Read more »

Golf Ball

P. Parenthood deprivation getting some high fives from MAGAs today,

But, consider the RACE stats of who’s aborted? Few years ago at least, it was over half of black fetuses in (either NYC or State) – suspect that’s close to same everywhere in urban/USA.

So U can guess where I’m going: Is depriving (poor blacks++) abortions good or bad thing, wrt browning of USA?


I met the great nephew of Albert Speer once. It was really quite disgusting. He dripped with contempt as he disavowed his evil relation and bragged of how his family, in ashamed horror at their members sheer depravity had donated all of Speers papers to a holocaust organization in groveling repentance. He’d said his great uncle had designed the gas chambers. I told him they never existed. Then he tried telling me the Germans used diesel to gas jews. I corrected him that diesel exhaust, while irritating was not deadly and could not have been used for mass exterminations. He argued vehemently that it could have (I’d done my homework by asking a diesel mechanic about it and what their work safety and ventilation practices… Read more »

Ronald Busuttil

Can someone please tell me the name of the song that plays during the first break? I tried to write the lyrics but nothing came close, thanks.


That’s NOT a real pic! C’mon!! That HAS to be a troll!!!


I love how the Jews propaganda only works on Blacks, Mexicans and stupid white teenagers. I can also see that a small, but growing number of black people are waking up to the lefts Jewish Government racism. I mean really. Who is the most racist, those that identify with every decision or those that can flourish without that factoring? White people are the most confident in their ability not to interact like tribal animals compared to other races that fight and genocide people of their own race, steal, murder and cannibalize their brethren. That’s why white have been the worlds great builders of society because they WORK AS ONE RACE UNITED!!! They’ll never take that away from us. It will only turn another desolate land… Read more »


lol!! It’s all about bankrupting the US for world Zionist regime. I mean it’s great really! Bring all the other races to the US and then we’ll migrate to the places they can from after the US eats itself. We can take back all of our traditional lands!!!