The Solar Storm: Out with the Old, In with the Jew (1-1-17)

Kyle discusses the recent UN resolution against Israel, who might be behind PizzaGate, Trump as the Likudnik president, Alt Right shilling, the reactionary jew, Israeli terrorism, the Russian factor, and so much more.

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Thank you for the way your mind works Kyle.
So grateful for your insights.

Perfect show for the first day of the new year. Thanks for publicizing the Tribune, and founding the Broadcast, Kyle. As far as my answer in the latest poll here, “Were you Pleased with 2016?”, I answered, “ambivalent”. Yes, it is about what we do from here!

I answered pleased. I could have gone with the response you chose also, but I think it’s important to give ourselves credit where and when it is due. Think about this, sites like the dailystormer were actually set up to act as controlled opposition to sites like this one, Scott Roberts (use to dig up useful work from there if you have the time) and other similar sites. The kikes went bat shit crazy this past year ramping things up and it’s because WE’VE ramped things up! Our numbers are growing, leaders in other countries, such as Hungary, are interfering with the jews agenda. Take comfort in our incremental gains because this thing may last longer than some of us have on the… Read more »

Of course, you are right, hermit. Thanks. I also want to acknowledge and thank Kyle for his years of publishing the Tribune and producing the Films.

Oh, although I agree with most of the points made by hermit, I am still ambivalent and look forward to seeing the answers given in Renegade’s latest poll offered here, and the results. Of course, also praise to Kyle for the leadership efforts he has unselfishly given in 2016 and earlier.

Fantastic dynamic show. Thank you Kyle and all at Renegade.

I totally called it first that The Cuckteff (Lana) laughs like Butthead of Beavis & Butthead. Ah-huh-huh-huh-huh-huh.

You brought up “Crash Course World History” with the Jew John Green. Props!

[…] is closest to my views and perspective on issues. I am a regular reader and like their radio shows. Last night’s show with Kyle Hunt was especially thought provoking. Their documentary “Hellstorm” is on […]

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For all the “goy” out there who got razor raped, make 2017 the year you begin restoring your foreskin. I’ve been in the process for about four months, and I highly recommend it to all victims of mutilation. It’s not difficult, only takes a few minutes a day, and has amazing benefits both psychologically and sexually. And you won’t have to look like a damn jew down there ever again! Start today. You will never regret it.

Sealed in their tombs is also my dream, but, whitey must realize, as Graham Hart said in a recent interview, that whitey cannot win this war alone. There are many victims of the jew, and everyone must join forces..

Stone is jewish surname – when jews came to America some of them changed their surnames from Stein to Stone, which means the same thing.

I am so happy to see that Renegade Broadcasting is not on the Zionist Trump bandwagon!!

Thank you Kile, this was your best show ever. Happy new year, keep fighting.
If only someone could find a way to destroy all TW’s.

Why are you not talking about if it is or is not fake?

That could have been intentional to create automatic discredit, given that people in general hear something and make instant conclusions about it. The media does know how to string people in a direction. Then again the public have largely been trained to automatically respond to buzz terms and language and go no further in determining any veracity beneath. Would you rebrand it to something that does not sound like competition for pizza hut or pizza express?