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Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

I got Tim jogger, Boseman butt and Nancy P. That was about all. All these hoax and ff events get dirty-deleted from ma brain. Wow, that was so hard Kyle, you White sharia quiz-ogynist! Sinead got a solid 60% – good goin’ hand (soap) maiden. Speaking of Hanks and his Larry Crown/Corona movie in 2011. He did another unfunny, loss-making dud in 2016. Basically Larry Crown in Saudi Arabia. What was it called? “A HOLOGRAM FOR THE KING” El-vis, Needle, Seattle?.. and it was released 4/20/16. Washington is the 42nd state. Hmm? P. S. Happy White Uprising in 2021, to all Renegade folk. Thank you Kyle & Sinead for never ‘tapping out’ to the jewish supremacists. We all need to have your energy and endeavour,… Read more »

Lady Cat
Reply to  Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

Sadly I got them all right. I’ve been paying really close attention to everything this year because of the acceleration. Over the years, I’d take breaks because the violence and hate directed at us is taxing on the soul. I’m due for one now, it would seem. (and that’s the crux of it. We really just want to be left alone. Never met a White who wanted to go back to slavery. Supremacy is jewish. In fact I curse our ancestors for not stopping these jews from doing it in the first place. I’m literally exhausted with blacks and jews, let alone buy them and bring them on my property around my family!! Noooooo ) If we could build a 10 mile platform ethno- state… Read more »

1 year ago

good show, its amazing how much shit they can pack into one year.

Lady Cat
1 year ago

Your Changlish is almost as good as my new blue tooth speakers They’re not even bothering to use white actors or voice overs anymore “ yar brutooth device is weady to pah” “ conneted sosefuly” Yes round eye we are superiah and can make goo cophy goo cophy better then you As unfortunately white woman are getting larger, and are sick with this jewish mind virus, some white men are jumping ship in the direction their kosher masters tell them. And although they seem to think of themselves as our equals and better (as the alt right would have us believe) deep down they know the “round eye” is better in every way That’s why they copy us, terribly I might add “Doctor doctor please… Read more »

Lady Cat
1 year ago

The good old days
When they used euphemisms for our slaughter
“ we’re just doing away with white-ness, not white people”

Lady Cat
1 year ago

I’m pretty sure they also quietly took “race” of people out of the dictionary
At least Googles dictionary

And once again jews accuse their victims of their own actions. No, jews consider that family entertainment. They bring the whole family, even Grandma to watch the bombings of Palestinians.
Oh vey

Here’s to a new year. Thanks again Renegade.

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