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Hank Fears
4 years ago

Great show Kyle. Thank you

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

Nice to hear your life story, Kyle. You have crammed so many experiences into thirty-something years. And you ended up with your true soulmate… Michelle, er no, Sinead! (Only joking)

It sounds as if our creator(s) chose you because of your receptive and creative mind. Those occurences were very strange, but believable. Can’t wait for part 2 – “Bear hug and beyond!”

PS Was that just a coinky that you mentioned a band named 311 (3rd Nov?) or do you think they are using you as a wifi hotspot messenger? You didn’t recruit for Boeing, did you?

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

I agree I was on the edge of my seat listening.

4 years ago

On the Kyle Reese thing… its funny how Sinead is very much like the Clair Danes character that was his wife too. The part where they cant trust anyone because they do not know who is a real human or a robot, just like on here with so many bots. And that they used a DNA database to eliminate his friends in the future so they would never meet to help him… very strange.
Did you know that black woman Sophia Stewart still claims she wrote the Terminator and the Matrix? Ever hear of that? It could be really true or just a giant jteam hoax… but I do want to see the new Matrix. Thats sure to be interesting in this all

Reply to  southernseamstress
4 years ago

btw forgot to mention that snopes says that she didn’t write it.. so it must be true lol.

4 years ago

Excellent show, Kyle.

4 years ago

Thank you very much Kyle. I really enjoyed this show and feel I can relate to a lot of your story. I’m in 12th grade currently, a very interesting time in life indeed. Looking back even just one year.. a bunch of cringeworthy things, but I am glad that I have come such a way and Renegade has been a crucial part of my journey. I have ignited the flame of true, lasting motivation to better myself in every way possible and fight for a better future for our people. I do believe I didn’t stumble onto this path by coincidence. I look ahead with excitement, uncertain what the future will bring, but one thing is for sure, I’m not quitting, no matter how hard… Read more »

4 years ago

Absolutely brilliant programme, Kyle!
As soon as I saw the title I knew it would be a grand one,
And it was.Thank you Sir for letting us get to know you better.

4 years ago

Always interesting to hear how ‘aware’ people got to where we are. Especially the order where we reach different truths.

I grew up in a similar mostly white area to you(doesn’t sound quite as nice though). I had a huge culture shock with multiculturalism in college(I had a very negative experience with low level college football here which really awakened me to the racial issue).

For me the Jewish issue was the last thing to really ‘click’, I didn’t really get that part till like 2014 when I would have been like 21-22 years old when things finally started falling into place bit by bit.

Great show

4 years ago

i loved this show, i enjoyed very much listening to your life’s journey, it felt similar to reading a good book. I also went back to your first interview on red ice, The Gods of Technology. I thought it was a wonderful interview. I do recommend people to listen to that one, It was very good and a deep inside into where the tech world is taken us. very interesting to see where it sort of started for Kyle. it was 10 years ago that interview but still so relevant today, even more so.

Ragnar Fan
4 years ago

Cool story. I believe it all, having had similar experiences. Just don’t be so judgmental towards people posting on your site, calling them trolls etc. I remember posting about a guy who sat opposite me on the train who wore a mjolnir necklace and you said that I was a troll for relating that experience. Just some constructive criticism. I also think that there are a lot fewer trolls than we all think there are. It’s just that we’ve been trained not to trust each other and assume the worst. Even a person who hasn’t looked into the Jew history of things and is asking legitimate questions would come across as a troll to some people. I’ve seen UFOs but just points of light in… Read more »

Arman Truth
4 years ago

Kyle, have you been in touch with any other Armanists or Serrano initiates? They may have been monitoring you to ensure you dont, I don’t know. Those people certainly dont recruit anymore. I’m not sure about the things you said you could see, be helpful if you explained some more. Get hold of a few books like NOS: Book of Resurrection, Resurrection of the Hero and AH: Ultimate Avatar.

4 years ago

Thanks for sharing. I think a lot of people started waking up to jews around 2012 oddly enough as it fits into the lifting of the veil or apocalypse theme which was floating around pretty heavily in the years preceding, even though the mayan calander is supposedly way off. Thought that was pretty interesting. That’s also when TGSNT was published which had a great impact on everyone and soon after Hellstorm.

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