Solar Storm: Out for a Jog with ZOG (5-10-20)

Kyle brings on Sinead for a “hot take” on the rising racial tensions in America and then Kyle gets into some more coronavirus news.

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During an online “discussion” about how C19 is racist, a guy who is a bit of a tool but nonetheless asks a simple yet logical question. The answer and the person who answered is typical.

Anthony Roberts

Hey Whitey! U Can’t Touch This….it’s Hammertime! “jew, jew, jew-jew”. This jewflix “Armed Robbery” lynchin’ would have been planned and scripted a while back. Race/civil war, along with blackouts and food shortages, were always shown coming in their illuminati card games. This jim crow murder of MC Timberland took place on 2/23. It’s racist to imply 322 skullduggery, btw. All the usual ingredients: Hic looking Whites, one named Travis, to evoke ‘Taxi Driver’ movie. Angelic tuxxed clean-cut black. Shakey footage. Zog officials with masonic same letter names. Big gun celebs j-z and alicia preachin’; plus a mayoress named ‘Lance-Bottoms”. Booty calls…foul! P.S. Thanks both. Most of our folk will swallow this jewish media ritual circus, like they did with the hoax O.J Simpson case in… Read more »


I don’t have a chatango account so just posting this here as it’s quite an interesting snippet to hear. Now let me start out saying I’m no “Fetch” fan as I find his Trump shilling to this day totally intolerable but I will listen to his Saturday show every now & then just to see where he’s at. I did this over the last weekend due in part to a distinct lack of anything else decent to listen to while working from home. In this latest show dated 9 May 2020 (not linking here so go find it yourself) there’s a nice little sound byte starting 43′ 35” about “some form of National Socialist economic policies” being the only way to get the world back… Read more »


Of course he’s going to say true things. He’s still a rat who claimed Kyle and I were basically child rapists since we do films about it. That man is garbage.


Yep. He shilled hard out for Trump again some time after that & I just couldn’t listen to the rest. It was hard enough just getting past “The Cat Report”! Apparently there was a less than gracious parting of ways between him & Mami’s where both sides were basically calling each other jews & someone called him an egotistical old boomer lol! Reminds me of when you brought up why someone would call themselves “The Fetch”. Ahhh it’s all so sordid in the troofer trenches/basements LOL! 😀


The covid scam has caused controlled opposition scammers to repeat Nazi lies on dayly basis, which I pointed out to them dozens of times. It is really frustrating to see how Germans are further humiliated by false war propaganda. Today American Vagabond spoke of a “new Nazi Germany.” I unsubscribed from the channel. thanks to Kyle & Sinead who maintain a strict line when it comes to truth, which I respect deeply. it’s really hard to believe that the “right-wing” and “truth movement” guys who talk about fascism, Nazis, and Hitler on a daily basis have never seen Hellstorm or the Greatest story never told. Operation paperclip and its false version are also very popular among those liars.


Well said. It’s a real pity that so many people in the “patriot movement” who otherwise get just about everything else right also fall for this BS. A lot of them are actually well-meaning people & know a lot about The Bill of Rights spelling out the supreme law being in the hands of individuals & that the corporate law that governments currently run under is illegitimate, etc, etc but this “nazi” stuff is their one stumbling block. A whole lot of them still believe that the “socialism” of WWII Germany pretty much equates to the communism of Soviet Russia. These people could be your best allies as they hold similar views that both the left & the right are BS divide & conquer and… Read more »

If it’s unusually cold, might be because of the grand solar minimum we are in…. ..Not ruling out meddling with weather, I see enough trails in the sky haha… I think I found another connection to the pedophilia symbol ; within the MTV series Daria I was re-watching recently, the character ‘Trent’ has a band called Mystik Spiral with a suspicious logo on the drum kit. Not to mention there is lots of eating pizza in the series. Lastly I think worth mentioning, the contact tracing really reminds me and I think is gearing people up for something like a Psycho-Pass. This is the name of an Anime series I watched, and I’ll give you the blurb from wiki for it here.. [ Psycho-Pass is… Read more »


That makes me think of Mystic Pizza.