The Solar Storm: Patrick – Ancient Aryan Ascendancy (7-16-17)

Kyle speaks to Patrick, writer for Renegade Tribune, about his Ancient Aryans work, the path that led him to researching the lost past, the influence of the Black Sea civilization and the flood epics, the invasions of Europe, relations with more primitive peoples, the “Out of Africa” theory, the history of Christmas, how we are being attacked today, why we need a connection to our roots, how we can draw inspiration and tactics from the past victories and defeats of our people, and so much more.

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Hey Kyle interesting show with the previous guest that you had on this past weekend.

You should look into having Patrick Chouinard more often on the Solar Storm Show on Renegade Broadcasting Network.

Not sure if you guys mentioned it as I haven’t listened to the show yet, but I want to learn more about the Tartarian(Aryan) Empire. Last week I randomly stumbled upon this old poem (in a museum under glass), it made reference to old kings of Tartary, who had faces as white as air. Earth-Visitors – Poem by Kenneth Slessor THERE were strange riders once, came gusting down Cloaked in dark furs, with faces grave and sweet, And white as air. None knew them, they were strangers— Princes gone feasting, barons with gipsy eyes And names that rang like viols—perchance, who knows, Kings of old Tartary, forgotten, swept from Asia, Blown on raven chargers across the world, For ever smiling sadly in their beards And… Read more »

Slessor’s true surname was Schloesser. His family was German-jewish.

Paper this week looks at the strange case of hominid mucous; Bottom line? “Sub Saharan Africans” also known as blacks have a mucous gene that is closer to chimpanzee than either human or neanderthal – by a huge margin! We’re talking multi million years old! The author: “This unknown human relative could be a species that has been discovered, such as a subspecies of Homo erectus, or an undiscovered hominin.” “Given the rate that genes mutate during the course of evolution, the team calculated that the ancestors of people who carry the Sub-Saharan MUC7 variant interbred with another ancient human species as recently as 150,000 years ago, after the two species’ evolutionary path diverged from each other some 1.5 to 2 million years ago.”… Read more »

is Michael tsarion legit?

Yes mate, he has been around 15 years doing great work – his work speaks for itself – he thoroughly exposes the kike and the Frankfurt School. He shows that civilisation is from NW Europe, not Africa or the Middle-East. Check his websites. He even has one about the jewish war against the Germanic people

thanks mate, i like how he exposes kikes, real deep on the the esoteric and his research into ancient cultures are amazing! Overall I think he may be a genius.

Just so you know,he constantly promotes Crowley, Reich, and Freud.

Hello Kyle, you had a Bulgarian nationalist from Attack (I think) on a show a while ago, his name is Georgi…do you have his Twitter username? Thanks

Great to hear from Patrick again and I hope he comes on more in the future.

At the tail end of the show, you mention female soldiers and how they shouldn’t be there – why not? Women are being sold on the idea that they can do everything a man can do. If they need to learn a hard lesson on the front lines of zion’s wars advancing the Oded Yinon Plan, so be it.