The Solar Storm: Patrick – Ancient Aryans (10-23-16)


Kyle speaks with Patrick, author of Forgotten Worlds, Lost Race of the Giants, The Lost Worlds of Ancient America, and more. Topics include: the origins of the Aryan people, the archaeological evidence of our incredible pre-historic ancestors, worldwide presence, redheads and blondes, the onset of Christianity, the deliberate erasure of our past and our bloodline, future prospects, and so much more.

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Anthony Roberts

What a fantastic show! Thank you Kyle and Patrick. These topics really are my guilty pleasure. Learning about our ancient white peoples, giants, quarry theory and giant trees – i love it!!

PS Has anyone heard from Northwoods? He had just made a LUDU i think. His call-ins were so on-point and uplifting – i hope he’s okay.

In touch with an associate and no bad news, which is good news. LUDUs are of course “underground” .

Karen in E Tenn

Great show! I love these topics. I would really like to get into the Vatican vaults someday. I bet this is much hidden under the Smithsonian as well.


Im really enjoying the level you are reaching in this broadcast. Excellent one, Im tuned in and it tickles my blood.

I heard the jews took all the gold into their temple an then the Greeks had no way to pay their armies.


Excellent show. I have thought that there may be an Irish connection to ancient Egypt ever since finding out that dwarfs in Egypt were given a special status and were sometimes employed as goldsmiths or minders-of-the-vault. This could be the origin of the Leprechaun.


nice conversation…all royals are RH Negative even obama, do some reasearch…and ary means nobel in sandskrit. an is close to anu…roots in Babylon


Listen at 12 min to hear about some of the rh – royals/leaders


I thoroughly enjoyed this show. I find this topic fascinating and can’t get enough of it. Perhaps Patrick could do some wildcard shows. I would definitely listen. Thanks again!

Question: What do you guys think of Trumps uncle, John, leaving Donald Nikola Telsa’s notes after John died?

Chris Taylor

I always here about Blonde and Red. So where do brunettes comes from?