The Solar Storm: Payday Monsanto (2-22-15)


Kyle speaks with musician Payday Monsanto. Topics include: Payday’s experiences with the Truth Movement, splits and coalitions within the alternative media, fake news, anti-White propaganda and violence, illegal immigration, Jews, Nazis, and much more!

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Jesus Christ, Get a fucking life. Why didn’t you just call into the show? Plane hugger? Still? I never was a “plane hugger”. Get a grip, junior.

Mommy professor, would you like to see my cock? You stupid stringy haired whore.


Three hours and this is all someone is able to conjure? The “question” is absolutely ridiculous and makes no difference. When all someone can contribute is something such as the above, which is clearly void of anything constructive and intended instantly and solely to polarize, that person is a moron as far as i’m concerned and not to be taken seriously. It’s actually hilarious between the proselytizing no-planer and the [purported] “mommy” professor. The latter’s comment being akin to something a hasbarat would say. I have European ancestry but I have zero respect for those “whites” who behave no differently than the “niggers” they so claim to despise. I honestly think your cause is futile and unnecessary. I’m sorry for the offensive language but i… Read more »


Concerning your 911 spam

The only thing i give a flying fuck about concrning 911 is the fact that the only people arrested that day (and in following) days were Israelis. Anything not germane to that is inconsequential at this point and a distraction.


A very good interview as expected. Payday has hit harder lyrically than anyone as far as Israel/Jewish fingerprints on 9/11. There’s no need to answer dumb questions. It’s 14 years on. It’s obvious what happened, who was involved, and what was the geopolitical motive. The truth won’t surface until we have the vehicles to carry it. Political power, media…. get control back. I would have liked to know more about Payday’s experience as a mixed race person as in how his stance is perceived and received in the black community for instance. Payday’s music is top class in my opinion and very effective. Here’s a challenge to you my friend. Give us a track with a straight ahead stiff beat, a heavy guitar part and… Read more »

Pajo, considering that more alternative researchers who still insist that nearly 3000 died on 9/11 are now saying that ALL these major false flag events are actually hoaxes with actors (John Kaminski, Charlie Giuliani, Christopher Bollyn to name three), it’s very important to question the *how* with 9/11, in order to see the patterns later on. If most or all of the victims were faked on 9/11, then it’s nothing for them to fake all of them in subsequent smaller events. Media fakery is their big tool, and to ignore that is to ignore their primary weapon.

Easily one of the best shows I’ve heard in a long time – great job by the host and the guest.

El Buggo

Dave Mansfield, is that you? The commercial plane crashes 911 and the victim part of the story is the basis for the War on Terror and all this other nonsense we have to go along with. Do we have 3 guys in a week now they claim someone they knew well perished in the WTC towers? Would be a sensation if we could prove that 1 or more was killed in this operation. That may get everyone involved in the operation guilty in a Conspiracy to Murder, with no statute of limitations. I’m sure the national news anchors and the producers at Fox wouldn’t like to learn that. What will Katie Couric et al say to that? But what do we have here except for… Read more »

Negentropic aka Jason Erb said at Mami’s… 41 minutes in, from the audio of Payday calling Alex Jones in 2007/2008, to expose Jones for the elite Jewish gatekeeping shill he is, he mentioned losing three friends due to 9/11, and “two of whom were blown to smithereens by Controlled Demolition.” @Payday Are you still a 9-11 plane-hugger? As in do you believe that 2 planes made of aluminum (basically very large beer cans which are fragile enough to be damaged with full holes through simple bird collisions) can penetrate 500,000 ton steel & concrete building like a hot knife through butter, without ANY, not a single part out of MILLIONS falling off , ZERO deceleration as proven by frame-by-frame analysis of all the videos… Read more »


Correction: Forgot the link to this one:

A literal TON of information exposing as clear as day what a gigantic liar, fraud and traitor, ex-James-Randi associate Willie ‘Boom’ Rodriguez (the Carlos Arredondo multi-cultural ‘hero’ of 9-11) is:

mommy professor

This guy is non white right?


It’s funny that the two people who decide to comment BOTH do so derisively. You get what you give when you’re dealing with me.


BTW, I was alerted of these comments by someone. I didn’t come here to look, or listen to the show.

Payday, Glad to see you respond to your interview, but unfortunate that it was related to some ad hominem attacks. I would appreciate you contacting me personally about my comment that was linked to here by another person, and that I emailed you about. I care about the Israelis, too, but I also care about every other aspect about 9/11, such as demonstrated media fakery (Harley t-shirt actor and the inserted birds into a tower shot, among others). Until I hear the details outside of the mass media about those who have died, I have to continue to rule in the possibility that most or all of those who were said to have died on 9/11 didn’t actually die, and if you’ve seen the movie… Read more »


Kyle, thank you for doing this interview with Payday. Payday definitely is thinking for himself. Really excellent interview and insights. The fact that this interview needed to touch on basic issues like “how to know if something is true or not” – basically encapsulates much of the entire alternate media effort. Not many people actually have any formal training in truth finding. It’s a science. It’s not about “belief”. “Belief” isn’t a recognized truth finding methodology. You start with data collection. The data is organized into information. The information is checked for consistency by cross-referencing disparate data and info sources and is checked for deception. If something cannot be verified as being a true fact – it is not accounted as a true fact. We… Read more »



I have four names of people allegedly connected to the event that are not in the vicsim report.

I do agree on the vicsim report however.

I prefer and hope you guys use (almost) nobody died : CERTAINLY NOT IN PLANES : instead of (probably) nobody died.

If you want those names I can provide them privately.


“Give us a track with a straight ahead stiff beat, a heavy guitar part ”

the track in the link below has a great simple beat, with a guitar riff. Not exactly heavy guitar but the track is effective.

just read of another White kid in London stabbed to death for his bicycle by..3 yoofs (no description given)

In the comments you can see folks are getting wise “Why no description of the attackers?” is a common theme.

One person blames “knifecrime” as if these knives are just flying round unattached.
Just like the way “guncrime” is used as a euphemism, in USA.

“Knives dont kill people, n*ggers do”

Paul Hickman


Just answer mp’s question. Your answer is an embarrassment.


Hey payday, just wanted to say that you’re based as fuck and keep up the good work. I don’t know why people are giving you shit. Much love dude. See you on the other side.


@Payday Over-sensitive much? You’re damn right I’m your professor. Plane-hugger wasn’t meant as an insult, just a light taunt. Sorry that you don’t know the difference and had to react this way. A stringy haired whore, your cock? What kind of crap is that? And I thought you had a genuine interest in the truth. The Israeli connection is NOT at question here, the media-fakery position is absolutely thoroughly researched and points EVEN MORE in a Israeli direction than Bollyn’s and Sabrosky’s gatekeeping of No-Planes and VicSims, starting with people like Steven Rosenbaum of Camera Planet, Charles Hirsch and Howard Lutnick, three people Alex Jones, Dylan Avery, Christopher Bollyn and Prostink never told you about. Direct agent or useful idiot, the result being the same:… Read more »