The Solar Storm: Phil Tourney & Dave Gahary – Israel’s Attack on the USS Liberty (4-30-17)

Kyle speaks with Phil Tourney, USS Liberty survivor and outspoken activist, and Dave Gahary of American Free Press about their USS Liberty Movie project, the true history of the crew and the horror they experienced at the hands of Israel, how the US government covered it up, and the ongoing struggle to bring light to this subject.

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Donation from Denmark. I want to see this happening.

That makes 2 Danes now. Donated 25$ + shipping. People need to know about this, looking forward to the book and the movie!

It has been an honour to listen to you three American heroes. I hope your book and film are successful and you get your funding. Israel needs to be exposed and held accountable.

PS Happy Beltane (May Day) to all Renegade folk – keep fighting!

Fantastic show. I applaud the courage of these two men. I hope your movie is complete soon. When the American people find out about this event I hope they finally see Israel for what it is, our worst ally EVER!

Donated $25 + ordered USS Liberty material

If you don’t help out shame on you & when you or your children are one of the 2800 slaves promised to the Jews you’ll deserve it.

Sorry Renegade Broadcasting……this donation went to the USS Liberty.

Awesome show!

I loved it from my phone on tune in. I am downloading it now. I can make a donation via phone. My paypal is messed up.

Great show! I will support the book and the movie.

What exactly is Renegade’s mandate and mission statement? It seems that it is hard hitting and uncensored, but that is hardly a mission statement. So what is it? Before bed, I checked the comments under the latest Solar Storm show and noticed a comment from someone called Chubbs, criticizing Renegade for being like the Jews in Renegade’s latest trend of censorship. Quite the opposite of what Renegade claims to be….. hmmmm…. Perhaps it isn’t anything new? The Totalitarian Tiptoe may have been there all along and no one noticed it? After all, it is done in stealth. I decided to reply to Chubbs in the morning and went to bed. Lo and behold, this morning, when I went to reply to Chubb’s comment, it was… Read more »
The arrow of these words pains my heart:  “The only other group as intransigent as Jews, are the vegans and vegetarians, who have a superiority complex and are horribly judgmental.”  This is actually the standing in judgement of those who, out of conscience or concern for health and environment, take a stand. And many were standing here before the false accusations that vegetarianism is all being pushed by the Globalist agenda and its attendant Agenda 21/30 plan. That’s not to say that they won’t use any movement to their advantage, but the awareness about the consequences of meat-eating so preceded any of that.   I just looked up your word “Intransigent.”  Definition: unwilling or refusing to change one’s views or to agree about something. There can be… Read more »

I just re-listened to this video I posted and realized it’s not perfect and there will be objections to some of his beliefs and opinions, but there’s that old saying: “Take what you can use and leave the rest.” Another way I’ve heard it put is, “Trust the poem if not the poet.” It reminds me of being at the farmer’s market and the vendor has something I absolutely need and he or she is also selling something that I am appalled by. I still take what fills my need. Same with web-sites. None is entirely perfect, yet often gems are offered.

This Joyster woman really is a bitter old bint isn’t she?! And now she stoops to the lowly level of pretending to be someone else to bitch & moan about censorship on someone else’s private website & spread her vileness here yet more? A website btw that censors waaaaaay less than just about every other site out there so if indeed it did happen there must’ve been a damn good reason why! Do you not have better things to do with your life than this dark, unproductive nonsense foul wench? What a sad old wretch! Be gone demon before we drag your hairy hooves to the ducking chair & ready the pyre!!!

Ouch that is way severe! Burning people at the stake? That sounds very Abrahamic, extreme and rude to me. I do not know what all this is about but why all this infighting? I came here to see about this show and send money to the men working on the movie and love this show and the movies I have seen. I am referring people to your site. I want to keep loving this show because Red Ice is out to lunch and David Icke does not get to the main point, ZOG! Bitterness keeps you from flying, always stay humble and kind.

“…sounds very Abrahamic, extreme and rude…” Not really if you have a well-developed sense of humor & a knowledge of the subject we’re dealing with. It’s not uncommon for the somewhat uninitiated to believe that jews are EVERYWHERE & influence or control EVERYTHING – they actually want you to believe that. Their whole system is built on “belief” so don’t fall for it. happy shicksa, when you’ve been around long enough you’ll finally figure out that “infighting” happens in places that touch nerves. It happens a lot this way – infiltrator/nutjob sets themselves up as “friend”, builds up a degree of “trust”, gets others around them to support their stance THEN starts to try & subvert from within by creating “infighting”. Classic method really albeit… Read more »

Why don’t you debate me on FE and veganism then “Tara”? I’m always open for a debate even though you claim us “retards” are not.

Also, the reason your comments are appearing at the bottom of the page is because people are thumbs downing them. It’s called free speech, Joyster. If you’re mad because we won’t censor criticisms of you, then it sounds like you are the one looking for a cult that worships you. None of us had an issue w you advocating for meat eating but you have obsessively been hung up on the issue of other people not wanting to eat dead flesh for several weeks now. It seems that you want everyone to eat just like you do, which is weird, seeing as how you are apparently against “cults”.

Twisting words and back stabbing seem to be your forte.
Your stance is divisive period.
That is my point.
How many women in your women’s group are flat earth vegans?
You should do a poll…..
Oh and ask your lovely civilized commentators and trolls while you’re at it.
Can’t wait to hear the results 🙂

Unlike you, I don’t care how many flat earth vegans there are in my women’s group. Weird how none of them want to join your “splinter group”. I thought you were so knowledgeable and good with people. Well, at least you have “Tara” to talk to now. (even if she might just be in your head)

You are behaving irrationally but maybe you will grow out of it when/if you mature

Oh yes, Joyster the enlightened guru. Maybe one day I’ll be as productive and healthy as you are.

Look out. Watch Leslie as she puts her kalika war party paint-stripes back on her wannabe native american ghost-face as she shines her incredibly discerning “Matangi eye” on the Renegade cult. Joyster was a sinking ship from day one (for every group – or “cult” – that she has ever tried to infiltrate) and everyone knew it … and, brilliantly, we all just sat here and silently watched her sink her own self-indulgent “uber-intellgent” ship just as we all watched Dorsey sink his own ship (as well as the ship of his golem, David Dauterive). Infiltrators always out themselves eventually. Patience is key. Silence is golden.

Funny AND true! 😉

Kalika War Party?I thought this was the U.S.S. Liberty is that another name for our naval ship? I know the Liberty was a ship that almost sank. This talk is about a sinking of other peoples ships? Who or what is the Dorsey?

Try & keep up schicksa, we can only carry you so far! 😉

The Kalika Warped Putty is an imaginary fantasy of John Lamb Lash, that so far has proven useless in creating one ounce of positive change in the world, but has put money in his pocket and deluded a bunch of sycophantic lemmings, who hang on his every word and think they are cutting edge and avante garde, but who have accomplished absolutely NOTHING. They wind yarn around trees and expect it to kill predators. So far this technique of ‘high magic’ has proven useless. JLL’s talk of the ‘lethal strike’ is a fantasy and it never was, is or will be, but the promise of it keeps his followers coming back for more BS. Chris Dorsey had a show on Renegade once and David is… Read more »

So Foster knows about the KWP…?”
Anyone who heard JLL talking on Renegade or on any of his interviews about it elsewhere around the same time knows of it to varying degrees. It isn’t exactly hidden knowledge.