The Solar Storm: Pizza Gateway to Pan’s Labyrinth (12-11-16)

For the first hour Kyle speaks with Casey from Enter The Stars about some strange connection between PizzaGate, the goat god Pan and underground tunnel systems. Then Sinead comes on for the second hour to elaborate on some of the things already discussed and bring in jewish ritual murder.

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“I’m not going to argue bible passages with you”…you’re awesome Kyle! Great show as always (only halfway or so through but I had to post hearing that). I don’t know why proponents of the Bible, like Charles says again and again, simply can’t refrain from pushing their book? It really is like an illness. You were very restrained and focused on the topic at hand yet he kept pushing and pushing, overtly and through innuendo, so kudos.

Guest was very interesting and insightful once he stopped the biblical references

They can’t help it. They believe it to be the “Word of God”. Sadly it COMPLETELY controls their world view. Their blind to any information that contradicts their belief system. If one ever questions it, it crumbles under scrutiny. But so few ever do. Especially if they were indoctrinated from early childhood.

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mohammed was originally spelled mahomet which is literally a game of chinese whispers away from baphomet. i don’t think pan = all = allah is a link though because allah = al-lah meaning ‘the god’

also they use the crescent moon and star as a symbol

so it seems like baphomet is a corruption of mahomet instead of the reserve. there’s definitely a satanic aspect to it as well as judaic. it may well be that jehovah is satan – jehovah is first named in exodus 6:3 which is coded 666 and also 18, 18 is a mystical number in israel. 666 is encoded in their so called star of david very many times. also ‘barack obama’ is hebrew for ‘lightning from the heights’ (barack u-bama) referring to the jesus quote ‘i beheld satan as lightning fall from heaven’. either they are satanists who claim to be jews or they are jews who pretend to be satanists, or judaism is satanism.

I saw a golf tournament the other day, called Shriners hospital ….. Some charity event. All the shriners had hats on with “wahabi” written on them.

I wonder if many psychopaths might have a certain natural interest to do evil in order to become MORE psychopathic. Just like a creative person could be interested in becoming more creative or disciplined person more disciplined, psychopaths see their lack of empathy and shame as a positive qualities, something to be further developed by doing evil deeds. You’d definitely have a lot less stress if you felt no empathy or shame, and I think that’s basically what they’re after, to become stress-free super-psychopaths, completely devoid of empathy or shame. It’s like a very dark path to liberation. Few White psychopaths would discover path like that on their own, but when they’re introduced to it by the Jews, I’m sure many are interested. And in… Read more »

With Kyle mentioning the ‘bottom meme,’ there’s a macdonalds’ festive cup with supposedly two white mittens, but it’s clearly referencing what you said ( see today’s DM online ). Someone put it on twitter. The sickos even have a ‘Turner prize’ statue showing the same thing.

Panacea – Goddess of universal remedy, all problems solved.
Pancreas – all flesh
Pan(demon)ium – all disorder, chaos.

On the subject of Pan…London has St Pancras train station, with its direct link to the Channel Tunnel and a secured-off undergound customs. Ideal for trafficing (includes a Pizza Express). St Pancras, of Rome, was some 14 year old boy who was beheaded…very Podesta-like.

OH MATE, you had on Casey from Enterthest4r5! I am in tears. This is just superb. All the good Forces all cascading together into one spear. Excellent/

BUT, I have to agree, I don’t go with the biblical stuff, but there are some really odd cross “coincidences” with his decoding.

I just went to Thomas Goodrich’s website. He is all jizzing in his pants about Donald Trump. I never cease to be amazed at how many jew-wise people have fallen for the greatest jew cock sucker of all time….The Donald. But Thomas Goodrich falling for it? Oy vey!!!! Thomas, I am truly ashamed of you.

Brilliant show! Casey was a fascinating, knowledgeable guest (Christian or not). It’d be good to hear more of him on Renegade.

Check out his videos, the connections he makes are unreal, he does make links to the Star of DVD HD 720p but not directly calling out the jew. Which is good in a sense because he doesn’t have to, sharp people will be able to see it, and he doesn’t need any more opposition which is handy. I am thinking tactics. Any astute watcher can see the Pagan/Heathen beneath the christianity, especially with the Earth eye/giant tree model he has uncovered. Its the Yggdrasil tree in a form, but not just physically, it is more Spiritual/energetic, to do with the model of reality but you know, its all connected.

Real talk, amazing show. God Bless all.

Oh have a look at this. Johnny Rotten knew there was something rotten all the way back then in the 70’s

The good book tells you that the jews who say they are jews are not but the synagogue of Satan… I keep hearing you and the women say its the jews but they get all their living laws from their king Satan.. Great show god bless!

Veni Vidi Vici — I Came. I Saw. I Conquered.

(I Ventured. I Videoed. I Viciously-Victimised.)

— Venus — 5 — “V” — is the “Quint-esential” Come-et …

Penta-gram — Baphomet has Breasts AND a — Penis — Which of-course Rhymes-with: Venus! (Venus — The Red-Heart — Which Baby-Like-“Cupids” Shoot-with-an-Arrow,) Yes, They DO Seem to Have Twisted-Our-Words: To “Shape” Our Thoughts! Core (Heart) Rupt (Burst/Break) = “Break-ones-Heart”. (“Let’s all ‘Look-Forward’ to BE: “Ruptured”/”Raptured” By He — Whose: Red-Blood — we “Symbolically” Drink, and Whose White-Bread — we “Symbolically” Eat!) — To ROT (=Red) From-Within Our-Center — Twist-Around — To Become EVIL — Without-Empathy—-a-Heart. — We CANNOT “Trust” “Be-Lie-Ve” in (((Their))) “Scalergi”-History or “Religions” or “Science”: — Telling-us of “How-the-World WAS: ‘Thousands … Millions’ of Years-Ago…” — The Third-ALTERNATIVE is: To LISTEN to Our-HEART — Which is a Sort-of-COLLECTIVE-Memory-KNOWING-the-TRUTH! 🙂 Yes! Folks MUST STOP Eating: Viciously-Butchered: Friendly-Harmless-Innocent-Animals!!! — Calves, Cows, Lambs, Sheep … >>>… Read more »
1. Upright’ Pentagram has nothing to do with Baphomet’ ‘Us’ witches dont believe in a devil. That is a bible dupe fairy tale up there with the Jewshyte in the sky. The upright Penatagram is the path of Venus in her movements around the Sun as recorded by Pythagarus. Part of the Fibornacci, Pi & the Golden number, ie the spiral pattern of a pine cone. It was adapeted by witchcraft to represent the 5 elements, Spirit above all (your soul), Earth, Air, Fire, Water underneath & the centre hexagram, & spirit top pyramid, representing the mother earth. The Inverted upside down Pentagram which is what the picture above should be showing is an invertion of ‘nature’ & natural law with nothing to do with… Read more »

A couple of things that have always bothered me regarding justice in Victoria are:

1) The badge of the police is an inverted Pentagram (that is why I wrote this here since you were talking about them).

2) The Statue of Justice on the Victorian Supreme Court is sitting down with the ‘Scales of Justice’ broken/draped across her knee symbolically suggesting no justice (just thought I would throw this in here as it is the only example of the scales being depicted in such a way).

They really cant help advertising the sicko’s they are. Keep as far away from police & legalies as possible – there is no winning unless your jew, degenerate or an invader…

Yes, Venus Penis and Mars the canard, because it doesn’t really exist. Of course there is the moon buffoon, who believes that we went there. And there’s constellation aggravation, for those who live their lives according to their daily horoscope. It’s fun to rhyme if you have the time.

? Didnt think I was ryhming. As for people following daily horoscopes seriously, they are being duped. There’s actually 56 archeotypes of personalities’ not 12 sun signs. That is what astrology really boils down to. Which is why there are 56 minor tarot cards, representing each one & the Greek system of mansion of the moons, later copied/twisted by Islam. And no the tarot is not jewish it is Egyptian which was once part of Europe. As for the moon whether or not we went there dosn’t matter, & NASA is a joke. The moon has an effect on all water tides – which is why we used to surf by plotting its phases, moontide. It also fits the rythm of individual menstraul cycles, which… Read more »

Nance, I was replying to what Albert said: “Penta-gram — Baphomet has Breasts AND a — Penis — Which of-course Rhymes-with: Venus!” And I was just amusing myself more than anything. That is interesting though, about the 56 archetypes of personalities. Maybe astrology has nothing to do with the planets. IDK

🙂 well all the deities are also associated with at least one planet as in correspondences, herbs/plants/trees the same… even animals. Planets overall are just objects that impact energy/fields overall if I was to summarize it plainly. There’s also the possibility of many worlds/plains of existence, which I’m inclined to think due to some experiences…
O/ Nate

The “Days” (Gods — Heavenly-Bodies) of the Week are:
(:-)) (O) Sun-day : (1) Mon-o-day : (2) Tues-day : (3) Wed-nes-day : (4) Thor’s-day : (5) Fri-“V”-enus-day : (6) Saturn-day

The “Days” (Gods — Heavenly-Bodies) of the Week are:
(:-) ) (O) Sun-day : (1) Mon-o-day : (2) Tues-day : (3) Wed-nes-day : (4) Thor’s-day : (5) Fri-“V”-enus-day : (6) Saturn-day

The “Days” (Gods — Heavenly-Bodies) of the Week are:
( 🙂 ) (O) Sun-day : (1) Mon-o-day : (2) Tues-day : (3) Wed-nes-day : (4) Thor’s-day : (5) Fri-“V”-enus-day : (6) Saturn-day

The Moon : Mercury : Venus — Are: “The Three-Graces”.

Aussie Luke seeks anonymous hacktivists to delve deeper into the breaking Dutch/Cambodian/Vietnamese pedophile scandal. There may be a close Rothschild connection via a Dutch castle.

Start at about 20 minutes:

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I empathize with Patrick, your caller. When my daughter was six, we lived in Scotland, and, when my parents were on holiday, we stayed at their place out in the countryside to take care of things. One day my daughter was playing on the hillside beside the house, I went outside and called to her. Two people, who had been on their way up to where she was playing, turned around when I called, and hurried back the way they had come. Needless to say, I am, to this day, glad that I went out when I did.. Watched a Russian documentary yesterday called “Sodom”. Its posted on The Truthseeker, and is about the degredation which is being inflicted on the planet. I found the… Read more »
If they are Pakistani, by definition they are Muslims. It is just the piece of India Muslims stole. Islam promotes polygamy, so it ends up with rich men getting multiple wives and an underclass of men who will, literally, fuck anything that breathes, be it goats or children. It is an intrinsic part of Islam, hence everywhere Muslims exist children and women have to be protected from that underclass of violent single. I’ve worked with Pakistanis and Afghanis who talked about fucking boys as if it was perfectly normal, as to them it is. Interesting that you are from that shithole Scotland and you are showing those great Scottish traits of being a cuck/ Brown Skin Defender. You’ll notice very few WNs from Scotland as… Read more »

Ah! Daniel, a nice jewish name for a nice jewish boy..

Evangelican cult member parents…

Really Ingrid? You’re that quick to call someone a jew? You just wrote off any credibility you thought you had.

Interesting, but the 11 satanic laws on the Earth say not to harm children. Also children are considered naturally Satanic an to be defended because they have not been corrupted by religion.

Douchebag said “…children are considered naturally Satanic…”

By whom? Not by any rational or sane person with common sense! So where does that leave you?! Douchebag…