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3 months ago

I have been listening on your broadcasts for seven years, but can’t anymore because of bandwith problems.

Cant you just prerecord and the upload video and audio separetly?

To download video I have to downloads about 3 gigs. Strwaming doesnt work well for me.

Reply to  tomgoy
3 months ago

It’s already been posted very recently but here we go again, with more detail this time. Just follow these 3 easy steps – 1. Download the smaller size video from the “Renegade Broadcasting” channel on bitchute using JDownloader 2 – 2. Demux the .aac audio file from the mp4 you downloaded using My MP4Box GUI – 3. Convert the .aac file to .mp3 using dBpoweramp Music Converter – There’s just a little of basic learning how to use those simple utilities but it’s very easy & straightforward. With DMC I recommend using the following settings with Lame encoder – Target = “Quality (VBR)” Encoding = “Slow (High Quality)” Variable Bit Rate Quality (slider) = A setting that gives you an mp3 just… Read more »

Lady Cat
Reply to  Mary
3 months ago


3 months ago

With regards to gambling, in Australia they have Pokies, and old men and women just go there all day and blow their money, it’s sad.

3 months ago

I hope you revisit the remarks of Benjamin Netanyahu when he floated the idea of creating other Israels. The destruction of Ukraine will pave the way for another Jewish state. And with the Jewish leadership of Ukraine being what it is, all they need to do is get their shabbos goy slavs to murder each other off, and Khazaria 2 will be born right before our eyes and few will notice.

Lady Cat
3 months ago

There’s a German doctor who uploaded a video saying the mRNA is misdirection and it’s all about the Graphine Oxide which becomes Graphine hydroxide This stuff is so strong and sharp you can make brake pads out of it. So essentially they are injecting micro razors into everyone Doesn’t that sound exactly like something Jews would do The butchery and callousness of it all… He said that’s why we’re seeing all these clot and heart issues He was assaulted and killed shortly after by unknown assailants FYI the arrest part of the video is not concurrent. That happened a year before his presentation and I think it was edited into the video to discredit it and have people throw the baby out with the… Read more »

Lady Cat
3 months ago

And if it IS mRNA
Read this

It may very well explain why Whites are getting the brunt of the side effects and jews are not

I don’t think this will come as a shock to anyone here
They’re targeting Whites and made sure it wouldn’t affect jews so harshly

Lady Cat
3 months ago

I’ve been a stay at home wife and mother going on 15 years now! That’s my job. My husband works outside the home. That’s his job. There’s no 50/50 when I had cramps. No 50/50 when I puked the first half of both pregnancies. No 50/50 when I pushed both watermelons out of something the size of a lemon, with no drugs. No 50/50 when I breast fed them both every hour, for years, and watched my young body take that beating. No 50/50 when those lemons grew teeth and still breastfeeding. All while staying slim, attractive, sane, taking care of a dog (now 2) a few cats, a rabbit and his father… Then some jewish troll feminist tells me “real independence” and “real woman”… Read more »

Reply to  Lady Cat
3 months ago

Hear hear!!

Lady Cat
Reply to  Sinead
3 months ago

It will have to be outside of this shit hole as I’ll need some land to grow what I need, but I’m actually really excited with this idea.

We’ll see 🤞🏻


3 months ago

Guys check this.
Thomas Sewell says KFC is Aryan and wrote a 5 star comment. image

Reply to  terminator
3 months ago

That’s hilarious.

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