Solar Storm: Preparing for The Fight of Our Lives (9-23-18)

Kyle talks about how we need to be prepared to fight our way out of this semitic situation or otherwise we have no future. He reads through some articles on self-discipline, White flight, South Africa, and non-violent communication. He also reads through some quotations about fighting and takes a call.

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Anthony Roberts

Even if you don’t possess cerebral or physical fighting prowess, like myself, a little spirit can take you a long way. My tiny flame was all but flickering and dying out by the confusion of just being in this horrible, empty world.

By chance, or by our gods, i came across Sinead’s 2015 FE interview with mason gatekeeper Eric Dubay, and i thought what has Hitler and the torture of animals got to do with flat earth? The rest is my story.

PS Top show Kyle. You, Sinead, Urban, HV, Aria, Scarlett, JS, Callwen, Bitha, to name a few, are 3 B’ers in my eyes: brains, brawn and bravery. You all lead and inspire by example.

Anthony – Eric did a decent documentary called “Adolf Hitler Vs the Jew World Order” which is pretty good, worth watching for sure. That same interview is how I found out about RB.

There’s a good channel on YT called Active Self Protection, it’s not amazing but shows countless real life examples of assaults and robberies etc. You’re probably a lot tougher than you realise, but you won’t know it until the time comes when you are tested. Running is an option as well. Most criminals don’t expect resistance but you need to decide what to do when the time comes, run or defend.

Tabitha Wolfram

Thank you for your kind words Anthony. Whether cerebral or physical, we all bring something unique and worthwhile with us to the movement.

First! Liking the topic of self discipline!


Good show. Don’t think the caller at the end was criticising you Kyle. I think i understand how he feels, we all at times have that overwhelming feeling that more has to be done but just don’t know where to start, didn’t sound to me like he was taking anything away from the great work you all do at renegade, think he just feels a bit hopeless that’s all. We’ve all been there.


Hi Kyle ,
Great show on some very important topics .
When we face the truth we find that theses vices are set up to entrap us in one way or another .
It’s the best way to create a slave rave , get all the gentiles addicted to one substance or other and to be continually chasing the highs.

I have dropped a few off the vices that a young man like myself would be easily addicted to but there is more to do , there will always be more to do .

Your work is very much appreciated even half way round the world down in nz .
Thank you


Those quotes on a disciplined life were very stirring and motivational. They were also a bit disturbing in that they show where one falls short. Got me asking why I find myself in and out of discipline and why some folks always stay on course. Perhaps the other side of discipline is addiction, and not necessarily just addiction to substance, but also to habits and comfort zones. It’s such a big topic and has so many of us by the you-know-whats, even those of us with no you-know-whats (grin). It’s the great back-stabber that offers so much and takes so much more. I throw this out there as one who struggles, but who has also tasted the fruits of the disciplined life. How sweet it… Read more »


First rule of the conflict – don’t be afraid to engage, because even if you lose, you still feel good about yourself.
Second – you don’t talk about Fight Club
etc etc


I was reading through your page code source and just want to warn you that some of the plugins you use in your wordpress installation are written by Semites. If I was you, I’d rewrite the entire site into flat html files, that way there are no cookies, no tracking, no chance of a developer or worst an ANTIFA hacker getting into you site and corrupting or erasing your content, they could even me watching who visits your website and monitoring what content they read. I would also like to ask (as I am a visitor here to) does you website go over in https? as my browser says content is going over in plain text, most websites use https these days, for both maintaining… Read more »


Look who’s hittin’ back hard. No surprise:


Josef Morris

This is a great episode with a lot of great info. Thank you, Kyle.

If it’s possible, I’d like to see you discuss these topics with Norman Spear, who is on both Gab and Twitter under those names. I think it would be a very valuable and productive conversation for us listeners!

Why would we have Siegetads on this network?

Josef Morris

Thanks for the reply