Solar Storm: Prophetic Visions & Predictive Programming (6-2-19)

Kyle talks about Trump predicted in media, religious messiahs, the prophecies of Nostradamus, the scifi of Philip K. Dick and other authors, predictive programming in movies, and more.

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***My rant is geared at Prophecy pushers and those who have let themselves be dumbed down enough to swim with its currents*** “Prophecy” is often confused with divination/divining future currents and this is intentional. Typically in the context in which use spoken here early on, is in the Abrahamic context which is not Divination at all. Again Abrahamic BS be it Christo/Judaic/Islamic all same nonsense trying to validate it’s projected power/hold over hive minded/groomed. Divination is a practice to result in the telling of a future/present/past event/circumstance and or state of being. It pics up the the direction of energy currents not seen in this realm. The future is never concrete. In fact future can be changed by having insight into the direction one is… Read more »

Anthony Roberts

Revelation of the method, or fear inducement? Both have the desired effect of keeping their cattle in a state of paralysis and apathy. We have to turn these weapons back on the jewish supremacists and their masonic soothsayers.

PS Good show, Kyle. They don’t want our folk to join the dots.

Johnny Walker Read

Trumptards are no different than Obamabots when it comes to “my guy” hero worship


Every cult hero has his/her following.


It’s interesting that out of all the books Dick wrote, The Man in the High Castle won the most accolades because he based it off official WWII history, not knowing any better.
Yet its one of his weakest books in terms of readability, I read it before I was redpilled and couldn’t see what the fuss was about. Of course now I understand.


The next president after Donald Trump will probably be a woman, which would be no bad thing as long as she is truly pro white and of a Nationalistic mind set. But she won’t because that’s their game. The last president of America will probably be Barron Trump.

Ragnar Fan

Alan Watt talks about predictive programming. Alan Watts is a philosopher.

Alan Watt has his website at cuttingthroughthematrix dot com.


Yeah, since the 1990s even, he’s brilliant


The same Alan Watt who plagiarized the work of others to write books that he was selling on his website for $25+ & uses sophisticated NLP to sow deep pessimism amongst those foolish enough to keep listening to him. People were doing the work before Alan Watt came along – he just took all their work & brought it to the new medium of the internet to make a living! FACT: Alan Watt NEVER went to the root of the problem even though those before him knew all too well it was THE JEWS! You agents, shills & just plainly stupid useful-idiot troofers are pathetic!

Ragnar Fan

I agree, he is extremely pessimistic and doesn’t name the Jew. I stopped listening to him a long time ago. I was mentioning it as it related to what Kyle was talking about in this broadcast regarding predictive programming and he was mentioning both Alan Watt and Alan Watts. He does mention the organisations and books they write which can be useful.
As a side note, is it possible to NOT be called a shill on this site? I’ve been called a shill / troll three times now.

In regards to being called a shill :
I pretty much consider everyone to be a degenerate anti white until I can absolutely prove to myself that the person in question is not.
Even if the person has Aryan ancestry, wears a Rune, is vegan, has a ”white” family, or a name like Thor, etc.
For safety’s sake, you should too.

Side note to hasbarat –
No one takes a name like ”Chumscrubber” seriously.


I watched a movie a while back with the same name, wasn’t great but I liked the name 🙂
So did you deduct a point from my innocuous post because of the name or for calling somebody brilliant?


Only 3 times now? Fn rookie!