Solar Storm: Red False Flags for Commie Control (8-11-19)

Kyle starts off by talking about the “suicide” of Epstein, then gets into Trump and the Temple Mount, staged shootings, red flags, and the Communist control over the United States to smash Whites worldwide.

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4 years ago

Whenever a happening happens, my first stop is Renegade because I know that Kyle, Sinead and Charlie will have the HOTTEST and BEST takes – and without having to listen to 45 minutes of coffee talk about where they went out to dinner over the weekend, bad lifting advice, 80s rock music, cycling, etc., etc., ad NAUSEUM!

Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

I haven’t seen any recent photos of Ghislaine Maxwell in the papers. How can that be? Why aren’t the “free” press camped outside her known residence? Why hasn’t she been arrested based on the numerous victim statements?

I don’t think Epstein was killed. His last mission, this theatre, was to provide a dirt barrier in front of Trump and the Clintons, imo. It’s also useful in the current anti con-theo climate. He will see out his days in luxury, with plenty of slave ladies to meet his daily needs. Scumbag!

PS Great observations, Kyle. We didn’t get their “bridge over troubled waters,” this weekend, but it’s only a matter of time, as hollywood and netflix keep showing us.

Reply to  Anthony Roberts
4 years ago

And I haven’t read the names Nadia Marcinko and Julie K. Brown lately in the sms, although their wikipedia entries, just like Maxwell’s, are kept up to date on a daily basis

4 years ago

Brennan Gilmore is the colorful character who took the famous Charlottesville video. He is a long time employee at the U.S. State Department. From his Wikipedia page: Gilmore joined the United States Foreign Service in 2002, shortly after finishing college,[1] serving 15 years in several African countries,[9] including Tunisia.[10] He also served at postings in Democratic Republic of the Congo, Central African Republic, Sudan, and Sierra Leone[11] — and domestically from the State Department in Washington, D.C.[3] He was Deputy Chief of Mission in Central African Republic.[12] His service in Africa was curtailed by a closing of the U.S. diplomatic mission in Bangui in 2012 due to security concerns.[12] Gilmore served as Russ Feingold and Tom Perriello’s top aide in their postings as U.S. Special… Read more »

4 years ago

Great show. Definitely one to share. All points hammered. Hail Kyle.

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