Solar Storm: Renegade Robots, Semitic Swarms and Simulations (9-9-18)

Kyle returns to the topic of robots, automation, and AI. He covers some articles and “warnings” that have recently come out, shows how nanobots are being sold to us as a medical miracle, and considers how swarm technology could be far more dangerous than big old clunky robots.

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It takes a fine skill to make humour out of such dark topics like you and sinead do , but my goodness when you do it is very welcome . I had a good laugh with your intro . Thanks again for keeping up the good work Kyle this information is important to us all heading into the dark times . I know it was a show a while ago you may have spoken about using our skills , is there anybody out there who has the skills to set up a forum for us to contribute our knowledge . I have a lot of knowledge in construction and would be happy to share if anyone required. Just a thought at this stage as I… Read more »


I like the idea of a forum. It would be especially good if it was a “working” forum that gets built up like a database. But it would appear that this is particularly hard to set up such that it’s streamlined and has a good/active following (and also we know that successful forums in the past get taken down [synchromysticism for ex.] because a quality thread has the ability to “lay it all out” in a very accessible way: and if they go viral, they have the capacity to wake people up in just a few minutes). I think a good thread is better than a video to impart knowledge: it’s like for the “intelligentsia” of the internet (the people ((they)) fear most). I’M JUST… Read more »


Interesting article , seems you have a lot of good information stored away.
Don’t let it stay that way .
I thought a working forum would be best say if some one had a deck to be built or some plumbing knowledge or even just a way to save money in one way or another by being able to ask one of the folk here they might become more independent and therefore more of a pillar for others to look up to .

Anthony Roberts

Great show Kyle – liking Richard’s robotic replacement. I think Charles – le prince de Ga(y)lles, is the jews’ kooky, nature-loving cont-opp. He gave an interview 15yrs ago warning of the dangers of “grey goo” nano bots, and now this. Hey youth, this caring guy has your back, even though his Daddy wants to kill-off 95% of humanity. How majewstic!

PS Listen to the first few seconds of that Rogan-Musk interview. It’s like: “4, 3,2,1…boom!” Is this another veiled shout-out to their forthcoming false flag event?

Quintus Sertorius

“The age of the machine brought life-conditions with it which created the ground for a doctrine which in its logical execution signifies the disintegration of entire nations: Marxism. No nation, no states, only classes: a world-view which stands far below that of a Zulu, but which signified for the victims of the machine, the industrial worker, an idea, even if a hazy one. The tradition-less proletariat torn from the soil, alienated from Nature, entered into world history.” Alfred Rosenberg, July 28, 1921.

Wow- great comment, Quintus! Some people were even calling Alfred Rosenberg, a jew because of his surname – but he was German!

Great show, Kyle – wow – many interesting, yet scary aspects to all of this AI technology! I have often wondered, how in the heck are the Jews going to possess 2,800 “goyim” slaves, and I believe that you answered that question. I wonder what the NSDAP of Germany would have done with all of the advanced technology that they had if the allies hadn’t had stolen the thousands of patents that the Germans worked so hard to achieve? Our technologies definitely ended up in the wrong hands! On another note, when more robots replace human workers, how many people do you feel will lose their occupations? I surely hope that a great number of our people will boycott the evils that AI contributes to… Read more »


Very funny intro, Kyle. Like an alter-ego enemy. I didn’t want to listen to this show; thought it might be bland because I already knew enough about A.I. But you certainly brought it to full life, to another level: scary and imposing. The horror of having our children fall in love with and trust robots. And the physical danger of machine malfunction. Ha! A robot at Ruby Ridge. I didn’t know that – an eye-opener for me. And I’m thinking of the driverless cars being pumped out. Run!! No stay, and work to somehow save the day. Maybe we need a list, NOT of everything robots CAN’T do, but of what they’ll NEVER be able to do. I attempt a start here, and though these… Read more »

Great comment, Liz! They also can’t love or feel compassion, but I am sure that those were implied.


Thanks, Lotti. Yeah, they can only fake it.

I thought of another: They’ll never have a real conscience.

I want to come up with more.



Yeah – maybe you could write a pamphlet explaining the sinister agenda behind robotic technology? I was thinking of writing some pamphlets, myself – they could be untitled, and we could leave them at libraries, coffee house, and hotel lobbies? We don’t have to announce it, you just put them on a table. I am trying to think outside the box, thank you, Liz


Sounds good, Lotti. I certainly have left a few things here and there.