Solar Storm: Renegades of the Flu World Order (10-25-20)

Kyle and Sinead talk about the Hunter Biden October surprise, the coming Dark Winter, the devastating effects of continued pandemic lockdowns, and how we can take inspiration from Arminius, a real renegade.

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Anthony Roberts
1 year ago

LapTOP GUN. Released 2016. Starring Anthony Weiner. About a handsome jewish supremacist politician, heroically fighting those evil (((Russian))) spy-lots, whilst at the same time being blackmailed by zog during this ‘selection’ season. Theme song: “Take My Breath Away” by Berlin. LapTOP GUN: Plandemic. Released 2020. Starring Hunter Biden. About the son of a (((zionist))) child-sniffing-raping politician, who like his father, is a child-raping crackhead too, but heroically fighting evil (((N. Korean))) spy-lots, whilst being blackmailed by zog during this ‘selection’ season. Theme song: “Wear A F’ing Mask – We Aim To Take Your Breath Away” by jewy Loonis And The News. P.S. Great ‘love couch’ theatre special. I wish the jewish supremacists would just stop with these Kappy film franchises. Their unbelievable movie plots around… Read more »

1 year ago

Kyle where can I a copy of that song Working Class White(?). Is it part of an album?

Reply to  renegade
1 year ago

Thanks Kyle!

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