The Solar Storm: Reyvolt & Spero – The Unlimited Hangout (11-27-16)


Kyle speaks with Robert Reyvolt for the first hour and Nick Spero for the second hour. Topics include: Jill Stein’s election recount, PizzaGate, right wing rapists, Richard Spencer and the fashies, appealing to the disenfranchised left, and much more.

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Great show Kyle as always and thanks for bringing up the “drug” war sham. Let’s hit these sobs across the board, raising awareness (as renegade does so well), instilling righteous indignation in the zombies, and severing the funding of phony wars designed to subject the goyim to boundless misery and servitude while the scum gorge themselves on the suffering they deliberately inflict. Keep up the great work…I hear the sleeping giant starting to awake at long last!

What very curious bracelets these 2 creepy guys podesta & clinton wear on the picture above illustrating their filthy mindset !!! Thank you for your brightness and claivoyance Renegade Friends !

Mike Adams, the self-titled Health Ranger, is a fucking jew. I remember a few years back seeing a David Wolfe (fucking jew) video where he said that Mike Adams is his cousin.

Zachary K Hubbard’s turn is very disappointing. He normally is spot on with his work, but to call David Brock a hero?

Zachary Hubbard is fucking jew. What do you expect? With jews you lose. Period!

Great show, I had a nightmare last night……America was being ‘ set up ‘ for the fall. Princess Richard Spencer, the seven dwarfs and the ‘ alt right ‘ filled the vacuum. Red Ice became the new CNN……and all was bright and right. Jewish musician Mark Knopfler had the following to say…..

Great show. There seems to be pessimism about any thing happening with pizzagate. People need to understand that so far as enraging and disturbing stimuli go, cannibalistic pedophilia takes the cake. “So what?” Well, you know those lone wolves the feds cite as a concern….Yeh. Some people, with the means, will have had their buttons pressed just right to and start offing pedos, suspected pedos, pedo apologists etc.

For a population that has been damaged and made so docile a strong aversive stimulus is required to elicit the appropriate self preservation behaviors. It’s sad, but not everyone has it in them to self motivate and act against the jewish tyrants.

Keep pushing this thing hard. These fuckers must burn.

why post the SGT interview with Ole? SGT has banned me for coming down on the Jews & their playbook the Bibull.

Could you please tell where the Spencer w Laura B pic is? I goog image searched thei two names together & found nothing.

Here’s Redsilverj’s vid calling out Spencer & the npi nazi salute stunt, 4m:

Kyle, it seems to me that if Renegade wants to move forward with prosecuting these pedophiles because the DA’s office refuses to; your going to have to be able to present witnesses to the public to swing them your way. Also you most assuredly will have to provide security for said witnesses. This is something a militia can do well and totally within the law with adults. The problem is most of the testimony will be years after the fact. The sad fact is that there are parents who will settle out of court and take money. How can this be legal when the offense is criminal and not civil? Michael Jackson comes to mind.

America First! #NeverAgain will we come second! Hahaha

Rapid Build baby!

Carrier was made an example!

TPP dead!

Rapefugees Wont be able to WORK!

etc etc etc

Ha hahahah ahaha haaaaaaaaaaa

The guy isn’t even fucking president yet. What would YOU have done tus far? Muster the “militia”? LMAO

Round up Jews?

Bwahahaha fucking assholes