The Solar Storm: Rob, Sinead, Chris, Nick – Trump Traitors (11-13-16)


Kyle has on Robert Reyvolt, Sinead McCarthy, chris dorsey, and Nick Spero for a segment each to talk about the election fallout and what we have to deal with in terms of controlled opposition shilling for the United States federal government. You don’t want to miss the jam-packed show.

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Great discussion thanks.
Just think about all the years trying to wake people up and these stupid so called truth seekers have let us down. They all think that with Trump as President they are now on the fkn gravy train!. All those twats that were supposed to be awake but have now made the job, the battle, so much harder for us!.

Sir Algernon Farnsworth

Individuals within the alt-right camp have invested heavily into the Trump Train, and thus, have heavily invested ego’s. Therefore, these same individuals will now become apologists for Trump, and as Trump strays further from his original rhetoric they too will change, always mimicking any rhetoric and making excuses for any failure, as they ultimately guard their own fragile, inflated sense of self, which has become hopelessly bound to the appearance of success by Donald J. Trump.

Essentially, these fools have enslaved themselves via their sycophantic ramblings and thus, anything they say is suspect, as we cannot know if it flows from fact or fiction, as the mind moves to defend itself and ultimately its own ego.

yea since I stopped supporting trump after the Epstein shit and finding out he was on the passenger list of pedophile island I have actually been reported to the secret services twitter. because you know nothing is more dangerous than a housewife getting angry and saying we should lynch the president that rapes children. anybody that dares to mention the evidence is an enemy of the state and a shill for Hilary apparently. (bangs head against desk repeatedly.)

About Nordfront, this is what i have seen progressing on the Nordic Resistance Movement’s website, in their commentsection and on their radio; I have noticed that alt-right material was seeping in now and then from dailystormer and others a while back ago. I was complaing and warning them a bit. but then more positive Trump reports, then more, then just resently they took the whole bait hook line and sinker and rare now running eith it. many and most in there commentating are just chewing that whole trump tart insanly. Im mad as hell, and disgusted, and im baned from there now. The movements partypolitics looks really solid in the book but on the outside now they are being fooled away, many, Idiots! They go… Read more »

It is time wield, not to drink out of our enemies cup.

I’m with you guys, ffrrruuustrateeeed!!!!! Head against the fence, er wall, moment. The red jew gang have replaced the blue jew gang, that is all. Jews still control America. The genocide plan continues, probably quicker, with their patsy Trump in charge.

I hadn’t realised that the electoral college could still overturn the result, and vote Clinton in on the 19th Dec. Is that what they mean by un-president-ed?

Gematria guy, Zack k Hubbard, has a rock grp in his latest YT vid ( Avenged sevenfold- the stage ) At the end, it shows 5 world leaders: Jong-Un, Merkel, CLINTON, Putin and Jinping. She is dressed in purple…hmmm.

Love Zachary K Hubbard. Not a racialist but a definite ally against International Jewry. Glad to hear a broadcast with everyone sober.

YES, I saw Hilarity in her purple garb. Red & Blue together.

All one needs to know really is USA = Zionism, USSR = Communism, Jews control both. All the fake candidats, all the fake dialectics apply to the same principle. Coke or Pepsi is NOT a choice…..shameful so many alternative media ( shills ) still seem to struggle with this concept.
Chris Dorsey PLEASE do get a decent microphone…..maybe its just me, but your sound quality is terrible. Thanks for a great broadcast !

I was gonna say but then I realised he was on a phone last show. Funny how in 2016 even on a phone we still sound like we are speaking into a bag of crisps. Never mind Tesla or Schauberger tech, we are so advanced and hi tech, we sound like bill gates on helium when speaking on our super mega hi tech devices.

Quick comment related to Nordic Resistance Movement. A couple of days ago they censored a bunch comments that criticized/attacked Alt-Right and Red Ice. They promoted Red Ice live election thing as having “many interesting guests like Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer…, Andrew Anglin, Greg Johnson”. Me (and some other posters) were accused for “trolling” for commenting that Alt-Right was bunch of shills. I’m probably banned now as today my comment on Marion Le Pen’s father being Mossad agent didn’t get approved. Having followed their website/podcast for several years now, I’d say that they’re either already well infiltrated by the enemy or they are so naive that it’s just a matter of time before that happens. More likely the former. There’s more things that are a bit… Read more »

This is very disturbing news.

Yes it is, but i have to confirm.
I managed to reenter into the comment section but was quite immediatly cleared and banned again.
First I provided som very exposing Trump material and I got attacked heavily just simply for that.
Then when they put up an article from dailystormer (about the NRM and the march they had on 12th) I was trying in a causiously and goodwilled tone to point out (with Anglin-in-the-philipino-mall-video) that he is hardly white and that the popnazism they push is desisive and harmful. It dident take long for them then to erase all posts in all treads and to put a block up.

*all my posts in all the treads I was writing in,,

Do you know if you are able to post any renegade links on nordfront?
I have not been able to do that in a couple of months or more, not any at all, would like to know if they have an overall renegade-link-ban over there or if its just with me.

I would also like to ask you if you know where swedish speaking folks are meeting and talking sensible about the matters at hand and not shewing on the bait or being flattered and curreled by the enemy, any forum i should know about or actuall group?? I reall dont have any sane people around me no more..

Thanks for your post!

I’m glad I didn’t endorse either of them…Renegade is the gold standard.
Article on that strange spirit cooking ritual – the timing – and the election.
“Voting: The ritualistic act by an individual of externalizing and projecting personal power on to a political figure who is neither personally known nor accountable to the individual.”
-John Adams 2016

This site pulls me back when I go off the rails. Brexit may not well have happened. People even admit it was a piss test, and not an actual passing through parliament which it wasn’t. With Trump going through as well, I think this is some sort of catchers mit for a growing Nationalist stirring among people. Expect heavy psychology from the estableeshment. No way do I believe that this is any form of success.

Great first half with Sinead on righteous fire….. 😉

The sports team mentality is programmed behavior anathema to those of us that actually compete. They will always be lost remember the bush war years of “cowboy” east coast “tough guy” vs anti war then deathly silence during obamas more wars in more places with more spending then ever…. Crickets.

Globally they are bringing in a single basket currency with city state run gulags. All food water money land power and peasants being cornerstone cages run by a few corporations owned by even fewer bankers…. I have seen the culling of whites in my dreams as clear as day. Even the sad look of the white woman in bland tossing live baby’s into overflowing carts.

With Sinead being so “high-energy” in butchering alt-kike idiocy, I feel like I’ve come home. You guys are the real thing.

The rekindling of faith in the system, and recently widespread acceptance of Crowleyite practices is going to cost us. This is on those same imageboards of course.

I have to point out that since Trump got elected, Alex Jones started putting ads on his youtube videos and charging people 1 cent / minute to listen to him through phone. I bet he will also get some sweetheart deals from the Trump administration for his support. Get ready for the AJ casinos popping up everywhere.

Trump Identifies politically as a Jew……

Jewishness the Jews’ can be put into three non-exclusive categories. The first, Judaism, is made up of religious Jews. The second, Jews, are people who are Jewish by an accident of birth. The third, and most important category for this purpose is ‘Jewishness,’ those who identify politically as Jews.
source Gilad Atzmon

the good thing about trump is that our media puppets are cryin like babys since they know about the results a.maybe some fearful normys feel more free to think forbidden things(we have some laws against free thinking in germany).the question we have over here is what will his voters do if he dont delivers?starting a revolution?

11.18.16-It seems like a bunker under assault mentality can foster a shoot-anything-that-moves reaction. People have different perspectives and to erect shibboleths, like ‘the-jews-did -9-11’, could be counter productive; although acknowledging differences of opinion and perspective is beneficial for us in the peanut gallery watching/listening to the Players in the Field. We also serve, arguably, who only sit and wait. Specifically, I am concerned that Kevin B. MacDonald is too much under-rated, and undercut in your portrayal. I am not an expert on MacDonald, but he is from an academic milieu and he came upon the jewish problem by happenstance of academic research as an evolutionary psychologist. After studying repopulated wolf groups in the wild, he next went on to study jews from the vantage of… Read more »


Ahhh that’s better. Brendan, just a little advice mate – nobody actually reads that much shit so save yourself the effort. You’d be better off making yourself a nice cup of tea, sitting down, taking a couple of nice slow deep breaths & just continue thinking that stuff to yourself rather than assaulting/insulting our senses to the point where we just go “fuck that shit!”.

Repeatedly calling half your fans retarded enemies is probably not the best strategy

President-elect Donald Trump’s first White House hire tells you everything you need to know about his commitment to his campaign’s bigoted message. Stephen Bannon, an anti-Semite who ran the white nationalist “alt-right” website Breitbart News before taking a leave of absence to become the Trump campaign CEO, will be Trump’s chief strategist and senior counselor.

Trump has been on WWE, I bet vince mcmann can tell you a lot about what Trump has to offer.