The Solar Storm: Robert Ransdell (9-14-14)

robert ransdell

Guardians of the Folk

Kyle speaks with Robert Ransdell about his campaign for US Senate in Kentucky, The White Guard, the past and future of White activism, some of the inspirational figures from the past, and much more.

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Good luck. Hire a proof reader. The front page on the guests website needs a once over.

This guy has some great energy and has the passion to do some potentially great things! I wish him all the best and will try to listen to his shows and if possible send some £ over to him…

I wish Robert Ransdell all the best, and well done for showing such great initiative. I hope this is just the beginning of many great things to follow. As a suggestion for the radio show Robert is doing, I think it would be great to have some guests on if that is allowed who can reinforce his arguments. Plus, the more voices that get out there the better as it hopefully gives people the impression there is a lot of us out there with similar views. Four possible guests could be Kyle, representing the younger generations who have grown up in this multicultural nightmare. Many younger listeners if there are any would be able to relate to Kyle’s experiences waking up and hopefully inspire others… Read more »

I listen to all I can get my hands on! I think he should start to research John Lash as all of you should do if you agree with “with jews we lose”
Johns info is worth learning.