The Solar Storm: Scarlett – Perseverance Through Pain (4-8-18)

Kyle speaks to Scarlett, a woman in Texas who had a rough awakening to the realities of race, jewish supremacism, and Christ insanity. She shares her story and reflects upon how we can create a future for our families. Urban Jungle Girl calls in and talks about love and hate.

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Anthony Roberts

Bravery comes in all guises. It’s one thing to wake up to jewish tyranny, but another to then act on the info and effect change. I salute Scarlett and what she has been through, and all of our folk who sacrifice now, so future generations can be free of these psychos. So sorry to hear about your little boy’s ruined day. We have gone from strong orderly societies, with children, seniors then women going first, to 3rd world push/shove or you don’t get service, jewish dumps. I’m sure you both gave your son a lovely day afterwards. Happy 4th birthday mate! PS It’s holohoax ramp-up days on the 10th & 11th of this week. Get out and talk to family, neighbours, strangers in shops or… Read more »


I enjoyed this discussion from a fellow regular and i hope you continue from strength to strength .
I too have that feeling now , the money , the house and the cars all mean nothing but I know if I continue to play this game under the guise of normality I can continue to support Kyle and others in due time .
I work hard for my family but the electricity in my body comes from anything I can do to pass on the message and grow awareness in my people .
Maybe one day I can contribute More but I admire the courage that you have shown Scarlett.


It’s nice to hear from regular people, you don’t know the strength and courage it took for Scarlett to move forward with her life, keep up the good fight…….cock-eyed


That was my husband, he should have clarified. I guess it comes up as me on his phone

Chris H

This was a very enlightening discussion. Some very real talk. I loved hearing Scarlett’s reaction when Urban Jungle Girl called in.


I’m a big fan of UJG as well as Sinead and Scarlett. I really love to hear testimonials! I think it strengthens our community when we understand someone’s background. It helps to resolve points of disagreement when you try to see things through someone else’s eyes. I noticed you dropped off the schedule for Tuesday’s. I hope all is well.

Chris H

I am not able to be a regular for now, as I need to focus on other areas of my life. This means that I can not put in the time and energy needed to put out a weekly show. My pool of guests was also way too small. I have not quit, it is just that others need to step up and do their part. I appreciate the message.


Thank you sharing your real life – last year we had two cars break down too and have dealt with pay delays for work done, because the one paying is strapped too. But I’d like to share what we did, if you want Kyle to share your email with me (or mind with you), because on a super low budget, near single digits at times, we’ve got a small homestead and are building a house from recycled materials. I could see you thriving on your own homestead with a business – could be cut flowers, herbs, mushrooms – there are some crops that can be grown in small spaces, even backyards or under a grow light like micro greens. I haven’t gotten to the point… Read more »


That all sounds mighty interesting and promising; thank you for sharing . Kyle is welcome to pass along my email, though I wish there was another way to safely do that myself so I don’t have to keep bugging him. I really am interested in hearing more about the positive changes you’ve managed to implement.


Thanks to all for the kind comments .I’m very new to any kind of public speaking and I know I trailed off a couple of times making weak connections to the topic . I’m very grateful Kyle is so good at what he does and deals with wayward guests so smoothly.


Sure enough, upon listening back, I found a place I completely misspoke. We are descendants of the Gods, not the other way around. Of course, that’s what I meant to say was my belief on the matter. And now I’m going to stop picking it apart. Lol

Heathen vegan

My secret is I never listen back :D, you did great Scarlett


Thanks H.V.


Great show Scarlett. Thanks for sharing your story and your visions for our future. It’s great hearing other women speaking as well. Hope to hear you on more shows.


Thanks Bita ,I enjoy your talks as well… a wealth of information.


What ancesteral god was Scarlett speaking of?


Like Scarlett, every day I awaken with the knowledge that this world has been enslaved by a sinister, despicable DNA strain seeking complete, irreversible control and they have the assistance of nearly all our so-called leaders and institutions heads. My hatred of this filth is never far away from my feelings and thoughts as I live my life. More than the hate I have for the tribe – I have even greater for those who have sold out. I want these traitorous people dead and those who support them beaten into recognizing the reality we are living in. Until we can generate sufficient anger and hatred for those who hate us and want us dead or literally enslaved – there is little chance of our… Read more »


Hey, you should let Scarlett know, if she is not already aware of it, that a Ketogenic Diet, nutritional ketosis, is highly beneficial for flr all or most all seizure disorders and is a cure for epilepsy. A researcher in theh the benefits of nutritional ketosis , Dr. Dominic D’Agostino at a mediacal school in southern Florida has given many interviews on internat radio and podcasts and some lectures about the benefits of the keto diet and especially for the brain. It is a less deprivation diet than other diet modes as there need not be any hunger and after a month or so one stops being hungry every 2 to 3 hours as with non keto diets. It is worth looing into as Dominic… Read more »


I have heard of this being especially helpful for children with generalized seizures. Mine are only partial and very infrequent these days. I’m pretty much left with residual effects of past damage. Also , I don’t tolerate large amounts of meat very well. Thank you for sharing and caring.