The Solar Storm: The Scientific Abuse of American Youth (2-26-17)

Kyle starts off by talking about his recent attendance at a Christopher Bollyn presentation and the criminality of Israel. He then goes over his notes for the new section of The Big Picture, providing a history of how and jewish psychologists, jewish movie makers, jewish psychos, and jewish intelligence combined to rape both the minds and bodies of Americans, including and especially the youth.

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Thank goodness you brought up that creep Freud! I can recall sitting not only in high school but undergrad college courses having to listen and “learn” about Freud, it just always creeped me out. Unfortunately I never questioned anything cus of all the brainwashing. Anyhow thank you to renegade for exposing pizzagate.

The more I learn, the more I realize that John Lamb Lash , with his cult of “education” (mis-education), has to be a well paid CIA operative.
He pushes Wilhelm Reich big time, to the point of telling his synchophantic lemming followers to keep a copy of the “Function of the Orgasm” under their pillows.
The Reich Foundation should be putting out a movie on his life soon, if they haven’t already.
It will be interesting to see the angle it takes on his behavior.
Perversion of eros is disgusting.

That name alone: Lamb Lash sounds like a cretin.

Also Karl Hans Welz invented orgonite and it is his term, Wilhem Reich most likely got these from undisclosed sources. Franz Mesmer was one of the earlier modern day people who discovered this energy and called i animal magnetism.

What a powerful excellent show Kyle, thank you very much ! It is really time to get rid of these pedo-sadists connected through sickness, psychopathy, cruelty and murders all over the World now! Once and for all !!! They do not deserve to be called Human, they are the lower class of all the leaving creatures on Earth! Please everybody, visit the excellent BRAIN on the Gnostic Media website, where you will find all the connections between these very few filthy people, just by clicking on a name :

Charlotte Bjørn Poulsen

Christopher Bollyn is a very brave man.
Last year he were giving a speech at Open Mind Conference in Copenhagen.
A jew who is always stalking Bollyn tried to stop him giving that speech by exerting pressure and threatening the Danish sponsors of the conference. Two out of three sponsors withdraw due to intimidation.

As always, dual function to their depravity: Take down their No1 enemy of normal, heterosexual Aryan men & women and destroy their offspring. Also, get to act out sick filth in plain site, under the legal guise of edjewcation! These timeline evidence documentaries will be so important for our future generations. A concise picture of jew damage over these 100+ years. A lot of hard work, but they will wake many people up – great job all! PS I hope you weren’t too hard on the moss-hag in the audience. She was only defending the true victims that day: Lucky Larry not getting his twin compensation claim and mayor Rudy & Trump having to walk around in all that dust! Fwascists, fwascists! We need annuda… Read more »

*sight (muh poor edjewcation!)

How about that, American Bar Association, are any of your officers and members interested in bring justice for the tortured and murdered children Kyle described during this momentous broadcast? All you elitist lawyers, do watch “The Big Picture, Pizzagate and Beyond”, and do what’s necessary to right the wrong, and to assure the prevention of further pedogates.

They’re a part of the problem. A huge part of the problem. A certain percent ,at have good intentions but the command and control portions of the judiciary are controlled by Judea/masonry and therefore function a certain way. NEVER FORGET EDGAR STEELE! That’s what happens to the best and brightest who draw too much attention. Any good hearted lawyers need to plan around that and make their operations work as well as they can with out getting outted as the brains behind whatever operations they can set up. And they certainly have the private war chests that the rest of us don’t have…

Join the discussion Hi Briggy baby! You’re the best. I try to catch all your readings. Tops in my books. By the way, BAR assoc. means British Accreditation Assoc. if I’m not mistaken. Anyway. Have a nice weekend.

And please feel free to let me know any particular articles in the Tribune or outside it, that you want me to broadcast/read, NOT READ. Good morning.

As far as bar association, I think the bar is referencing that it an association of lawyers, people allowed to attend court on the side of the “bar” separating spectators from the court officials and others doing business in court. The ABA is particularly disgusting in its choice of resolutions recently, proclaiming that the Sandy Hook shootings by “Adam Lanza” really happened, and then on 2/27/17, liberally in support of ‘refugees.’ Oh, and attorneys should not be allowed to ‘serve’ in Congress, so say I, lol.

When you recalled your experience at the Christopher Bollyn presentation I thought of something. It occurred to me that whenever one identifies Jewish crimes to Jews one comes before a “wailing wall” of obtuse Jewish reasoning that makes it nigh impossible to get any sense past. When listening to a Jewish recollection of history you might get the idea that it’s just been a series of expulsions and prosecutions, but do they themselves ever stop to ask if anything might have happened that called for these events to happen? If they are so concerned with the well-being of Jews, why are they unable to take responsibility for Jews. As with their attitude towards citizenship, they seem to want all the privileges but none of the… Read more »
Good stuff Kyle! I have waited a long time for the whole Sigmund, real name schlomo, dope addict freud to come around again. It is the height of depravity of the jew mind telling a whole generation and the world there after you got a thing for mom. Throw in the rest to kinsey and all and it is beyond insanity. And lash… every new age/truth tard out there has had him on selling his books and mind virus too. And I understand someone as awesomw as Joyster having to have dealt with that sort of thing. It is time to realize they have millions of your dollars behind them so playing your mind is as easy as riding a bike for these people. It… Read more »

AH! Nice one Joyster, thank you. I was looking for this today without success.

I’ve gone down the list at all the Jeckyl Islanders, not to be confused with the new hockey team, the NY Pedophile Islanders. yak yak, hahaha, but EVERY SINGLE one was YOUish. ahhahaha Seriously. What do YOU’s do, like Rob Jacobs…and by the way, Jacob in ancient times definitions meant ‘usurpers of others property’, just as habiru meant cutthroats and bandits and other some such meanings, synonymous in some texts with sagas, same thing in effect. Anyway, Rob Jacobs was just cashin’ in on his Kol Nidre prayer. Think about it….a people that have a lying pledge..IF YOU DON’T LIE AND ROB AND KILL YOU ARE AN APOSTATE BLASPHEMER. WOW. DID YOU GET THIS? LITERALLY, THE YOUISH RELIGION, THE ONLY ONE I KNOW OF THAT… Read more »


We are Change? Hope and Change. Change agents? It’s Marxist J’s my friend. We are Commies is closer to the truth. Calling them nice guys is hilarious. Yes, that guy driving the van in a trench coat was really nice….until he got his hooks into the catholic toddler, got the bag over his head and floor boarded it down to the synagogue on purim buffet night. hahahah Just kidding. Just kidding. It was Passover, not purim.

Smallstorm posted her recent interview with Sinead today, even though it’s dated 2/19.
In some browsers you’ll need to scroll ~half way down the page, to find where the podcast listings begin.