The Solar Storm: Sencha MacRae – The Bolshevik Century of Sadism (1-28-18)

Kyle speaks to Sencha MacRae of Untold Tales about the rise of the jewish bolsheviks and the horrors they unleashed upon the White world, bringing their agenda up to the present day.

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Jews have always been sadisitic and evil in how they kill their and torture their victims.

Roman historian Dio Cassius speaking of the jews brutality in the Kitos War:

”Meanwhile the Jews in the region of Cyrene had put a certain Andreas at their head, and were destroying both the Romans and the Greeks. They would eat the flesh of their victims, make belts for themselves of their entrails, anoint themselves with their blood and wear their skins for clothing; many they sawed in two, from the head downwards; others they gave to wild beasts, and still others they forced to fight as gladiators”

Anthony Roberts

This broadcast needs to be heard by all young White folk in the U.S & Europe.

jews control the opposition to jews – fact! This simple concept seems to bypass most people though.

PS Thank you Kyle & Sencha. Could Q-Anon be Stevie-boy? You know, Q-Bannon? Is it him tweeting out the patriotard uprising details lol? What easier way to fool the goyim. Pretend to have a fall out with Trump over Kushy, but are two secret H’white house heroes sticking it to the jews from inside. Talk about bag. dial. F’ yeah!!


The book and movie about the German POW officer who escaped the gulag, has a slavic evil doer gulag commandant, and the usual pious jew who saves him. This jew sacrifices himself to save this downtrodden aryan, even though the holo. I suspect that part of the story isn’t even real, I mean what are the odds? It’s called As Far As My Feet Can Carry Me.


Actually, there was a US reporter living and reporting from northern Europe in 20’s and 30’s. Donald Day was reporting for Chicago Tribune between two wars and during the WW2. He called out Bolsheviks to be jews. Never got the visa to USSR. When Bolsheviks rolled into baltic countries and established their HQ, he wrote that among over 100 bureaucrats working there he has yet to meet a Russian…they were all jews from NYC, Day wrote.


No matter what craziness that is going on in the world….always remain free and easy. And here’s the song. Enjoy!


Yea, your right! Let’s just listen to music and BLISS OUT!
Great idea.. put the headphones in, close your eyes, pay no attention to and just forget about what is going on in the world.. forget about your total enslavement, the complete lack of future for ourselves and anyones children, and forget about that boot crushing your skull!
It’s all ”in your head” anyways! An illusion am I right?
Party on Wayne!
At least we can have a soundtrack amidst the craziness!
Thanks Cuckulainn!


I guess you meant easy target.. I see what you did there!


Another USSR-USA analogy is criminalizing feeding the poor. During the Volga famine 1921, the churches appealed for outside funds to help, then those funds were confiscated, then the church demonized for not giving up all their relics to help the famine, though they did want to give, just not all. That led to a massive propaganda campaign leading to mass confiscation of all the valuable relics and priests being arrested, sometimes killed.


Sencha when you were talking about the politicians being afraid, it made me think of this fear people have of Jews – what is it? Is it simply the fear of being murdered or having your loved ones murdered? Think about how they want to instill goyim to be god-fearing. Getting struck down, sacrificed, etc. It’s frightening, but it’s only recent that the truth about the Russian and German genocides are coming out. Thank you both for your commitment to bringing more of this out.

As to the politicians, you may be right. They are already conditioned to fear a wrathful God but, in addition, everyone has something they are trying to protect so everyone is vulnerable. and you are welcome.


Psychology. The jew knows how to wind it in, and is so indefinitely perverse and disgusting, that they are far beyond the degree of scummery and horror that our people are capable of comprehending. Even blacks can’t get their head around how devious and diabolical the jew is in applying themselves to the sheer visceral hatred they have of nature and anything good.

They killed off a lot of the priests and destroyed the churches. The orthodox were not the Catholic church but later it seems they were infiltrated and corrupted. Forgot to mention that the Bolsheviks did not destroy the banks in Russia.

Also the grain from the kulaks Peasants) was sold on the open market in the West to industrialize Russia.


Aaah the banks, the banks were left unscathed: the holiest of holy places of the despicable jew. Brilliant show, makes a lot of sense tying those threads together.


Kyle, I really like your guest. She made a point that I use all the time to wake people up about the JQ. Why do we have a military that fights for borders in the Middle East and we actually have Law Makers that don’t want to defend our borders? As for the Deep States in Russia and the US; I don’t know. We do know that Trump is the most Zionist President we have ever had. I wonder if I could just have ten minutes of his time what would I say? I would go right into white genocide. Tell him to forget what people say now it’s what history will say that matters. Don’t let our decline and eventual extinction happen on your… Read more »

Ghost Man O; War

Sad part is, Tony, history will say about Trump, what the tribe wants it to say. FDR for example. Hitla’ for example number 2. They flip history on it’s head. Cromwell was a sick mass murderer and Charles the 1st was a good family man who loved England and you can see it’s a 180 in both cases on Cromwell and Charles 1. Read, The Nameless War. It’s the fastest, easiest, well written book on the subject of J revolutions. 2 hr read max. Give it a try. Maybe 3 or 4 hr if you don’t bare down on it. But easy read is my point. It’s free to read on Archive. The site will even read it to you aloud so you can sit… Read more »


Ever thought of calling in or doing a show with Kyle, Richard, or a wildcard maybe?
Historical knowledge is invaluable and much appreciated by Renegade’s audience.
I always enjoy your comments Ghost Man


You said it Tony – He’s a Zionist president. He may or may not be 100% jewish, but it doesn’t matter. He wouldn’t care at all about what you’d have to say. Not two shits. Don’t you get it? After 60 seconds of your bleating, he would heartily laugh at you and smugly shout, ”YOUR FIRED YOU STUPID SHEEP!”. He hates you! Do you really think your enemy would ”hear your out”, or give a shit what you think, even for a second? He wants the white genocide! He’s the leader of the unassuming, uniformed goy. He’s THE fucking guy on the soapbox, conveying the message from ((on high))! He’ll be rallying the white goys up into a frenzy after this next false flag to… Read more »


I certainly can’t rebut your comments. I know most people I talk to aren’t going to “ get it “, but I have to keep trying to reach the ones that will. Given the area that I live in I know I have spoken to feds unawares. I don’t care. If they’re white I want to wake them up to. Some times they will even tell me that their FBI or some other agency as if to warn me not to discuss any illegal intentions. Whenever my temper gets the best of me I talk about feeding my enemies to sharks and alligators or giving them helicopter rides. Because I don’t have access to these the threats are not credible. I like Sineads Volcano idea… Read more »


I didn’t mean to come off crass.. I innerstand..
This topic, the general EVERYDAY nature of our enslavement, and the seeming apathy and recently programmed suicidal tendencies of our people are just so infuriating.


Phenomenal show. I greatly appreciate both Kyle and Sencha’s work in exposing the atrocities of the jewish plague upon the people of this earth, specifically the white race. The horrors unleashed upon the Russians, Germans and all of the European peoples during the 19th century is a topic I loathe to hear, but it is vital to know. Our story MUST be heard, and shared. The jewish bolshevik terror has to be THE most covered up, sick, disturbing, sinister campaigns of all time. If only people knew the truth, and could acknowledge the obvious nature of our enslavement. I really do believe our time has come. The jews have over played their hands, all over the world. It is so obvious, you truly are a… Read more »

Tony Swiss

Great guest. Critical thinking. Thanks Sencha,


What a travesty that you can’t go to college and major and ‘Gulag Studies’ but you can major in the Hollywood-cost.


Something not mentioned was the Nomenklatura, which I only came by through some weird coincidence. This group with the group who have avoided the limelight, were most likely instrumental in the BS going on within Russia made up of (((certain rootless scum))) that reeks of mafia like operations. I would recommend looking up the group called the Nomenklatura. Very shady shit.


Kikepaedophilia entry intro is:

The nomenklatura (Russian: номенклату́ра, IPA: [nəmʲɪnklɐˈturə]; Latin: nomenclatura) were a category of people within the Soviet Union and other Eastern Bloc countries who held various key administrative positions in the bureaucracy, running all spheres of those countries’ activity: government, industry, agriculture, education, etc., whose positions were granted only with approval by the communist party of each country or region.


What is the betting that this unmentioned tumour of kikes were behind all the horror, but “those who won’t be blamed for nothing”!

Steven Lewis

There are websites that have some chapters translated but this book has both volumes and all the chapters.
200 Years Together: A History of the Russians and the Jews has finally been released in english under the title The Crucifixion of Russia: A History of the Russians and the Jews by Columbus Falco

Columbus wrote inside following the list of chapters that the book was difficult to translate and a great deal of effort was made to keep this book from english speaking people. He writes as we deciphered the words we realized the why and who wanted his work silenced. He added the quote associated with Voltaire about who rules over you.


What was the movie on Bolshevik Russia you two mentioned early in the show?

John from NC

Amber,are talking about “Under the Sign of the Scorpion”? Without having to go back and listen, I think that was brought up.


I thought it was Dr. Zhivago, that was another Russian Bolshevik movie she mentioned in the beginning.


”In the Shadow of Hermes” by Juri Lina – Kyle mentioned it early in the show, and that was the one I was thinking of…
This show with Sencha and Kyle is worth listening to twice, or thrice.. and after only 45 min into ”The Shadow of Hermes”, I would recommend it.. So far a great presentation of the evils of freemasonry and it’s disastrous fight to rule by genocide.

John from NC

Amber, yeah, sorry, that’s what I thought I was talking about.


No need for apologies, you were on target.
Thanks for your comment. I did re listen after all, and will probably again.
I have been coming across this information over the last few years, and have been absolutely astounded that so few even remotely mention this incredibly horrific jewish genocide, that happened so very recent in our history.
The last few hundred years have been so ridiculously traumatic to the European peoples, I can almost understand the desire to just ”keep on keepin’ on”.
Only if I were an absolute coward could I ignore what I’ve now come to know.

I mentioned Dr. Zhivago and also the movie, Reds.


Thanks Sencha, Nyx, and John from NC… I plan on listening again, but thought I just might get to the movie beforehand.


I spent my whole life never hearing the word ‘Bolshevik’. Never even thinking for one second about Russia, and learned absolutely NOTHING on the Bolshevik Revolution, the Holomodor, or WWI.
(((”Western”))) education is a total waste, extracting any sense and creativity from children and filling the minds and bodies of all affiliated with sludge, filth, and nonsense.

John from NC

Oh yes,Sencha made good points about those two jewish propaganda movies, I do recommend watching the documentary Under the Sign of the Scorpion though.


Can I please get the song with the bagpipes at the halfway break ?