The Solar Storm: Sencha MacRae – Kosher Kings of the Grand Chessboard (4-15-18)

Kyle speaks to Sencha from Untold Tales about: unfolding events in the quest for Greater Israel, the deep state deception, the delegitimization of the president and the American Empire, attacks in Syria based on jewish lies, the Russia question, and much more.

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Anthony Roberts

jews haven’t attemped to break asian or ind/mus families when they come to a White country, so the invader children have a strong protection barrier when they enter higher cultural marxism.

The children know their duties: degree, top job, wealth, religion and plenty of babies. No corner shop for them! These people will be the AI slave master controllers of all the (((tech))), and our dystopian future, if we don’t reverse the present situation. Needless to say, fractured Whites & blacks are easy prey in this sick jewish swamp of filth.

PS Great analysis of this well-worn “GAS-lighting” hollywood script. Fancy snatching defeat from the jaws of victory – that evil Bashar al-Mossad! Thanks Kyle, Sencha & Rollie.


In a few years, if America goes under or into chaos (by way of WWIII, or loses a mass amount of our population via weather/starvation/revolution/race war/etc.), and what Kissinger said comes to pass, ”that Israel will no longer exist in 2020”, it will be very easy for International jewry to rule with the force of Saudi Arabia, since Trump just gave them zillions of dollars worth of military contracts..
I’m sure China & the USSR will help put down dissent in the discontented USSA… BRICS nation’s controlling more than just the money..
It’s not hard to see.

Alexander from Flanders

Very good show, despite the audioproblems.

I wish Renegade would do more of this. Talking to another pro-White person, in a respectful way, while disagreeing on something. It stimulates the brain.

Both sides had very good arguments (although I think that Sencha won), and yet it was not some shouting-match. It is not because you disagree with another pro-White person on a topic, that this person is a shill or something like that.

I am more pro-Russian myself, not because I think Putin is a NS or pro-White guy (I wish he was), but because he is opposing the US-EU world order (in my opinion, I could be wrong).

Anyway; I hope you guys deal with this topic again, but without the audioproblems. I wanted to hear more.

I’ve never said Putin was pro-white. Let’s be honest; no politician would ever go there and also, he was brainwashed himself in the Soviet Union. I know he plays the race card as American politicians play the commie card.
But he is a Russian nationalist. And I agree he is opposing the US-EU NATO world order, and that ultimately is a good thing though in the short run probably not.