Solar Storm: Sinead – Doing Best in the Worst of Times (5-12-19)

Kyle talks to Sinead for the first 90 minutes about motherhood, business, economic warfare, health, and current events.

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Have to say I am vehemently opposed to swaddling. Even though some doctors and midwives warn against swaddling and point out how it can contribute to SIDS and to hip displacement, I have my own reasons for opposing swaddling, and I’ve had them since I first heard about the dreaded wrap. To me it is like putting a child in a straight jacket, suppressing movement and expression. The message being sent to the infant is “Stop Resisting.” Sound familiar? Okay, maybe at first a baby can feel safe and comforted, but impulse to move will come, and when it comes it will be met with defeat. The infant may struggle for a while attempting to free up its limbs and give free-range to its desired… Read more »


I think this is better than swaddling. They still feel like they’re in the womb, but can move around and nurse.comment image


Oh yes, much better. Toes free to wiggle. Hands can make it to mouth.



Remember when HIV said he made an oath to himself never to deny Hitler. Well we know what his words are worth now, I bet his oaths are just as useless. Time will tell but it reminded me of Brian Jew doing a NS salute closing his eyes and repeating this mantra. “Adolf Hitler all I do I do for you.”


All those who are vaccinated infect any one who come near them for 14 days after the vaccine, via the saliva, exhaled air, and sweat. It is therefore a good to keep non-vaccinated children vaccinated children and adults away from the vaccinated.
Recommend Dr. Bergmann youtube:


Hi Sinead and Kyle: Dont feel guilty about nodt using force or not raising your voice at your young child. My wife and I have NEV ER struck our son nor raised our voices. He is 8, now, TOP of this school and top of his class and the most charming, sweet happy and intelligent child one could meet. He slept with us until he was 2 and also breast fed until 2. When I asked him what books he would like, at 4, because he was showing interest and true ability, he asked for Science and Math !!! A child is not our or anyone’s property. He/She is a human being and has RIGHTS. NO-ONE has a right to hit them or shout at… Read more »

Aren’t you guys concerned that he’s being indoctrinated at school? Did you have to have your child vaccinated (poisoned) in order to attend?


My son attends a very good PRIVATE SCHOOL, not in AMERICA and where Vaccinations are not compulsory I ,as the parent have the last say,also, about what they can or cannot teach him any particular subject, especially RELIGION, WHICH IS only BRANWASHING

He has never been vaccinated and never gets any serious illnesses and never had Measles,Mumps etc.


What country do you live in?


The jewdar is going off VERY strong on this one!

Everything including the name but especially the bit about “human being and has RIGHTS”. F*ck off!


Yep! “Rights” are what jews give to their slaves & when they capitalize it you know they think they’re being all smart & deceiving you. Kinda like children learning for the first time that they can lie & get away with it: same level of maturity. And what is “NO-ONE” really? Also, respect has to be earned – you don’t just automatically give it to “others”. Obvious jew is a jew or at best a slave who still hasn’t broken the shackles yet despite the rather obvious name.


My commeent to Mary,above, applies to you

Have a nice day


Your use of TRASH English tells me you are a typical non-educated American, filled with Hatred, Jealousy and Bigotry.

I am not Jewsh. In fact I am White, Religiously, ATHEIST, Politcally Libertarian and Governmentallly, Anarchist

You shouold try those concepts sometime.They might teach you something about LIFE

I’ll even bet you pronounce NUCLEAR as “NUCULAR” like your former dumb ( among many Presidents) Bush

Thanks, however, for your infantile troll-like feedback.


Are you implying it’s a good thing to be “ed-jew-cated”? It sounds like you’re one filled with hatred, as you broad brush all Americans as stupid. You’re the one sending your child to an indoctrination center after all, so who’s the dumb one here?


American“? No, you’re making an ASSumption (uneducated guess).
Trash English“? Oh like your spelling of “commeent”, “Jewsh” & terrible run-on sentence structure full of capitalised words & overuse of commas all over the place (to name just a few common written language faux pas).
I am not Jewsh. In fact I am White…” – HAHAHA! Said no jew ever in history!
Atheist, Libertarian, Anarchist? Sounds pretty jewish to me.
Capital “J” on “Jewsh”? See above.
You’re welcome but the “infantile troll-like feedback” sounds much more like projection to me – hmmm, also very jewy…
Conclusion – See Oakley’s comment above.