The Solar Storm: Sinead – Fighting for a Future for our Families (6-18-17)

Kyle and Sinead discuss a variety of topics related to Father’s Day, like the role models boys are given for what it means to be a man, the sick Semitic religion of Yahweh the Father and Father Abraham, the importance of circumcision in the mind control machine, how pornography programs people, White Sharia rape gangs, the push for irresponsible parenting, and much more, including a call from Krista.

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The jews have destroyed the White family environment. That’s why Anglin, and his masters, want White children born into this dysfunctional jewmare wilderness. It just further compounds the degeneracy. WE must fix this jew problem first!

As two individual, intelligent people, you are both amazing, but together as a married whole…my goodness! You are such a ideal role model, as a healthy, happy White family. I would hope everybody realises how hard it is for you both on a daily basis, besides what you are doing for our race, so thank you.

PS Folks, please help Renegade out in any way you can, and also, great call from Krista.

Everything Kyle said regarding the importance and incredible responsibility that Fathers, and all real men bear not only to their family but to their folk was heartrendingly true. If only all our men fully understood how important and needed they are. Understanding the cause of this desperate situation is the first step I found in healing from the pain of my own destroyed and dysfunctional family. We can heal from this! I hold what was accomplished in a few short years as proof of our ability to become healthy and shine once again. Kyle said it best, first we need to get the vampire off our throats and the monkey off our backs. Step 1 Everyone who took the time to comment. Put a couple… Read more »

I highly, highly doubt the shit will ever hit the fan – and if it does, it will be very controlled and steered, just like all the previous ”cleansing of gentiles”..
Keeping our world so laden with filth makes so much sense and sheckles for the jews.. they love it!
I loath the sinking feeling I get when I think of family members lost down the degenerate path, and the amount of unaware overweight walmart shoppers waddling around..
If I believed in ”g-d”, I would be praying for a tsunami to wipe out NYC, San Fran, LA, Miami (maybe even portland and seattle… ), an earthquake to swallow DC, Denver and Vegas, and a ”meteorite” to wipe out Israhell…
Is that too much to ask for Christmas?

Not only is it kill the best of the Gentiles, but promote the worst of them. It’s really sad what our ancestors continually selling out their progeny has led to. But the buck stops here. We’re in the end game that’s for sure. Agenda 2030 to be completed in over a decade, and the madmen over at the project want to download their consciousness into an avatar by that year. That’s 28 years to see this whole bs pyramid structure fail big time. Just keep chipping away and try to save as many people from being taken down with it as possible.

Whites who are razor raped are not as fucked up as jews because they aren’t mutilated on the 8th day when the most hormonal damage is done. Also, the filthy jew has been mutilating their sons for thousands of years, while whites have only been mutilated on a large scale for three or four generations. With the cock-chopping of hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of generations, the damage is literally encoded into jew DNA. I do believe that the deterioration of the white race within the last 70 years is in large part due to razor rape. One of the most important cues the woman has to pick the right genetic mate is the pheromones released from the foreskin. With the loss of these pheromones,… Read more »

Jews organ harvesters and identity thieves.
3 NJ mayors busted in organ harvesting ring.

Sinead, do you think Andrea Dworkin was giving the ‘okay’ or ‘anal/pedo’ hand signal on your Twitter avatar, or did you choose that pic as your own eff off to certain people?

Just wondering, not looking for a fight.

I think she was giving the “okay” hand sign and I wanted to trigger people.

Oops I had originally meant to reply to Tony’s comment, but can’t watch his vid now.

My ? to Sinead was shorter…


I would hope you & Sinead & Kylet & others would listen to the video, He is no doubt a Jew wise black nationalist, My intention is to make all European white nationalists understand all races have the same enemy. My enemy is ALL ignorant Goy. Rabbi maurice Samuels stated in “You Gentiles” ” A Swedish person has more in common with the blackest African in the most remote jungle than they have with a jew”.

I just saw this awful documentary on Amazon that I have been avoiding, I couldn’t finish the whole thing because it was so awful. The documentary pushed that pedophilia was normal human sexuality. Their excuses were exactly the same as the one’s the alt right/white nationalist creeps use. They used the excuse that young girls at puberty started having children in the long ago past so it is normal for adult men to want to have sex with 14-16 yr old girls. They also said one of the weirdest excuses I have heard. They said that when you start being attracted to the opposite sex you don’t change your attraction to that age you expand your attraction to other ages. So if you first were… Read more »

Thank you for this broadcast Kyle, Sinead and Krista the caller. Pure Renegade Gold as far as I am concerned. Timely; much said that needed to be. Loved it. Thanks again. stevowisco

I was checking back to say the same thing: Really good vibes in the conversation with Krista in the second half. As one says in German, “Balsam für die Seele”

What do you have against Kmac, I’ve read his books and he’s done some excellent research.

He says that we all want to have our pussy’s grabbed by a “strong man”. That should be enough to tell you this guy is a piece of shit.

Aside from wanting to throw the guy into a running table saw for his duplicitous faggotry, I really don’t have anything against him.

PUA, it works because girls in their prime are treated like goddesses. Every schmuck has good things to say to them. It’s the few who put them down and in their place who stand out. The idea is that you are demonstrating you have more value than she does. In a culture where the sexes are at war, where it’s girls v boys (thanks jews), this actually works.

FYI, having a gang of erections pointed at you isn’t what it feels like to be treated like a Goddess. Goddesses aren’t dick holes, asshole. A lot of females are use to being treated like shit by their fathers and other men in their lives, directly and indirectly through their entertainment choices and female hating comic banter, as well as the culture that reduces us to a rape joke. Seriously dude, get the dick out of your brain. Being willing to trigger programmed, preposessed dysfunctional behavior is not the way to create a healthy, sane world. Also, define “works”. What does “works” mean? What is the goal exactly that is achieved by attacking a white woman’s wounded spirit to subdue her?

Girls in their prime, just like the boys, have been corrupted by the jew mind virus. Your ignoring of the cause is very telling.

Don’t rise to this sharia champion “going his own way” Ms D. He was probably politely turned down by an attractive White lady, and can’t deal with it. Btw K, you definitely stand out lol. Mostly as a loser, no make that a double L, for using jew slang.

Hear! Hear! Anthony. If the guy’s not a jew then he’s at the very least a jew-thinker, that much is obvious from all his input thus far. Either way, not as smart as he thinks he is.

Are you married with children? Highly duobtful.

I disagree on the Children issue. I mean we could radicalize them like the blacks and use them like the Jews use the negroes to attack the Blacks and Jews. We could also get our fair share of welfare!!!

You are a piece of shit. “Use them”? They’re2 sentient beings. Not objects. And no. Whites dont get welfare. I was below the poverty line and got nothing from the government because im White and refuse to hand my son over to the state.

Also XL means fat. Foster, if not a Jew, is a fat pipple faced masterbaiter.

LOL! Oh ye of simple mind! Just one meaning of many is “Xtra Large”. You do realize one can be big & lean right? Keep stabbing in the dark though you illiterate douchebag! 😛

Just a few other definitions for the XL acronym –

Xtended Life
eXpanding Limit
Xtra Limited
Roman Numeral 40
Xtra Love
X-axis Linear
Xenopus laevis

I hate this phone!! Sry for all the typos. My son is usually crawling on me while I’m trying to type.

Sinead, ditch that jewish phone and get a “goy callbox” from Binyamin Communications – they’re TOTES legit! ;))