The Solar Storm: Sinead McCarthy – Escaping the Ellipse (5-7-17)

Kyle and Sinead talk about a number of psychological experiments that reveal frightening things about human behavior and how we can be manipulated, how and why the rulers are inducing neurosis on the population at large, the role of the controlled opposition, the difficulties in dealing in a realm of conspirators, and some of the ways we can create a society of circles.

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Another constructive discussion – great show both. Thank you for spending your Sunday night caring about our people, and getting the truth out there. What frustrates me, is the fact that you guys have presented all this evidence, on all these jewish ellipse leaders & groups, in a simple logical way. If i can see all this clearly, why can’t all our young people out there see it? Come on folks, it’s not hidden, it’s all there on the surface – just look! PS Did anyone ever find out if that Lauren Southern is a man? She openly said, very seriously, she was born a man. It was to a sjw at that npi event i think. PPS Thank you Renegade for keeping old duffers… Read more »

The use of experimental neurosis is clearly being used against the populace as suggested by Sinead and Kyle.

experimental neurosis:

Pavlov suggested five ways of producing this type of breakdown in his dogs:

(1) use of intense stimuli such as loud explosions or swinging
the dog’s platform;
(2) increasing the interstimulus interval (ISI) — the time interval between the condition stimulus and unconditioned stimulus;
(3) use of difficult discriminations such as the circle-ellipse described above; (4) continually changing which stimuli the dog should respond to and which he should not respond to; and
(5) subjecting the dog to physical stresses such as disease, accident, or surgery.

Mass immigration, high non-White crime rates, terrorism and finances are constant stressors upon our White populations, thus inducing neurosis.


Well we’ve all heard the first part numerous times before, kinda like a stuck little record, but looks like this Slurpus weirdo’s a self-confessed stalker as well. Not a day goes by where they aren’t twittering away in their little chatroom about muh evil Renegade like a bunch of old women in a rest home (drop in anytime, you don’t need to scroll up much!) but only an obsessed stalker talks like this! Might be a good idea to file this away as evidence…

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“Lana Lokteff (…) women have no place in politics (…) promoting Marine le Pen (…) who obviously lost today (0 fucks given)”

I’m glad at least some nationalists haven’t turned democratic.

Sinead & Kyle – I think I’m late to the party but I’m new to the idea of Ellipse and Circle describing the leaders. Where did this idea come from? “Escaping the Ellipse” title is very curious (meaningful) to me.

And of course, I enjoyed the conversation! Cheers

So I am going to put some of my “conspiracy” theory input on these shills that I have noticed. You have taught me about the pavlov’s dog. I now noticed how Tara McCarthy and dreamydiglot did the same thing to their viewers. They started out doing topics that reeled the idiots in and then they changed their agenda and deleted their videos. Their subscribers went into a neurosis about it all and total confusion. I have also noticed how these women like blonde in the belly of the beast, Tara McCarthy, and Brittany Pettibone always have their microphones in the video. To me it seems like a phallic symbol. Also I noticed a lot of masonic symbolism connected to Millenial Woes and especially dreamydiglot. She… Read more »
Kyle and Sinead, Thank you for all that you do! Making sexbots laughable… I though it couldn’t be done, but you guys are hilarious! This was a great talk, and I’m glad I tuned it.. It’s such a strange time trying to figure out who’s for what, really… and I like Henrick and Lana, but the idea of supporting Drumpf , and then Le Pen, is a blow to their credibility… seems their view is fogged with too much ”Hope & Change” from some unavailable saint. Still, I think we’ve all been there… In this day and age – as far as people’s past’s go – I don’t know anyone who hasn’t been ”compromised” in some way by their own past actions. Even the best… Read more »

Christopher Jon Bjerknes Is a Jew

And for that I don’t trust him at all. And when he lies about Hitler he lies about the whole National socialist movement which defeated the Jewish system and got free.

Since you asked for guest recommendation: How about The VeGAINator?

If you visit his youtube channel you will find a video in which he talks about his DNA test results. Well… Just like you I thoght he would be a wonderful guest. I do like many of his videos but this is a sad info.

Thank you. I did see that video but I thought it was high satire. I could be wrong and will investigate more. Always so much to study.

You did? Did I fall for a joke? Now I’m really confused. I will look again.He did not seem to be such a funny guy to me. But I would like better to be fooled this way than the other way. LOL

Hey, I feel defeated in terms of figuring this guy out. He plays like parody but then brings some important info. I watched a few more of his vids but cannot grok his essence. I did, however, learn what “swirling” is – talk about someone being an enigma.

Sinead, are you excited about ‘The Handmaids Tale’? Its just like you said about Andrew Anglin and MGTOW trying to oppress white women and make them into breeding slaves. I saw some previews and thought of you and everything you’ve always said immediantly. Its almost like you wrote it!

Am I excited? No. Why would I be excited about more anti White woman propaganda?

Enjoyed the show. Speaking of Nordic and Celtic music, can you provide the names of the sings played at about 1:29 coming back in (pipes and drums,) and the song played at end of show (male chorus?) they apparently aren’t kosher enough for my Shazam app to ID (which is probably why they resonate so well with me!) Thank you!

Songs. Not sings…

Sorry. I meant this comment/question to post to a different show though I did enjoy this show immensely as well!

This was meant for Davis’ last show if anyone can help. Thanks!