Solar Storm: Sofia Smallstorm – Reaping the Harvest of Roundup Ready & Toxic Topsoil (7-29-18)

Kyle speaks to Sofia Smallstorm (blog & store) about the nature of glyphosate and how it functions within both plants and humans, and the kinds of effects it appears to be having on the population. They then discuss how toxic waste is able to “magically” (legally) become fertilizer, which puts excessive amounts of heavy metals in the soil. They also discuss how this all plays into the long-term agendas of the plantation masters.

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Anthony Roberts

This is why Renegade’s push for our folk to be self-sufficient is so vitally important. Learn to grow some, or all of your family’s food, free from jewish poison, and don’t let them “round YOU up!”

PS Another valuable show Kyle & Sofia – thank you for all the research you do. You make the complex easily digestable (pun intended). We Aryans have the best heeb-icide going – the truth!!

Ideally it would be great to be community sufficient. It’s really hard to grow enough food on your own. Would love to have some friends and family to help out. We could grow SO much. Children are great help on a farm as well. They love helping out and learning.


I was hoping for another show with Sofia and it looks as though I wasn’t disappointed. She and Kyle never fail to deliver a great show.


After listening to this show and wanting to throw up, all I can say is: Thanks, jews!


Stellar show, thanks Kyle and Sofia.

To anyone in Europe. Do you know of a place to buy products similar to what Sinéad is selling at Heathen Herbs? I want to buy some of Sinéads products but the postage to Ireland for a few items is $75.

Anthony Roberts

The trouble is Nuada, by buying local-sourced equivalent products, you may be supporting jews or folk sympathetic to their multi-ethnic, multi-degenerate rainbow society.

It is an (((EU))) postal scam for sure, but at least you know that some of that “hard-earned” is going to Sinead and Renegade this way. I’m not sure about Ireland’s taxes, but with the UK, if it’s marked as a”gift” only, and the value is less than $50, you don’t pay the import VAT, just postage.

Btw, the mag butter, silver throat spray and the toothie is amazing – well worth the postal hit. Perhaps small size & often is a good way for you to go? Sinead hasn’t paid me to say this lol.


Hi Anthony, I hear ya. Just bugs the hell out of me that for all Sinéads hard work through my order she would have received less than half of what the would have got through their postage scam. I hope in the future someone in Europe will join Heathen Herbs so we can support the network that way. As is, I decided to donate the cost of the items plus the postage directly to Renegade. I give (((them))) enough of my sweat and money already.

Btw, it has been great hearing you contribute to recent Heathen Hoff’s and the Roundtable. And I always enjoy reading you comments.


I can teach you how to make these things! It’s not very hard. You could open your own Irish wing of Heathen Herbs!

Heathen vegan

It would be great to have a heathen herbs “wing” based in Europe. I suppose it could run something like a “franchise” but with all the dirty business.

If I can help in anyway, please ask.


Hi Sinéad unfortunately I don’t have the time to take that on at the moment, but if I ever get sacked from work for being an “antisemite” I will most definitely take you up on that offer.

I agree HV it would be great to have a number of Heathen Herbs spread amongst our Nations.


How very generous.


For people who are wondering how to feed their plants without using fertilizer (even the organic ones aren’t very good) try using worm castings. worm tea or compost tea! You can even start your own worm bin. Just order some worms online, then feed them your food scraps. Over time they will create “black gold” that you can make into a tea (mixing it with water) or use as a soil amendment, by adding it to your soil mixture. We use pete moss, vermiculite, mushroom compost, and worm castings for our soil mixture. Making your own compost is super easy too! Also, chickens are great to have around your garden. They prepare the soil, and their manure can be composted and used to feed plants.… Read more »


Thank you. I wonder if it’s okay to have chickens without roosters. I once had a few of each and the rooster fighting was too much to bear. Ruthless and cruel. I did love them all, but I interfered with nature when I broke up the fights. I miss having them around.


You can keep chickens without roosters. Roosters usually fight because there aren’t enough hens. I believe each rooster needs around 11 or so hens each to be happy. Greedy little guys! lol


Thank you. I now look forward to having chickens again. They are so magical to watch and each is a unique personality. I’m sure you’ve seen their mothering instincts, how they protect, provide, and teach – it’s just stunning. I love chickens!! Thank you!!



I doubt that you shall have any chicks without roosters though, lol


Don’t you have to grind the food scraps up extremely fine?

No, you don’t. They like to scratch and peck at whole food scraps. We let our chickens roam around the back yard and only put them in the coop at nighttime. We did have to fence off our blueberry bushes and other seedlings because they were eating them all, but it’s only a minor inconvenience. If you want to speed up your composting, it is sometimes good to blend up the scraps but we don’t do that. The heat in the summer cooks down the scraps really quickly. I’ve even done the “lasagna method” where you do a layer of un composted food scraps, then a layer of leaves and dirt, and my plants were so happy. The decomposing food scraps fed the plants.

Tabitha Wolfram

Great show Kyle & Sofia. I learned quite a bit and even took some notes. I was watching a Heathen Herbs YT video the other day where Sinead mentioned Restore. Does this product have a taste to it?

Not really. I take mine in a glass of water.

Tabitha Wolfram

Thanks. I look forward to trying it. You also mentioned an algae product that you take as well. What brand is this product?


GCMAF was sold to my mother when she was diagnosed with Liver cancer. Dr Cohn (God dam Jew with a degree as a natural doctor) fucked around with all types of tests that cost my father 20k. He said that she would have to be ready for the GCMaf with these stupid ass suppliment and a so called 3 Greek test (3000k) each. 2.5 months go by and my mom was beyond being cured he finally gave her the go ahead for THE ONE THING SHE WENT THERE FOR GCMAF BULLSHIT!!! She had MMS for 2 years in her cabinet along with everything she needed. The thing that got me so pissed of is that she was RH Negative and this fucking Jew knew it.


GCMaf was a controlled operation to destroy MMS. Look it up. The company and main spokesman was complaining about being stalked by big pharma and could only produce GCMaf in Bavaria and was in fear for his life. But, When my father had plenty of cash they had all the sudden gotten shut down and couldn’t ship anything to my mother over seas because the government had shut them down. I was telling her about the Jews and had shared many Renegade videos with her and she was well aware. Dr. Cohn set off my Jewdar right away. I knew about mainstream alternative health and she had so many documents and had spent 20 years researching and collecting data to grow old gracefully chemical free.… Read more »

Petter Gustafsson

Serotonin is not a sleep-hormone. Its a hormoe than can rise during sleep. Serotonin is a inhibiting hormone. Submission-hormone This was known before the serotonin-increasing druggs, SSRIs started to be sold………………..This is one thing that buggs me. It keeps showing upp………….Gly-phos is taken upp like its glycine. But it wont create the same bonds like with glycine. So the connective tissues can be made weaker if exposure is constant and significant. Sofia is almost totally right

harry baker

monsanto were jewish slave owners


Here is the supplement that Sophia was talking about that breaks down glyphosate. We are going to give it a try and will report back.


Kyle, your tweet yesterday above the story on South Africa: “I am losing my cool. I hate many of the commenters on Renegade. Useless.” It woke me up in the middle of the night. Got to thinkin’ about how we all sometimes let each other down. But why? Is it ignorance? Fear? Came up with: We’re all at a different level of comprehension and come to each issue with so much baggage, looking through the lens of our own personal experiences which includes our own personal biases. On white genocide… I find it so difficult to get people to understand. But I still keep saying what I can, even when I notice my own reluctance to confront certain types who are in denial about what’s… Read more »


I don’t know why this printed as it did. I had it spaced differently and with live links. Anyhow (for the animals) trying again. Here is the first link:



[…] Listen & Download Show Here  […]

Petter Gustafsson

Hypothyroidism is driven by increasing cosumtion of polyunsaturated oils. They inhibit the thyroid, the activation of thyroxin into T3 in the liver. And the response to T3 in cells………Flouride inhibits thyroid as well.

Petter Gustafsson

Seems like gelatin supplies enough glycine to make the body less prone to take in gly-phos. So animal gelatin helps. For vegans or vegetarians, pure glycine can be taken as its from non-aimal sources. Leafy greens got glycine, but no way near enough. So buy a glycine-powder-supplement or eat gelatinous meat, like we used to in traditional diets

Depends on what “traditional” diet you’re talking about. Some groups lived on nuts and berries.


I knew since youth that gelatin was made from horses hooves. Your post prompted me to look into it a little more. I did not know it was made from other animal parts as well. How casually the word “gelatin” is dropped and how enthusiastically recommended. I can’t let it pass without pointing to what it’s made of and how it’s made. Likely old news for many here, but just in case, here are two very brief links: These were rather mild, considering the slaughtering not shown, but Petter, surely you know what the animals are enduring for this. Hard to understand how you can promote gelatin as helpful considering all the suffering and abuse that it produces. Hard to understand. *