The Solar Storm: Sofia Smallstorm – Restoring Natural Health (10-15-17)

Kyle speaks to Sofia Smallstorm about many health related issues, including the importance of magnesium, iodine, clean cleaning products, sunscreen, the work of Dr. Bush and the role of having a diverse gut microbiome, grounding outdoors, and more. Sofia’s stores are: Avatar Products, Survival Mode Store, and Flat Earth Minerals.

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Anthony Roberts

It’s true, alot of folks think that aches & pains, plus feeling low, is just part of growing old, which is the state our jewish masters want to keep us in. They drain us of our vitality, so we won’t fight! Thank goodness for inspirational ladies like Sofia and her avatarproducts site, and Sinead’s heathenherbs produce site. We need to restore our lost health to take on these imposter beings who inhabit our lands. PS (Apologies in advance for triggering) Why isn’t their new hollywood blockbuster about (((man made))) climate weapon carnage not called HELIOstorm? By calling it GEOstorm, are they telling us we live on a still, flat plane, with sun, moon and lights circling around us, as in the geocentric model? Just like… Read more »

I got a Health Kick from listening to this broadcast. What a wonderful Woman !

#LMFEGA – Lets Make Flat Earth Great Again:

Who was that Astronomer who insisted that the Earth revolved around the Sun and was subsequently Persecuted by the Def’_Con Vatican for his Blasphemy ?
Incidentally, the properties of Inertia are simulated by the hand movements Relative to their Genitalia, under-the-cloth, so-to-speak. Ooorooo 🙂


Paul, have you ever taken a Celestial Navigation course? Have you ever gone out and applied the concepts and practices of Celestial Navigation?

Pat, tbh, i’ve never felt the need to do so, but now that you mentioned it, i’m intrigued ..

I’m probably not privy, or banished from taking command of a flux-liner after politely ridiculing the premise of just one bogus “foundation law of physics” (electrostatics) that appears to complement another diametrically apposed one that is actually true. Boy did they cockup with that one, deliberately, with the insertion of Vagueness (an assumption), thrown out of court it should be. “Law of Physics”, my foot ! 😉


Back in the pre-GPS seafaring days, many ship crew members would die of scurvy as a result of navigation errors. So accurate navigation really was a matter of life and death. While Latitude in the Northern Hemisphere was pretty reliably found by measuring the angular height of the sun (or Polaris at night) above the visible horizon – precisely finding Longitude was a real problem until that was figured out. Precise navigation involves Spherical Trigonometry. Precise navigation does not involve Planar Trigonometry. Any ideas on why this is?

I’m no M Math genius, I enjoyed the social benefits of going to school but the rest of it annoyed me no end. The teaching methods were uninspiring, I preferred to stare out the window and watch the motions of cloud formations, or poke fun, muck around, and have been to many schools in various countries but left early to get a job. If I wanted to learn something, i’d do it off my own back, read books, talk to people I met who I found interesting. At age 11 (ignore the numerology) I was able to hop in a dingy and use the main-sail and rudder simultaneously to go fishing in Botany Bay, seemed to come naturally to me, and knew when to start… Read more »


There is no necessity for school. School destroys many minds


The direct line between any two navigational points is a curve derived by Spherical Trigonometry.

A flat earth model would be much simpler and Planar Trig would be used instead.

You don’t need to be a Math Genius to take a Navigation course. In fact, taking a course would certainly enable you to make bullet proof arguments to support the flat earth hypothesis by invalidating what you learn in a Navigation course.

Yet I don’t see that happening.

“The direct line between any two navigational points is a curve derived by Spherical Trigonometry.”

Unless you were able to tunnel below the surface and pop out the other side, of course 🙂

“taking a course would certainly enable you to make bullet proof arguments to support the flat earth hypothesis”

Pat, someone of your caliber of intelligence should have understood that I’m not providing any argument to claim such a thing, moreover to encourage you to make your points.



I know. 🙂 Good job.


And lemons cured scurvy. Remember the saying “if live gives you lemons…. you can be assured you won’t be getting scurvy”.


Great program talking about iodine and magnesium, most of us are not eating food, we are consuming chemicals in the stuff they call “food”. Very good info that will require a second listen, with a notepad, for further research. People need to get in shape for what is waiting around the next corner.


LOVE the new RB background. Mystical, energised, powerful and simplistic. Great aesthetic, fits in really well.


Generally, good information and interesting discussion about biome, magnesium, mineral depletion etc.
Too bad about flat earth entering into it though – sigh.


BTW, why don’t several of you flat earthers perform this experiment and post the results?


I am currently looking for people who want to join in on this experiment. I am proposing longitude 117.000 or close to that so that I can participate. If you are near it and want to join in please do. Here is a good interactive map to find your longitude/latitude:


Bob wow you are STUPID and close minded!!1

There are many independent amateur webcam recordings using non-distorted lenses on weather balloons up to about 20 miles high that show conclusively the Earth horizon is absolutely flat. Even standing on an open beach view using a carpenter leveler shows the sea level horizon to be perfectly flat, something impossible for a curvature Earth model. That website looks like an attempt at obfuscation using dubious deceptive mathematics to try prop up the Ball Earth lies. Desperate (((NASA))) tricks? Far simpler irrefutable logic and reasoning based evidences exist to totally debunk Ball Earth theories. Try thinking on these 12 points out of many hundreds others that show the Earth is most definitely not a spinning Ball. 1) Large masses of water like, the oceans and seas,… Read more »


Explain how celestial navigation using spherical trigonometry is a fraud…yet….works for navigation. Explain exactly how and why it is dark in Australia when it’s light in the US. Explain how time zones work on your flat earth model. Explain the Coriolis Effect on your flat earth model.

Firstly you have to explain how ‘celestial navigation using spherical trigonometry’, whatever that is, is even remotely a proof for a ball Earth. And you just ignored all the 12 points I raised so I must assume you have no interest in thinking critically on this topic. Light cannot travel forever and so that is why sunlight gives only local illumination. With the Sun and Moon circling above us with the North Pole as axis, the time zones work out perfectly. The so-called coriolis effect does not behave as claimed. You could do the experiment with a sink at home and see that the way water goes down a hole is dependent on other factors than the supposed Earth spin. It could actually drain away… Read more »


The Corolios Effect DOES work as claimed. Go check the rotation and wind directions associated with the recent Hurricanes. You are WRONG.

Not all Hurricanes in the North rotate counter-clockwise as claimed. Similarly not all such storms in the South rotate clockwise. There is no consistency. Plus you could do the sink experiment to show the Coriolis LIE. “Also in the mid-19th century, another Frenchman named Gaspard-Gustave Coriolis performed several experiments showing the effect of kinetic energy on rotating systems, which have ever since become mythologized as proof of the heliocentric theory. The “Coriolis Effect” is often said to cause sinks and toilet bowls in the Northern Hemisphere to drain spinning in one direction while in the Southern Hemisphere causing them to spin the opposite way, thus providing proof of the spinning ball-Earth. Once again, however, just like Foucault’s Pendulums spinning either which way, sinks and toilets… Read more »


ALL low pressure systems in the Northern Hemisphere rotate COUNTERCLOCKWISE. ALL. ALL hight pressure systems rotate CLOCKWISE. ALL.

This is just pointing out your disingenuous making stuff up. High pressure systems are anticyclone calm areas and do not produce storms. So your BS of ‘high pressure systems rotate clockwise’ is indicative of your ignorance nonsense on this topic. You have discredited yourself with giving false info.

Read more here:

Enough time wasting debating with insincere stupid spinning ball-earthers. Retarded fools for whom a dangerous 200 mph hurricane is a life-threatening storm but a supposed 1,000 mph Earth rotation is just another normal calm day. Stupid beyond belief!


4araw you are just a rude prick who can’t defend a position. You state lies about high and low pressure systems. But thank you for further marginalizing your position.


Useful nuggets. Not sure why any one would give a thumbs down.


At this point you should just quit while you’re losing so badly. Are you simply uneducated or are you a willful liar? ALL high pressure systems in the Northern Hemisphere rotate Clockwise. And Counterclockwise in the Southern Hemisphere. Explain how and why on a flat earth model?

You can’t. And you lie about it.

Pressure system rotation is NOT random as you stated.

This is an observable FACT by anyone – anywhere.


I’m not a flat earth advocate but in the last two days I’ve examined a few things that were itnteresting. I tried to visualize how the sun and moon would operate as a model of what we observe, with the assumption of a flat disk for earth. I watched one video about it later and sure enough their model matched my mental model. The vortex boundaries which do not allow a passage of light was most interesting thing that matched. So far as the directions of weather patterns in the two hemispheres goes, the directions could be explained as being opposite electstatic charges, with the equator being a neutral zone. Now this is thinking on the fly but it is a fact that there are… Read more »

Weather Systems are not due to XXX.LANL (Los Alamos National Labs) “Electric Universe” model ( Would you like me to explain further ? 🙂


Hermit, wind is caused by atmospheric pressure differential. We can even measure air density (pressure) with a barometer. Air has no net charge unless it’s ionized.

Correct. Electrostatics do play a role in the Elasticity of Liquids and Gasses (determining the Background conditions) but the atmosphere is generally regarded as a Dielectric Medium. When it is commonly said “no net charge”, in reality means no “difference” that can be observed or measured between two points of reference (Uniformity). For any energetic effect to take place, there has to be difference, this includes Thermal activity. There is a gradient difference in Electrostatic “Potential” (Scalar Longitudinal) with change of Altitude relative to Atmospheric Pressure but is only noticeable with relatively large distances as apposed to just millimeters or centimeters, therefore no Arch exchanges (sparks) are visible. Thermal activity can cause the normal distribution of Charge Difference with Altitude to be rearranged in such… Read more »


If the Earth is not moving and is Flat – How and Why do Hight Pressure systems ALWAYS rotate Clockwise in the Northern Hemisphere? And why is there a “Northern Hemisphere” at all on a Flat Earth model?

Very simply questions.

Please answer.

If you can.

“Go check the rotation and wind directions associated with the recent Hurricanes”

Correct, and in Meteorology generally, depending on whether we are speaking of High pressure systems (sinking air) or of Lows (rising air), Highs rotate the opposite direction of Lows.


Blah, blah, blah…
Just perform the experiment and report back OK?
Everything else is simply conjecture and wishful thinking.

Nick Dean

A minor suggestion, KH. Just as appears at the top of your host page, a brief bio, other hosts should all have the same. In their own words probably … giving us their major issues of concern and coverage. It’s a little thing that might mean a lot.


I believe in Fat Earth and crystal trees, but is this an infomercial?

Thanks Kyle and Sofia for this interview to dare to think differently, and most important truthfully, on a wide variety of topics. If we are to win this war against parasitic jewry, then TRUTH must be honored for ultimate victory.

For those who have sincerely researched intelligently into Flat Earth, the FE truth emerges clearly after a while because the overwhelming logic-based scientific evidence is simply too staggering. Only stubborn fools deny all this and keep to a spinning ball Earth belief. It is high time to laugh back in derision at those who dismiss intelligent Flat Earthers as nutty. Are stupid Ball Earthers even capable of logical or scientific thinking?


4araw Scientists are all essentially payed by the Government and are their lap dogs, stupid.